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"This has got to be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever been a part of," Rebecca Coyle, also known as Recoil from Team Ricochet, growled. "This is like something out of a bad spy movie, Rick! We're coming to meet with a couple of so called 'mercenary ninjas' in an old abandoned underground parking garage in the dead of night to hire them to take care of Bengal. While I'm glad you weren't dumb enough to have us come here in full uniform, I'm dying to know; what comic book did you cut their ad out of again?"

"I got their information from the central Global Justice database," Rick O'Shea, better known as Ricochet, explained for the thousandth time. "Apparently GJ has been after these two for a few years. They're supposed to be the best."

Recoil huffed. "If they're so good, then how come I've never heard of them before? And for that matter, why are they late?" Recoil stopped complaining when she felt the cold, sharp metal of a dagger being pressed up against her throat.

"We are not late," a calm female voice from behind her said. "We have been here for the last hour. To answer your question, though, we are good enough to sneak up on two so called heroes and take them by surprise." The unseen woman removed her blade from the vicinity of Recoil's jugular vein.

"You must be Hiromi," Ricochet said with a grin. The woman was wearing what could only be described as a high tech ninja uniform. It was black and form fitting, something Ricochet noticed immediately. All that was visible of her was the area immediately around her eyes. When Hiromi's companion, a wiry man wearing an identical outfit to hers, saw the way Ricochet was leering at her, he stepped forward and held his bo like a quarterstaff, blocking Ricochet from advancing further.

"Please excuse my friend," the Japanese woman said. "He does not take kindly to anyone giving me any unwanted attention."

"Why didn't he say anything instead of just busting in?" Recoil was liking this less and less with each passing moment. When they jumped Stoppable a couple of weeks ago, he had used the word "trappish." That's how this whole sitch felt to Recoil.

"He cannot. His throat was slit some years ago. His vocal chords were severed." The man peeled away his mask, revealing a hard faced caucasian man with shoulder length black hair and a matching goatee. He pulled down his collar, showing Team Ricochet the long jagged scar going from one end of his neck to the other. When Hiromi saw the two "heroes" shudder, she smiled. "If you think that is unpleasant, you should see what Marshall did to his attackers."

"We, uh, that's not necessary," Recoil stammered.

Ricochet was again leering. "We saw his face, how about yours?" Without argument, Hiromi removed her mask, revealing a middle aged Japanese woman with very short black hair that had a stripe of grey going down the middle. "You're beautiful."

Recoil rolled her eyes. Get your mind out of your shorts, she silently chided.

"And not interested," Hiromi said without hesitation. That made Recoil chuckle. "I do not get involved with clients or potential clients. Besides, you are not my type. You are much too young for my taste. We have unmasked as a gesture of good faith, Ricochet. Do not make us regret it. Now, your message said that you had a job for us. You will understand my... reluctance to undertake any mission you have for us. After all, you are the good guys. At least, that is what you wish the world at large to think."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ricochet was never one for games.

Hiromi's expression never changed. "Richard Jackson O'Shea, son of Bradley and Audrey O'Shea. Your mother died of pancreatic cancer when you were twelve years old, and your father is currently awaiting trial for trafficking contraband technology. Technology, I might add, that you yourself have been utilizing in both your public and private operations."

Ricochet's mouth was hanging wide open in surprise. Recoil, meanwhile, was laughing her head off.

"I would not find that so humorous if I were you, Rebecca Janine Coyle," Hiromi continued. "The youngest of two children, your parents are Mitchell and Aria Coyle. Your father is serving fifteen years to life in federal prison for grand theft and assault, and your mother is wanted in twenty seven states for extortion. Your brother Jason is currently serving a life sentence in Washington state for aggravated murder. You yourself have quite the juvenile record. Although it was sealed, we have been able to view it."

Recoil looked as though she were about to kill these two ninja with her bare hands. Ricochet pulled her back. "Impressive," he said. "How do you know all this?"

"It is our business to know. Do you still wish to hire us? Be warned, if we feel at any time that we are being double crossed, you will not live to regret it."


"This is stupid, Rick!" Recoil said as she slumped into the couch in Rick's office. "Aside from what Global Justice said about these two, we don't know jack about them! How do we know that this isn't some kind of trap?"

"Who would set a trap for us?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe Global Justice! Or Kim Possible!"

"How would any of them know what we've been up to?"

