I've been doing a buinch of writing challenges - and non-challenge writing - and I've also been watching my Wild Card DVDs. I just finished season 1... and this came out... it matched one of the challenges perfectly.

Wild Card and its' characters - whoever you want it to be - is not mine. No money has been made.

The poem, however, IS mine, so please don't steal it. If anyone wishes to use it, please let me know. I won't say "no" but I would like to be informed.

WHC: Use the following line in a poem: "The scent of him lingered in the air, long after…" (November, 2006)

A Kiss

Copyright Kam

September 2008

The scent of him lingered in the air

Long after he walked away from her.

She felt the imprint of his hands,

Hard and strong, on her skin

As she took a deep breath

And straightened buckled knees.

She could still feel the heat of his body

As he held her close to him.

His lips, surprisingly soft as

They pressed against hers demandingly.

His taste also lingered,

Coffee and cinnamon mingling with

A taste uniquely his own.


It was perfect bliss.

A trap laid and sprung with her

Completely unaware of the danger

Awaiting her.

A single unexpected moment

That had lasted forever

And turned her world upside down.

Even when seeking the safety,

The unknown comes looking for her,

Kissing her, touching her,

Changing everything.

And then… he walked away.

What was she supposed to do now?