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"Okay, Wade, we're in," Kim Possible said to the image of Wade Load on the back of her hand. She and Ron Stoppable were on the trail of Camille Leon, and Kim was using a full suite of sensors in her upgraded battle suit to lock onto the biometrics of her shape shifting prey.

"Your suit's sensors are working perfectly," Wade Load replied. "And it looks like we have a lock!" A monitor formed on Kim's left forearm, displaying an arrow pointing to the north east. "That indicator will get brighter the closer you get to Camille."

"You rock, Wade," the redheaded heroine replied. "You ready for this, Ron?"

Her blond haired partner and soon to be husband nodded as his eyes turned a brilliant blue. "Ready to go, KP."

Team Possible was navigating the corridors of the Upperton Convention Center. Rumor had it that Camille was now on the payroll of D. Carter Knokod, and he had ordered her to swipe the jewels and precious gems at the gemologists convention. Although the jury was still out on who Knokod really was, Camille was a known threat. "I really hope this doesn't take long," Ron groused. "I was gonna try out that new souffle recipe I learned today."

"Mmmmmm, yummy!" Rufus squeaked enthusiastically from Ron's pocket.

Kim hid a smirk. She never thought she would see the day when Ron was happy about doing homework, but since he started at the Upperton Institute for the Culinary Arts, he had been more than happy to bring things home to work on. Of course, Kim didn't seem to mind in the least. "Look at it this way, Ron; at least it's after hours and their aren't that many people she can disguise herself as." She looked down at the glowing display on her battle suit. "And we have a Camille detector. It's really no big."

"I'm afraid it is a 'big,' young lady," a voice from behind them said. Kim and Ron turned and saw a very irritated looking security guard blocking the way they just came. "You're under arrest for breaking and entering."

"The convention center's manager asked us to come here, dude," Ron protested. "So no throwing your weight around on us or nothing." Something about this guy didn't feel right to Ron. He wasn't standing right, and the Mystical Monkey Power was giving Ron conflicting ideas about this guy's ability to fight.

Kim, on the other hand, had a smirk on her face. "Hello, Camille," she said.

The guard's body popped and shifted unto the thin body of Camille Leon was standing before them, wearing a now ill fitting guard's uniform. "This like, isn't fair! You weren't supposed to know it was me!"

"We have some new tricks," Kim said.

"So do I." Camille drew the gun from her oversized belt and aimed it at Kim and Ron. Kim's shields surrounded them just a split second before the first bullet hit.

"Can your aura protect you from gunfire?" Kim asked.

"Dunno. I guess it's time to find out."

Ron was about to summon more of the MMP when circular hover carrier came crashing through the ceiling. Three people, two men and a woman, jumped from the strange craft and took up defensive postures. All three of them were wearing skintight black uniforms with a stylized letter 'R' on the right shoulder, and all three wore goggles and face masks. The taller of the men confronted Camille.

"On behalf of Team Ricochet, I order you to surrender."

Kim dropped her shields and watched in disbelief as some new group prepared to take one of her foes into custody. She did, however, notice something familiar about that man's voice.

"Drop your weapon," the female member of the team added.

"Or we'll be forced to drop you." The third was quite muscular, but had an almost gentle voice. All three were holding what looked like the stunners Global Justice cadet agents once used.

Kim was about to fire a grappling line to tie Camille up when the larger of the three newcomers, without provocation, shot Camille with the stunner, causing her to seize up then collapse like a rag doll. "That was so uncalled for!" Kim yelled. "If you'd just cooled your jets and waited a moment I could have tied her up and turned her over to the authorities."

"We are the authorities, Kimmie," the larger man said. He pulled off his mask to reveal the smug face of Rick O'Shea. "Team Ricochet, at your service. I, of course, am Ricochet, and this," he gestured to the lone female member of his team, "is Recoil." The third member strode up and pulled of his mask, revealing an introspective face and dirty blond hair. "I believe you already know Monk."