Recoil fought the urge to smack Ricochet upside the head. "Bengal, stupid! You really think he's going to just keep his mouth shut? God, you're dumber than I thought!"

"And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I've been in the criminal game a lot longer than you have, Rick!" she chided. "You don't take anyone at face value! How do you know that these ninjas won't sell you out the first chance they get? Or that Bengal hasn't already? Hell, how do you know that I won't sell you out?"

Ricochet smirked. "I know you won't betray me."

"Oh please," Recoil snorted. "Get over yourself, Rick; you're not that good."

"Not that good?"

It was Recoil's turn to smirk. "I've had a lot better. Don't feel bad, though, I've had worse, too. At least I've never faked it with you." Recoil took a seat on the leather couch. "Getting back to the business at hand, I still say we can't trust these two. It feels like we're running face first into a brick wall."

"According to GJ-"

"To hell with GJ!" Recoil shrieked. "I'm telling you, Rick, they're up to something. They could have faked the files on those ninjas just for us to find them!"

"They don't know we're in their system, Rebecca."

"How did they catch Bengal if they don't know we're in their system?"

"Better security than he was expecting," Ricochet replied. "He was a thug, not a tactician."

"Then why did you send him in there in the first place? Now he's gonna sing like a canary!"

"That's why we have the ninjas. They'll shut him up before he can sing."

"Unless he's already sold us out." Recoil stood up, took her Team Ricochet cell phone out of her pocket, and dropped it on the couch. "Sorry, Rick, but you're on your own. I quit."

"If you quit, then you can forget about your dad and your brother ever getting out of prison!"

"I'm resourceful, Rick, I'll find something. Maybe I'll sign up with a real super villain next time. I'm through with amateurs. See you around, O'Shea."


"According to my surveillance Recoil just left Team Ricochet HQ, Kim," Wade Load said from the Sloth's Kimmunicator screen. "And it looks like she's not carrying her standard issue cell phone."

"Are you sure about that, Wade?" Lynn Corrigible asked from the passenger's seat. She and Kim were sitting in a parking stall a block away from the GJ stronghold.

"Positive, Lynn," the young genius replied. "Their phones have a rather unique energy signature from their batteries. Well, actually they're specialized power cells that can go for about a year without needing to be recharged, but you knew what I meant."

"So does that mean she's breaking her ties with O'Shea?" Kim asked. If that was the case, it made things a lot easier.

"Could be. Unfortunately, I didn't think about having Yori leave any spy bugs behind when she planted the code breaker disc. I'll keep an eye on her."

"Please and thank you, Wade." Kim closed the channel.

"Well, Kim, now what?"

"We play the waiting game, Lynn." Kim closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "And we keep hoping that Rick's as predictable as we think he is. We're so going out on a limb on this one."


Rick O'Shea rarely heard the word "no" from a woman he was interested in going to bed with; now he was hearing it almost constantly. First from Kim Possible when they were with Fast Track and she constantly refused his advances, then from Lynn Corrigable the few times he got her alone, and now from that ninja Hiromi. And then there was Recoil. He'd never been walked out on before, and he certainly didn't like it. She'll be back, he thought. There's no way any super villain will take her seriously after her run as a 'hero.'

An alert tone from the computer built into his desk caught his attention. The ninja were starting their assault on the Upperton Global Justice stronghold.


The two ninja hugged the shadows as they silently inched their way down the long hallway. Their target was just down the hall in a standard holding cell. Before they reached their destination, they were stopped by Miles Walker. "End of the line," he said.

"Greetings, Walker-san," Hiromi said. "I would bow, but we are being watched." Instead she crouched into a fighting stance.

"I know this has to look good, Yori, but don't make it look too good."

"As I promised Corrigible-san, I will endeavor to not hurt you. Too badly." Miles could almost see her smirk under her masks.


"Break in at the GJ stronghold, Kim!" Wade announced. "Good thing you didn't go too far."

"We had to make it look good," Kim agreed. She turned on the car and gunned the engine. "We should be there in about three minutes. You ready, Lynn?"

"I think so," Lynn replied. "I just hope Yori doesn't mess Miles up too badly. Or me, when we get there."

"She keeps her word, Lynn," Kim said. "Let's just hope we can make this look believable. Wade, you're sure that Rick's watching?"

"Oh yeah, he's watching all right!"


