Ryo: Hi guys, I know it's been weeks since I last did something here on . I was having a major writer's block, mainly because of Nick The Ultima Wielder's controversary which I got the blame instead of him, getting my self confidence back in writing and feeling that fellow authors like No Limit 5 and Papa T 41 have truly put an end to my fame and fanfic business here. But at least I'm finally able to get back to fanfic business and I'm ready to post my first original story. Here's the prologue. Enjoy.


Prologue: Earth in the 40th Century

"So long as there are men, there will be wars."

- Albert Einstein

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind."

- John F. Kennedy

Our story now begins…

(3932 AD)

A television turns itself on and it seems that the television is showing a documentary about events that happened in the United States and the World during 3932 to 3937. We see a bald man who wears a black suit named Lex Luthor walks up to a podium outside the entrance of the White House as thousands of his supporters cheered wildly. A woman's voice then narrates.

"Following a disputed election and a tie vote in the Electoral College (and subsequent tie-breaker by the United States House of Representatives), Lex Luthor was elected President of the United States and also becoming the most unpopular president in US History."

(3934 AD)

The television now shows a building which was recently bombed. The entrance of the building was damaged and huge black smoke wisps out from the entrance. Several paramedics were helping injured people outside the building.

"Few years after the election, a dramatic amount of civil unrest and rioting springs up all throughout the United States, resulting in domestic terrorism."

(3935 AD)

The television now shows a red flag with a black trident-shaped logo on it. It was the official flag of a militant group known as The Faction. Then the TV shows two soldiers wearing red helmets, red suits, black armor and black boots, aiming their rifles at a man who is knelling down on the ground with his hands on the back of his head. A nearby soldiers waves his hand, telling the cameraman to back away.

"In response, President Luthor created a militant group known as The Faction and The Faction uses Homeland Security Act and declares martial law on many areas of the country."

(September 3936 AD)

The TV now shows five judges in the Supreme Court. One of the judges tells the public their verdict and after that, another judge lifts up his gavel and bangs on the table.

"Although highly contested, the Supreme Court sidesteps the Presidential Election of 3936 and disqualifies all the presidential candidates from holding office, effectively awarding Luthor with a second term."

(November 3936 AD)

The TV now shows Lex Luthor, with two bodyguards standing next to him on each side, making an acceptance speech of his second term as president outside of the White House until a shot was fired, making Lex duck and the two bodyguards quickly cover Lex.

"Outraged, the public reacts violently when incumbent Luthor accepts his next term."

(January 20, 3937 AD)

The TV now shows Washington DC where a news reporter named Chet Ubetcha talking to the camera while fireworks exploded in the night sky and people protested behind Chet until unexpectedly, a nuclear bomb went off and Chet and the people behind him screamed in panic as the White House exploded into flames.

"During the Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 3937, a low-yield nuclear weapon is detonated, destroying the city, killing Luthor, his cabinet, and most of the US Congress, marking the Fall of the United States (and the World)."

(January 28, 3937 AD)

The TV now shows Washington, DC now turned into a city of ruins. Several buildings in the capital city were destroyed and damaged. Several Faction battleships and jet fighters arrived into the city and continuous firing and bombing are heard across the city.

"Soon, the United States plunges into chaos. The United Nations then meets in an emergency session and votes to send the Faction to the greater DC area to secure international interests. Separatist sentiment begins to rise in America."

(April 23, 3937 AD)

The TV now shows a man with black hair, red eyes and wears a red uniform, red pants, grey gloves and black boots making an announcement on national television. His name was Oswald Donovan.

"Then, the High Commander of the Faction, Oswald Donovan announces on National television that he believes that to maintain United States's power and world leadership, the Faction would spread throughout world and restore 'peace' to the world. A rebellion group known as the Rebel Templars failed to stop the invasion and the assassination of Oswald."

(June 3937 AD)

The TV now shows Faction soldiers marching into London, Paris, Sydney, Rome and every other city in the world.

"By June 3937, all hopes of a peaceful resolution are lost and the third World War officially began. And it seems that all hopes for Earth…is lost forever."


Ryo: How was the prologue? Good? Neat? Interesting? Retarded? Okay never mind. In the next chapter, we will meet the main protagonist of the story and how life on Earth is now five years later. Read and review.