"Josh?" Kim almost whispered.

"Kim," Josh Mankey grunted. He gave Ron a look that could peel paint. He was a lot bigger than he was just a few short weeks ago when Kim saw him last.

Ron got a weird feeling from Josh. He didn't feel right to Ron's augmented senses, just as Camille hadn't when she had taken the guard's form. "We had this under control, dude."

"You were taking too long," Ricochet sneered. "So we were called in. And we did the job better than you could have."

"At least we didn't destroy a quarter of the convention center," Kim said with a distinct edge in her voice.

"You know what they say about eggs and omelets," Ricochet said with a wave of his hand. "Now get lost before we have to take you into custody, too."


"Team Ricochet," Kim grumbled as she slumped onto her living room couch; she was so mad she didn't even bother to change out of her battle suit. She grabbed the remote from the arm of the couch and turned on the news. What was on made her blood boil; it was a profile on Rick O'Shea and his new venture. She quickly changed the channel and got Wade on her suit's Kimmunicator. "Wade, tell me this is a bad dream."

"I wish I could, Kim," Wade somberly replied. "O'Shea's legit. Actually, he's kinda doing what Team Impossible used to do, except he asks for donations from the public to cover costs instead of charging people an arm and a leg for his services. He's operating as a non profit organization. And according to the phone records I dug up, he had been called about coming in and dealing with Camille."

"We were only in there for fifteen minutes," Ron said as he came out of the kitchen. In one hand he had a tray with four hot dogs, and in the other was a tray with the normal condiments and a bag of marshmallows. Ron knew his lady was going to need comfort food. "How could we have been taking too long?"

"I don't know, but the superintendent did call about five minutes after you got in the building."

"Wait, how's that possible?" Kim asked. "The superintendent's in the hospital. He had an emergency appendectomy just this morning."

"You think maybe Camille was in on this?" Ron asked as he put more mustard on his hot dog.

"With Rick involved, I wouldn't be a bit surprised."


"You like, left me in jail for a whole hour!" Camille Leon whined. "Do you know how hideous I look in those orange jump suits? And what was the deal with shooting me, anyway?"

"You poor thing," a pale man with a shaved head mocked. He pulled an envelope out of his sport coat and handed it to the shape shifting socialite. "As agreed, 1.5 million has been transferred to your offshore accounts. This is the transaction slip. And there's a 500,000 dollar bonus, courtesy of Mr. Knokod."

"Poppin'! I've never been paid for getting caught before." Camille eagerly stuffed the envelope in her purse, shifted into a taller brunette, and sauntered off. As soon as she was gone, the pale man let out a disgusted grunt. He pulled a cell phone with the Team Ricochet logo on the fold out of his pocket, opened it, and hit the speed dial. "It's Bengal," he said when the call was answered. "She's gone. Finally."


Rick O'Shea strolled into his office with a very satisfied look on his face. It was a large room with a long oak desk and a leather couch on the same wall as the door. Conspicuously absent from the decor were any photographic representations of his father. His late mother Audrey, however, was displayed in several pictures.

Rick's Team Ricochet uniform had been replaced by jeans and a t shirt, but he still had the air of a man in complete control about him; something he had picked up from Marcus Mann during his short time in the Fast Track program. Behind him was Rebecca Coyle, also known as Recoil, who had also ditched her uniform for civilian clothing. "That went better than I could've hoped, Rebecca," he said as he grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "Perhaps you should show Possible up more often."

"I'm planning on it." He had originally planned to humiliate her as she had done to him, but now he was more in the mood to utterly destroy both her and Ron Stoppable. First he would take all the "save the world" missions she and that fiancee of hers would always go on, and do the job better than they ever could. After that, after Kim Possible was seen as redundant, then the real work would start.

"So, who's the next bad guy we're going to hire?" Rebecca asked.

"I was thinking about bringing in that golfer guy. What's his name?"


