Two Month Later.

Buffy held the two twin girls in her arms, rocking them slowly. Angel had hold of Phoebe in his arms, where she had her head dropped against his chest with her eyes closed. The two of them watched as three men carried the sofa out of the house and towards the huge moving truck parked outside the house. It was the day that they moved.

Buffy looked down at her two daughters and smiled, a small tear trickling down her cheek.

The twin in her right arm was called Scarlett Tara Summers. She had a tuft of brown hair on the top of her head, her skin was pale like her Father's and she had emerald eyes. Buffy and Angel had been surprised to find that Scarlett had been one of the children that the Prophecy had mentioned. Buffy had found out about the power her daughter possessed when Scarlett's bottle had travelled through the air in a quick motion and landed besides Scarlett's bassinet. Angel had been fairly certain that Scarlett possessed the power of moving things with her mind. Though only time would tell.

Her twin was laid in Buffy's left arm. Buffy and Angel had decided to let Dawn name their third child as a thank you for agreeing to moving. After reading at least four baby name books, and looking up names on the internet, Dawn had decided to call her niece Ruby Marie Summers. Ruby's hair small amount of hair appeared blonde, though Buffy wouldn't be surprised if it darkened over time. Her eyes were a deep brown and her skin had a soft-kissed glow like her Mother's. Ruby, unlike her twin, appeared to have no supernatural powers as far as anyone could tell.

Phoebe had adapted well to her new sisters and constantly wanted to play with them. Buffy had been glad that Phoebe wasn't an attention seeker or jealous, even if she still got the same amount of attention as the other two.

Willow and Oz walked out of the house and joined the couple in the garden. Willow dropped her arm around Buffy's shoulder and gave her a small squeeze, offering her a reassuring smile. Oz stood in between Angel and Buffy, giving each of them a nod, and watched as the men closed the doors of the truck.

'I can't believe we are actually leaving,' said Willow.

'I know,' mumbled Buffy, frowning slightly.

Even though living in Sunnydale always seemed a burden, and a real pain in the arse, Buffy found it difficult to actually say goodbye. She had never realised how difficult it would actually be leaving everything behind and moving on.

'Spike should be here soon,' said Angel, readjusting Phoebe in his arms.

Spike had rented a Winnebago for the ride up to LA. Dawn had already left with Cordelia, Xander, Anya and Giles in Cordelia's car whilst the other remained behind to get a ride up with Spike. Buffy couldn't express the happiness she felt when everyone agreed to go; it felt like her heart was going to explode from the feeling.

'So many memories,' mumbled Oz, looking around the front garden.

Buffy nodded. The years had passed by in a blur, although the memories remained in her head like they had only happened yesterday.

'Remember when we got turned into our costumes at Halloween,' laughed Willow.

Everyone joined in the laughter, replaying the day in their heads.

'I can't believe we're leaving,' said Buffy, echoing Willow's previous words.

She looked down at her beautiful daughters before looking at her eldest child in Angel's arms. Buffy would leave Sunnydale behind any day if it meant keeping her children safe, even if they did possess supernatural powers that would probably end up attracting danger to them. She was at least trying to get away from the danger, instead of just waiting for it to strike.

Suddenly Spike pulled up outside the house in his Winnebago. Faith was sat up in the front seat with Spike, sunglasses perched on the edge of her nose as her head rested against the back of the seat. Willow and Oz grabbed on to each other's hand and walked over to them.

Buffy hesitated. She turned back to look at her house, noticing certain things that never seemed to stand out to her before now. Angel shuffled over towards her, keeping a firm hold on his daughter, and stood besides her, following her gaze. Even to him, an ex-vampire who had spent many years in different places; this had to be the hardest home to leave. It had all began in this house, in this town, and it seemed wrong to turn his back on it. But he knew that it was for all the right reasons.

'Are you sure-'

'Yes,' interrupted Buffy, not giving him time to finish his question. He had asked the same question more than enough and the answer had never changed once.

'As long as you, our children and our friends are with us, I don't care where we are,' said Buffy, a smile tugging on her lips.

The couple stayed quiet for a moment.

'Did I ever tell you how much I am in love with you?' asked Angel, smirking.

Buffy chuckled. 'Just a few million times!'

Buffy and Angel turned their backs on the house and walked towards the Winnebago. Angel shifted Phoebe into his left arm and placed his right arm around Buffy's waist. The five of them, including the three children, would definitely have been classed as a perfect family.

Buffy passed Willow Scarlet before climbing into the Winnebago. Willow and Buffy strapped up the twins in their car seats that Spike had set up. Angel, balancing Phoebe in one arm, closed the door as he stepped inside. He took a seat next to Buffy and lay Phoebe down across them, giving her a more comfy position to sleep in.

'Ready to leave this crap hole behind?' shouted Spike from the front.

Everyone rolled their eyes and cheered as Spike began driving.

The friends had been so busy talking or, in Buffy's case, attending to children, that they hadn't noticed the sign they had just passed.

'Now Leaving Sunnydale! Come back soon,' it had read.

It was just the end of one chapter in their lives, yet the beginning of a brand new one.


To Be Continued In …

'Anything But Ordinary.'

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