Rick O'Shea watched intently from the monitor screen built into his desk. "Too bad there's no sound," he mused to himself. "Aw well. I don't have any popcorn anyway." He watched as his former teammate and roommate Miles Walker confronted the ninja and exchanged pleasantries with them. "It was nice knowing you, Walker," he chuckled. Suddenly, Hiromi launched a blindingly fast attack that knocked Miles to the side. She continued to pummel her opponent while her silent companion hurried to Bengal's holding cell. He was intercepted by Kim and Lynn well before he got there.

"Oh look who came out to play!" he exclaimed when he saw Kim. "I really hope he doesn't rough them up too much," Rick said. "I could still have fun with those two."


Kim and Marshall fought like they were in a choreographed dance, which is exactly what it was. She punched, he blocked. He kicked, she parried. It was as if they were reading each other's minds. But then again, after almost a lifetime of friendship followed by over two years of being romantically involved, it was expected that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable could read each other like a book.

"You've been practicing," she teased. "Have you been sparring with Yori behind my back?" She would have mock pouted, but she didn't want it to look like she was enjoying herself.

"Even the master can stand to learn some new tricks," the disguised Ron Stoppable replied in a sage voice. "Just don't ever tell Mr. Barkin I said that. I do have an image to uphold."

Kim launched a roundhouse kick at Ron's head. She missed, but he jumped to the side as if he was hit, just to keep up appearances. "Don't worry, sweetie, my lips are sealed."

Yori and Lynn faced off. "It's getting to be time to end this, isn't it?" Lynn asked. She really wasn't looking forward to this.

"Hai," Yori replied. "I will miss, and you will fall. Ready?"

"Not really, no. I was never good at the whole stage combat thing." But she went for it anyway. Yori threw a punch at Lynn's face and missed with half an inch to spare. Lynn's head theatrically snapped back with the phantom impact and she went down.


Rick was really wishing he had some popcorn now. Kim Possible get her clock cleaned was better than any action movie he had ever seen. The ninja called Marshall had gone down, but got up again and knocked Kim up against a wall. Hiromi had taken out both Lynn and Miles, and now there was nothing between them and Bengal. Marshall busted down the door to the holding cell and went in.

Rick hit a few buttons on the touch screen, but he couldn't get an image from the camera inside the cell. Finally, the ninja known as Marshall came out, dragging the limp form of Anderson Collins for his companion to examine. Rick saw that the Bengal's head was hanging at an impossible angle. When Rick figured out why, all color drained from his face. Anderson Collins was dead; his neck had been broken. Rick darted for the bathroom that adjoined his office and threw his guts up.

While Rick was losing his dinner, the ninja were getting ready to depart. They left the body in the hallway, but gathered up the seemingly unconscious forms of Team Possible. They scrambled out as fast as they could, barely missing the agents who were supposed to be guarding Bengal.


Half an hour and a bottle of antacid later, Rick O'Shea was again in the abandoned parking garage where he first met with the two ninja. This was the agreed upon rendevous point where they would meet following the successful completion of the mission. Rick was very pale. This was different from when he took Stoppable down. He had no intentions of killing the man who was keeping Kim Possible from his bed; Rick just wanted to hurt him very, very badly.

Rick had ordered the deaths of Drew Lipsky and Josh Mankey, but nothing had come of that. He had ordered Bengal's death, and this time the hit was carried out; this time he saw the body. He was just grateful that he didn't see it in person. He was fighting to keep what little was left in his stomach down when a nondescript van pulled up and the ninja dragged their fallen prey out the side door. "What the hell is this?" Rick demanded.

"An opportunity," Hiromi replied as she and her companion pulled off their ninja masks. "I know that your group and Kim Possible's have been rivals. With her gone, you will have no more competition. Besides, there is no guarantee that she would not come for us one day. Consider this a bonus. For us."


"We want an additional twenty thousand for delivering Team Possible to you."

"Twenty thousand?" Rick coughed. "Why should I pay you that much? This isn't all of them!"

"Their weapons supplier is but a child," Hiromi said. "We do not attack children. Even we have our ethics."

"What about the sidekick? He's not here."

"What good is he?" Hiromi asked. "I do not even remember his name. He seems harmless enough. I doubt that him coming after us will be that big of an inconvenience."