"Duff Killigan." Rick grinned devilishly. "I guess it's time to have Bengal make another offer for Mr. Knokod, isn't it?"


"Still nothing new on Team Ricochet," Wade Load said from Kim's wrist Kimmunicator. "Well, they did capture Duff Killigan yesterday before he could turn Death Valley into a giant sand trap, but other than that, nothing!"

"And Camille?"

"Long gone," Wade replied.

"At least when we capture someone they stay captured for more than an hour," Kim groused. "And we're sure she was working for Knokod?"

"With Knokod we can't be sure of anything." D. Carter Knokod was a cross between a super villain and a crime lord, with more money than the Seniors and Martin Smarty combined. No one had ever spoken to him, seen him, or even been in the same time zone as he was. There was more proof for the existence of Bigfoot than there was for D. Carter Knokod. Wade was working under the hypothesis that Knokod was an alias, a figurehead for some farther reaching criminal enterprise, but there wasn't much proof of that, either.

"Keep digging, Wade," Kim said. "I have to get to class." Kim strolled with determination over the campus of the University of Upperton. She was coming up on McCorkle Hall when she saw her old Middleton High Cheer Squad teammate Tara King hurrying towards her.

"Kim! Have you seen Josh lately?" the blond woman asked.


"How did he get so big so fast?" Tara wore the look of concern and borderline fear. "I mean, I never even saw Josh lift weights the entire time I knew him, and now he's got the body of a prize fighter! You don't think he's taking something, do you?"

"I honestly don't know, Tara." Kim gave her old friend a sympathetic look. "You really do care about him, don't you?"

"I'm not crushing on him or anything," Tara replied a little too curtly. "I just don't want to see him destroy himself. I mean, I still worry about you and Ron, too."

Kim put a reassuring hand on her friend's shoulder. "I'll look into it, Tara."

"Thanks, Kim."

"No big." Maybe it'll give me a look into Rick's little club at the same time. Kim pressed a few buttons on her Kimmunicator. After a couple of seconds, the batter covered face of Ron Stoppable appeared. "What's the sitch?" she snickered. "Is there a reason you're trying to look like Snowman Hank?"

"Just a minor mishap, KP," he smiled. "Someone here has more problems with the blender than you do."

"I heard that!" a voice from offscreen yelled.

"So what's up, KP?"

"I was just talking to Tara. She's concerned about Josh's new bod. And to be honest, so am I."

"Yeah, something seemed off," Ron agreed. "The ol' mojo was telling me that he was really strong and at the same time he wasn't."

Kim rolled her eyes. "Could you get any more vague?"

"Sorry, KP, it's hard to explain sometimes. But I kept getting some kind of weird feeling about his right hand. Dunno if that helps or not."

"It might. Thanks, Ron. Love you."

"Back atcha, KP."


"Okay, Joey," the jovial blue skinned man said to the giggling child in his arms. "It's time for QUALITY BONDING TIME WITH DADDY!" This grand proclamation brought even more giggles from the boy in the blue and green onesie.

"Oh no you don't, Drew," an irritated woman with pale green skin declared as she stormed towards the father and son. "I am sick and tired of you disappearing into your little lab with our son every night and not telling me what you're doing!"

"It's a surprise, Sheila," Drew said to his wife with a devious expression. "A surprise that will, if successful, change our lives forever!"

"Like we need more of that," Sheila snorted. "In the last year you got plant powers, we helped save the world from aliens, then we were honored by the United Nations, went straight, got married, started a business and had a kid! How much more change do we need?"

Drew's face took on the look of a sad puppy. "Would you rather that I took no interest in our son at all?"

Sheila looked at the slightly pouting look Drew had on his face, and saw that it was mirrored on Joey's face. "You are so lucky I love you. Go. Just don't blow anything up." As soon as the lab door closed Sheila let out an annoyed snort. "If Kimmie ever teaches them that stupid puppy dog pout, I'll fry her."


