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Description: Hermione and Ron got together at the end of the war. Four years later, things are not going as good as Hermione wants it to be. When Hermione comes home one night to make a shocking discovery about Ron, she kicks him out and is determined to close her heart to love. Little does she know, is that an old enemy is a new friend and he might help Hermione discover that everything happens for a reason.

Chapter One: How Could You?!

After a long hard day at work, Hermione Granger decided that for once, she would take up the offer of her best friend and go out for a drink with Ginny and Luna. Arriving promptly at 5:30 at The Leaky Cauldron, Hermione walked into the pub and looked around for her friends. She couldn't find them anywhere due to the fact that it was a busy night.

"Mione, MIONE!" Hermione looked around at the sound of her nickname being called and made her way over to her friends once she found them. "Hey Gin, Luna. How are you guys doing?" Hermione asked her friends. Ginny and Harry had recently just got married after being together for four years. Luna and Neville had also been dating for awhile and Mione knew that it was only a matter of time before Luna became Mrs. Neville Longbottom.

"Well Mione, things have been good with me and Harry. In fact things are going to be better than good soon," Ginny said with a mischievous smile on her face. Hermione looked at Luna in confusion but she just shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know what she's talking about. She's been acting like this all afternoon," Luna said. Hermione looked back to Ginny and said, "Alright Gin, spill. What's been going on with you that have got you so perky?" Ginny looked up at Hermione and Luna and said, "Well, since you guys are my best friends, I guess I can tell you guys first." Ginny looked around before leaning in towards Hermione and Luna and saying in an excited whisper, "I'm pregnant!"

"Oh my gosh Gin, congrats," Luna squealed. "Y-yeah Ginny. Congratulations," Hermione said with less enthusiasm. While Ginny and Luna started talking about everything from the baby's gender to baby names, Hermione sat back in her seat and thought about her own relationship. She and Ron had been dating since the end of the war and they were no closer to getting married or engaged then they were four years ago. They just started living together six months ago and that was only after Hermione threatened to leave Ron if he didn't make a bigger commitment to her. Hermione was jarred back into reality when she heard Ginny's concerned voice. "Mione, what's wrong? Why are you crying," Ginny asked. Hermione hadn't even realized that she was crying until Ginny had said something.

"Oh Gin, I am so sorry for ruining your moment. It's just that you saying that you were pregnant made me think about Ron and me," Hermione said while putting her head in her hands. Ginny shook her head with understanding. Ginny and Harry had had numerous discussions lately on the state of Ron and Hermione's relationship and Ginny personally didn't see Ron and Hermione together much longer. She thought Ron treated Hermione like dirt and thought Hermione deserved better than her brother.

Ginny took her friend's hands in hers and said, "Mione, you have nothing to be sorry about. Ron treats you like shite and should have married you years ago. It should be you telling us you are pregnant instead of it being me telling you." Ginny reached up and palmed Hermione's cheek. "Ron may be my brother, but that doesn't mean I won't call him an arse when he's being one," 

Ginny said while wiping away Hermione's tears with her thumb. Luna wrapped her arm around Hermione's shoulders and gave her a hug. "Ginny is right, Hermione. You deserve so much better. You need someone who will cater to your needs, not expect you to cater to theirs," Luna said seriously. "My thoughts exactly, Luna," Ginny said.

Hermione looked at her friends and said, "Thank you so much, guys. You are the best friends any girl could have." Hermione hugged both Ginny and Luna and then wiped her eyes. "Alright, enough crying over useless men. We came here for some drinks, and drink we shall," she said while smiling. Hermione got up and went over to the bar and ordered a bottle of oak-matured mead and a couple of butterbeers for Ginny. After Hermione and Luna drank about half the bottle, Hermione noticed it was starting to get dark outside.


"Well guys, it's getting late. I think it's time for me to head on home. Besides, I need to talk to Ron anyways. I'll see you guys Sunday at the Burrow for dinner." Hermione hugged Luna and Ginny and walked out of the Leaky Cauldron. As Hermione walked the five blocks to her flat, her mind again turned to Ron. She had loved Ron for years but it seemed like lately that their love was becoming one-sided. Hermione approached her flat door with a sigh. Something has to be done and done soon or I swear I'm gone.

Stepping through the front door, Hermione called out, "Ron, I'm home." When she didn't receive an answer, she sighed. He was probably going to be out extremely late tonight or just not come home at all. Dropping her work robes on the couch, Hermione made her way to her bedroom. As she made her way there, she stopped for a moment to look at herself in the mirror in the hallway.

Much had changed about her appearance since school. Her once uncontrollable bushy brown hair now fell to her mid back in soft golden brown curls. Her lips had become nice and full and her eyes were a brilliant honey brown shade. Hermione turned to the side to look and her body. She had grown an ample chest and had a narrow waist. Sadly, Hermione thought, none of it mattered to Ron. He was constantly comparing her to other witches and didn't seem to care when she asked to stop.

Just as Hermione was about to continue on her way to her room, she heard what sounded like a moan coming from it. Perplexed, Hermione approached her room, shocked to discover that the closer she got, the louder the moans became. As she was about to open the door, she heard someone say, "Harder, Ron, harder!"

Suddenly full of rage, Hermione flung her bedroom door open to find her boyfriend, Ron Weasley, balls deep in Lavender Brown, who was riding Ron with some skimpy little nurse's outfit on. The two didn't notice Hermione until she walked into the room and punched Lavender in her face. "What the fu-," Ron started but paled at the sight of Hermione standing there, shaking with rage.


"RON WEASLEY, YOU STUPID FUCKING BASTARD! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!" Hermione felt rage coursing through her like never before. Ron got off the bed and hurriedly put on some pants. "I swear Hermione; it's not what you think," Ron sputtered out. "Oh, so let me guess. You were just laying on the naked starkers and that fucking whore tripped and landed on your dick," Hermione said.

"I am not a whore Hermione."

"Shut the fuck up, Lavender. You were a whore in Hogwarts and you are a whore now."

"Hermione, baby. Please let's just talk about this."

"There is nothing to talk about, Ron. Now take you whore and get the fuck out of my flat." When Ron didn't move right away, Hermione pulled her wand out, pointed it at them, and said, "DID I FUCKING STUTTER? GET THE FUCK OUT!"

Ron and Lavender grabbed their clothes and disappeared before Hermione could hex them. Once they were gone, Hermione dropped to knees and sobbed harder than she had ever sobbed in her life.

After crying for what seemed hours, Hermione got up, grabbed some clothes and blankets, and went to sleep on the couch in the living room. As she walked out of the bedroom, she stopped to look back at the bed where she found Ron and Lavender. She shook her head, making a silent reminder to get a new one in the morning.


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