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"Erm, Howard?" Naboo cautiously edged into the room, speaking quietly, as Vince was asleep on the sofa, completely wiped out from the Satsuma fight they had just had. Howard looked up at Naboo, stuck from moving anywhere, as Vince's head was on his lap.

"Yeah?" Naboo looked edgy, and he moved his feet against the carpet slowly, looking like a child who had just been caught doing something bad.

"Remember how Vince ate that jelly, then we got him back to normal, using the potion that saps his memory?"

"Yes" Howard spoke slowly, not liking Naboo's tone, or the way this conversation was going.

"Well it turns out that SOMEONE," He looked over at Bollo, who was doing his best to seem inconspicuous behind Naboo, "Forgot to read the small print". Howard gulped. This didn't sound good.

"Well? What was in the small print?"

"Well it turns out that if someone drinks that potion, then doesn't immediately drink lucozade after, the potion kind of… turns in on itself…"

"You honestly don't mean that Vince is gonna think he's three again?" Howard was horrified. His relationship with Vince had gotten better, and he'd managed to put all memory of a cute little boy out of his head.

Naboo shuffled on the floor again.

"Erm, not quite like that, it, er..." Naboo was saved by Bollo's pager going off. Bollo looked down at it and groaned.

"Important Shaman meeting, Naboo must be there, says to bring portable hookah". Howard kicked Naboo in the leg as he tried to hurry off,

"What'll happen then? Is it something dangerous? I can't believe you're abandoning Vince just so you and your mates can crack open yet one more crate of drugs!" Howard was hissing this out of the corner of his mouth, as Vince still lay asleep on his lap, and Howard saw his eyebrows furrow a couple of times, and didn't want to wake him up fully.

At first it looked like Naboo was ignoring him, but just as he was about to go down the stairs, his head popped up at the railings, and hissed, apologetically,

"It's not going to do what it did last time, it's kinda going to do the opposite". Howard's eyes widened as he looked down at Vince, still sleeping, blissfully unaware of what might be happening to him.

"Naboo, I... what?" Naboo looked slightly impatient as he whispered,

"He's going to keep his mind, it's just his... body that'll change"

"WHAT!!" Vince shot up from sleep as Howard cried out in shock.

"Wuz goin' on?" Howard looked down at him and back at Naboo. The shaman had a pleading expression on his face, and he mouthed,

I'll find a cure when we get back

With that he was gone.

Howard looked back at Vince, his mouth hanging open, as Vince looked worriedly up at him.

"What's wrong with you?" Howard could only shake his head and plonked himself down onto the sofa, Vince budging up to make room. He felt a prod in his side and found Vince pushing his toe into the older man's ribcage.

"Are you ok?"

"Erm, Vince, how do you..feel?" Vince looked at him questioningly for a second and then said,

"M'abit tired"

"You don't feel... smaller? Erm, or like you might be about to shrink?"

Vince started laughing at Howard, and shook his head,

"Did you have a couple of beers after I fell asleep?". Howard just shook his head, and was about to call Naboo, but was stopped when Vince put a hand on his arm.

"Howard, what's that?" Howard turned to find Vince pointing at a letter, that must have been magically sent there, lying on the table.

Vince went over to open it, intrigued, but Howard said, with a great deal of force,

"Vince, you said you were tired, go to bed"

"What?! You can't just tell me to go to bed! I'm not three!" Howard laughed bitterly at that statement, but settled his gaze back on Vince who was looking indignant, hopping from one foot to the other.

"Vince I'm not going to argue! Just go to bed!" Vince was actually quite frightened by the loud dismissal, glowered at the older man, but obediently walked off, in the direction of the bedroom. Howard let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding in and turned his attentions to the letter in his hand. He could instantly tell it had Naboo's writing on it, so he tore it open,

I managed to tell the shaman council what happened, and made them promise to help us or I wouldn't give them the drugs. Anywho, Vince should change in about an hour, and Kirk said that he once did this to someone to curse them, saying that he was really dissapointed that they could still talk and control all bodily functions
(Howard closed his eyes and made a quick silent thank-you) so it'll just be a case of finding him stuff to wear really. You'll need to tell him what happened last time, and how this happened. Blame Bollo. The other shamen are getting quite impatient, so I'll have to finish, but I swear we're cutting the shaman outing short, and everyone's chipping in to help Vince. Call me if it's an emergency, otherwise, don't bother. Vince knows my number.

Howard let out a breath again, thankful that Vince would still be himself, but shorter. He didn't know how he would have coped if he had to be changing nappies or something. He cast a glance down the corridor. Should he tell Vince now or wait until he changed? Now. Said the little sensible voice in Howard's head, he'll only panic if he wakes up with the body of a three year old. Howard braced himself and walked towards their bedroom.

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