In just a few short days, Team Ricochet had become media darlings. Their faces were everywhere, and the higher profile they became, the fewer hits Kim had on her site. Since Team Ricochet hit the seen, she'd only had three requests for help, and they were all about cats in trees. Kim was quietly storming to the athletic center when she heard an irritatingly familiar voice calling to her.

"Hey, Kim! Wait up!" it said. When Kim turned her head there was Josh Mankey in all his musclebound glory. "We didn't get to talk much at the convention center." He flexed his muscles. "What do you think of the new me?"

"I try not to." Kim started walking again.

"Come on, Kim, look at me! I'm a god now."

Kim saw the gold band on the middle finger of his right hand and stopped. "No, you're a phoney with a muscle ring." No wonder Ron's instincts were saying Josh wasn't strong and was strong at the same time. "If you're trying to impress me, it's so not working."

"Kim, Kim, Kim, you're missing the point." Josh gave her a half grin that used to turn her into putty. It didn't work this time. "We're the wave of the future, Kim. Ricochet's even said that there's room for you in the organization."

"I'll bet," Kim grumbled. "He'd probably try to get into my pants within five seconds if I signed up."


"He didn't tell you?" Kim was going to enjoy this. "We worked together in a...vocational program last year. He spent the whole time trying to get me in bed with him. It so didn't work, either."

Josh had the look of a fish out of water. "He wouldn't, I mean..."

"He did, Josh. He's using you, just like he uses everyone. Just like his father did. A word of advice, Josh; get out. Nothing good can come of working with Rick O'Shea. He's as fake as those muscles of yours." Without another word, Kim turned and continued on to the athletic center, leaving Josh behind stammering to himself.


"I didn't think it was important, or any of your damn business, Monk," an annoyed Ricochet said when Josh Mankey confronted him about Kim's accusations. "Besides, like you're any better."

"I love her," Josh countered.

"Just keep telling yourself that." Ricochet sat down behind his desk. "Besides, we have more important things to deal with." He pressed the intercom button on his desk. "Mr. Collins, would you come in here please?" The door to the office opened, revealing a pale man in a black business suit. "This is Anderson Collins, Monk. Like us, Ron Stoppable took something away from him. Stoppable made sure that my father went to jail and that my family name was ruined, he stole a glorious victory from Mr. Collins and sent him to jail, and he took the woman you love away from you. I think it's time he paid for it, don't you?"

Josh's outrage was now forgotten, replaced with a desire for revenge. "Yeah. I think you're right."

"That's what I wanted to hear!" Ricochet said as he slammed his fists on his desk in excitement. "We're setting up a little meeting with Ronnie. As soon as it's ready, I'll call you."

Josh nodded and left the office. As soon as he was gone Bengal gave Ricochet a worried look. "That computer brat of Possible's is getting closer to Mr. Knokod."

"Not good," Ricochet mused. "I mean, I knew he would snoop around, I just didn't know that he would get this lucky this soon. How long before he figures it out?"

"Could be weeks, could be within the hour."

"Okay then," Rick said calmly. "Is the contingency plan ready?"

"It is."

A slight grin curled Rick's lips. "Good. Then we're ready."


Sheila Gordon-Lipsky was trying to soothe a fussy Joey when the doorbell rang. "Just perfect," she muttered. "Drew! Get the door!"

The shuffling of feet was followed by the sound of the door opening, punctuated with a frantic "Sheila!!"

"Now what?" she muttered. When she came to the doorway, she saw her husband of just over a year being handcuffed by Global Justice agents. "What the hell are you doing!?"

"My name is Chief Agent Will Du," a voice from behind the chaos announced.

"I know who you are, Du. What do you want?"

"I'm here to arrest Dr. Drakken," he said in a matter of fact voice. He got in Drew's face and sneered. "Or do you prefer to be called 'D. Carter Knokod?'"