"He took me out with one punch," Rick protested. "Same thing with Bengal. He's tougher than he looks."

"I sincerely doubt that," Hiromi said in a dismissive tone. "Marshall killed Bengal without so much as breaking a sweat. No offense to you, but you do not appear to be a fierce warrior. I am not worried about Kim Possible's junior sidekick."

Rick didn't like his skills being dismissed that way, but he couldn't argue with what was right in front of him. He slowly approached the sprawled forms of Kim, Miles and Lynn. "Omega 12 together again," he said. "What was it we used to say, 'No one messes with Omega 12?' Maybe only Omega 12 can mess with Omega 12." He crouched down and gently lifted Kim's limp body into his arms. "We could've been magic together, Kimmie," he said in a thoughtful voice. "All you had to do was give in and say yes. All I wanted was one night with you, but you just had to be faithful to some loser who would never have known. You missed out, Kimmie."

Kim's brilliant green eyes shot open suddenly and she nailed Rick with a devestating right cross which knocked him over. "No, I'd say I was dead on."

As Rick struggled to his feet, he saw Lynn and Miles fully conscious and looking at him defiantly, with Hiromi and Marshall doing nothing to restrain them. "What are you two doing? Take them down!"

"It is, how you say, a set up," Hiromi proudly said. She reached into her collar and pulled up on a flap of skin, removing a very lifelike mask and revealing the face of the young Japanese woman who had been at Stoppable's bedside when they went to cure him.

Rick was in shock. "It really was a trap?"

"Nothing gets by you, dude." Rick turned his astonished gaze to Marshall, who was supposed to be mute. Then he saw the ninja pull his face off, revealing the smug face of Ron Stoppable. "Man, you have been so played it's not even funny!" As if to seal the deal, Rufus scampered out from a puch on Ron's belt and onto his person's shoulder. The naked mole rat pointed at Rick and laughed hysterically.

"You should have listened to Recoil," Yori said in a matter of fact tone. "She never trusted us."

"But then again, we figured she was the real brains of the operation," Miles said.

"But don't worry, Rick," Kim taunted, "you'll be seeing her again real soon."

"Yup," Lynn added. "GJ picked her up over an hour ago. She's just a few cells down from Bengal. Who's alive and well, by the way."

"The body you saw was an old crash test dummy wearing one of Ron's masks," Miles said. "You bought into this hook, line, and sinker."

"We know all your dirty little secrets, Rick," Kim said. "We know you're behind D. Carter Knokod, that you tried to get Drew Lipsky and Josh Mankey to take the fall for your crimes, and we know it was your poison that almost killed Ron. You are going away for a very long time. And all this was because I wouldn't sleep with you? That goes way beyond pathetic, Rick."

Rick looked like he was about to strike, but instead he did the smarter thing. He ran as hard and as fast as his legs would carry him. Kim was after him in an instant with Ron and the others hot on her heels. Rick came to a dead end just as Team Possible caught up with him. He was breathing heavily and he quite literally had his back against the wall.

"It's all over, Rick," Miles said. "Why don't you just give up and we'll make this nice and easy."

"I'm not taking the fall for this!" Rick yelled. "You hear me? I'm not going down for this!" He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small object.

"Whatever you have in your hand, drop it," Lynn warned.

"Or what? None of you are packing any kind of heat." Rick showed them the gold ring in his hand. "While I, on the other hand, AM the heat!" Rick slipped the ring on his finger and his body immediately started to expand, his muscles blowing up like balloons. The fabric of his shirt stretched and ripped as his body continued to change. As soon as his transformation was finished, he looked at his adversaries with a murderous gleam in his eyes. "You shouldn't have made me angry," he taunted. "You're not gonna like me when I'm angry."

Rick charged at Team Possible like an angry rhino, making them scatter in different directions. Rick went straight for Kim. "This is your fault, Kim! You kept shooting me down and you helped ruin my family name! Now you're gonna PAY!!"

It's the same kind of ring Josh had, Kim thought. It's making him irrational along with making him stronger. So not a good combination. But maybe I can use his size against him.

Before Kim could formulate a strategy, Lynn and Miles jumped Rick from both sides and were immediately thrown off. Lynn hit the ground hard, and Miles went right into a wall. They were both down for the count. Ron and Yori immediately rushed to the aid of their fallen comrades.

"I took almost half of your team out already, Kimmie!" Rick bellowed. "You can't win!"

"I got him, KP!" Ron shouted. His eyes were already glowing a violent blue.

"No, Ron, he's mine! I so owe this scum bag!"

"But, Kim-" Yori stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"She deserves this battle, Ron-sama," Yori said. "This fool has wronged her on countless occasions. He insulted her, her honor, and you. He attempted to destroy you, and then he attempted to prey on Kim-san in a perceived time of weakness. He has no honor. His defeat at Kim-san's hands is more than deserved. Trust her as she trusts you, Ron-sama. She can do this."

He didn't like it, but Ron stood down. He watched as Kim easily dodged Rick's lumbering form. His tree stump like arms flailed wildly, trying to connect, but Kim was just too fast. "That extra mass is slowing you down, Ricochet! I doubt you'd live up to your name right now, would you?"

"Hold still so I can pound you!"

"So not happening, O'Shea." Kim rushed in swept Rick's legs out from under him, sending him crahing to the ground like a ton of bricks.

"Booyah!" Ron exclaimed. "Or should I say, timber!"

"So the cheerleader has her own squad, huh?" Rick struggled to his feet.

"Ron was the mascot before he became the star of the football team," Kim quipped. As soon as Rick was standing again, Kim aimed a punch at his face. Rick panicked and ducked, which let Kim nail him in the chin with her knee, sending him backwards.

"That extra muscle isn't helping you, Rick. You can't win. Just give it up, already."

"Like you said," Rick panted, "so not happening!" He lunged at Kim like a charging bull. Kim stood her ground and, at the last possible second, ducked out of the way allowing Rick to run head first into a support beam. Rick stumbled back in a daze, giving Kim the opening she needed. She swiped the ring off of Rick's finger.

"It's done, Rick," she said as he reverted to normal. "You lost." Kim got on the Kimmunicator and called Wade. "He's down, " she said. "Have Agent Vance come in with the cuffs."

Kim looked over at her fallen friends. Lynn and Miles were coming around, and Yori was helping them to sit up. Ron was on his way over to Kim's side. Rick saw this and staggered to his feet.

"Don't try anything stupid, Rick," Kim warned.

"What, you mean like this?" Rick charged at Ron full steam. Ron didn't move. He simply stuck his foot out and tripped Rick as he went by. Rick shot up in a fury and again charged at Ron, howling like a feral beast all the while. Rick didn't wait to see what Ron was doing, and ran face first into Ron's waiting fist; Rick's vision exploded into a field of stars as he heard the cartilage crunch. "By doze!" he shrieked as he clamped his hands over his now profusely bleeding proboscis. "You broge by dose agaid! I'll KILL YOU!!"

"No you won't," came the steady reply from Agent Vance. "Richard O'Shea, you're under arrest. Can we get a medic over here? I don't want this guy bleeding all over my upholstery."

"Man," Miles chuckled. "I can't believe he fell for that same trick twice!"

"Yup," Ron grandly smirked. "The Ron-man strikes again! No pompous jerk's nose is safe from me!"

"That's my Ron; the scourge of nacos and jerk noses," Kim said with a grin.

"Oooooh nacos! Good call, KP! Let's go hit the Bueno for a victory feast!"


The expanded Team Possible stood silently at the curb of the Possible-Stoppable abode. It was time to say goodbye, and Yori was loading her lone piece of luggage into the trunk of a waiting taxi cab. "I will see you in May for the wedding Ron-sama," she said, right before kissing Ron's cheek.

"What, no 'Stoppable-sama' this time?" Lynn asked.

"I have been accepted as a part of Ron-sama's family," Yori said happily. "It is rude to address family by surname. Is that not right, Kim-san?"

Kim came up to Yori and hugged her. "Totally."

"We'll see you in May," Miles said, bowing to his new friend.

"But you're coming back before the wedding," Lynn added. "I have two words for you, Yori: 'bachelorette party!'"

"This bachelorette party, is it a dignified gathering?" Yori asked, a little concerned about Lynn's enthusiasm.

"With Monique in charge of it, probably not," Ron quipped, earning him a jab in the ribs from his fiancee.

"Hey, just wait'll you see what Felix and I have in store for your bachelor party, bud," Miles smirked.

"Everyone please remember that there are minors in our parties," Kim said. "I doubt Wade or Joss could get into some of the places you're planning on dragging us to."

Lynn and Miles looked at eachother, stifled a laugh, and dropped the subject.

"Okay, I don't like that," Ron said nervously.

"That makes two of us."

"You sure you don't want to share a cab to the airport, Yori?" Miles asked.

"I am sure, Walker-san. I must go to the gate for international flights. It is better this way." Miles and Lynn had no idea that the cab driver was really a ninja graduate from Yamanuchi who would be taking Yori to meet a hyper sonic jet that would return her to Japan.

"Take care," Lynn said.

"I shall, Corrigable-san. You as well."

As the cabs pulled away, Kim, Ron, and Rufus stood at the foot of their driveway. "I guess that's over, now, isn't it, KP? No more O'Shea trouble."

"With two counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, along with harboring a known fugitive and possession of villain tech hanging over his head, not to mention all the stuff Wade found in Rick's database, I seriously doubt he'll have an easy time mounting a defense. And he burned way too many bridges to have anyone try to break him out." Kim got a wicked smile on her face. "Besides, with Josh's testimony, as well as Recoil and Bengal turning on him, I don't think we'll see Rick O'Shea again for a long time."

"It sure is gonna be lonely here now," Ron mused. "I mean, we have an empty house now."

"That's so true," Kim replied in a sulty voice. "Whatever shall we do to pass the time?"

"Uh oh," Rufus squeaked. With company over for the last few weeks, he didn't have to worry too much about his people deciding they wanted their special alone time. On those few occasions when they did, they weren't as...enthusiastic about it as they usually were; they didn't want to wake Yori up, after all. It looked like that reprieve was now over.

"I have a few ideas," Ron said as he waggled his eyebrows.

"I certainly hope so, Ron. Race you inside!"


Josh Mankey walked out the front door of the Lipsky home with a spring in his step. He had delivered the apology portrait he'd painted for them, and even though Global Justice had placed him on probation for the next three years for his inviolvement with Team Ricochet, and were keeping tabs on him with a sub-dermal tracking chip, life was good. Actually, it was the best it had been in a long time.

Tara King was waiting for him; her blue hatchback parked by the curb. They had spent a lot of time together over the last few weeks. Even though they had agreed to give being friends a shot, it hadn't quite worked out that way. We didn't pick up where we left off, Josh happily thought. This is better. There's a real connection there this time. Josh smiled as Tara waved at him. Sometimes you do get a second chance.

"All done, honey?" Tara asked before giving her guy a kiss.

"Yup. Where to next?"

"We're meeting with Kim and Ron at about six at their place," she replied. "Ron's cooking up one of his masterpieces to show that there's no hard feelings."

Josh chuckled at that. "I tried to steal his fiancee and I lured him into a potentially life threatening trap. And here he is willing to just put it all aside and make us dinner."

"That's Ron for you," Tara said. "He's weird, but we like him."


"I mean, he had the blue skin and the cool lair and the hot babe working for him; I thought he was the greatest!" the dark haired man Rick was forced to share a cell with gushed. "But then he had to go straight. Can you believe that? A great villain like Dr. Drakken is now a law abiding family man. It's such a waste."

"Will you please shut up?" Rick nearly sobbed. He was sitting on his bunk with his pillow wrapped around his head in a vain attempt to drown out Frugal Lucre's inane babbling. Why did I have to wind up here? I think I'd rather share a cell with Chief Agent Mann or my dad at Fort Campbell than have to deal with this. To Rick's surprise, Global Justice made sure the incarcerated members of Team Ricochet were nowhere near each other. Bengal was in Fort Campbell, Recoil was in a secret holding facility in the Rocky mountains, and Rick was here with the other super villain riff raff just outside Middleton.

"But you," Lucre continued, "you had a great plan! A bad guy pretending to be a good guy? That's genius right there!"

"Stop talking!" Rick wimpered. "I'm begging you, Lucre, for the love of God stop talking!"

"But I do think you spent way too much money on most of those gadgets! Jack Hench isn't the only game in town, you know. You could get the same stuff at the Despot Depot for half the price."

Try as he might, Rick O'Shea was unable to block out Lucre's constant prattling. Rick closed his eyes and tried to remember the good times, while another shred of his sanity was ripped away from him by a man who once tried to destroy the internet with a can of expired Vienna sausages. This has to count somewhere as cruel and unusual punishment...


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