Title: Sand Parents?

Rating: T (Just to be on the safe side)

Summary: A baby is abandoned at Suna's gates. And now Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara are taking turns to watch the small child. How will they each react to having a baby in the Subaku house?

A/N: Awaii here, I'm writing another fanfics. I know I just finished "Nara Family" but I just thought this idea up. Don't expect it to be as long as my other fanfics. But anyways, there MIGHT be a few of my own OC's and I'll try to keep everyone in character, though it'll be hard with Gaara…but I'll try. Alight, here I go-Oh and right now the baby doesn't have a name, suggestions for a name are welcomed.

Stifling a yawn, the tired Suna Shinobi walked to the Sunagakure gates, dreading his long guard duty. Finally arriving at the gates, he relieved the recent guard, and began his shift. Crossing his arms and leaning back against the sand stone all behind him, he closed his eyes to try to relax, though he was still very much on high alert if anything were to happen. Suddenly the Jonin heard a faint crying sound. His dark eyes shot open, grabbing for his Kunai, and standing in his fighting stance, he looked around, "Who's there?" he shouted, looking around. But got nothing but another crying sound. The Jonin began walking until he came across a small bundle. Realizing what the bundle was, after seeing it move around and hearing it cry, he quickly scooped it up, signaling for another guard to take his duty, and rushed to the Kage tower.

"Kazekage-Sama!" The Jonin shouted as he rushed open the tall wooden door.

The young red haired male looked up from his paper work. His eyes a deep sea blue, with dark black rings surrounding them, his hair crimson red, face pale-but not pasty-, with a red 'love' Japanese symbol above his right eye.

The young Kage wasn't alone in his office. Sitting on the two chairs in front of his desk were his older siblings; Temari and Kankuro.

Temari, the eldest of the three siblings, had sandy blonde hair, up in four spiky pony tails, teal eyes, and tan skin.

Kankuro, the middle child, had brown spiky hair, dark eyes, tan skin, and purple face paint outlining parts of his face.

The silence in the room was broken by the sound of crying. The Jonin walked further into the room, closing the door behind him, still holding the bundle in his arms, "Gomen Kazekage-Sama, but I found this infant at the front gates. There was no one else at the gate, and I didn't exactly know what else to do with him, so I brought him here."

Kankuro raised an eyebrow, "What the hell are we suppose to do with it? Take it away, we were having an important--ITA! What the hell Temari?!" the puppeteer shouted, causing the baby to scream louder, now throwing its tiny arms in the air.


"Way to go Kankuro, you scared it." Temari scowled, smacking her brother once again, "We cant just take it away, it's a baby Kankuro. A living human being." He protested.


"Exactly! What the hell are we suppose to do with a baby? None of us know how to take care of a baby…though they are a chick magnet." The puppet master looked over at the hysterical baby, a sly smile on his face, "Maybe I can borrow him for a day or--Damn it Temari! Stop fucking hitting me!!"

Gaara, whom had acquired a headache from all the noise in his office, cleared his throat, hushing both his siblings, and surprisingly the baby to. "Take the baby to the Hospital, have it checked out. I'll have a meeting with the elders. Temari, Kankuro check around the village and see if anyone is missing a child." Gaara ordered. The Jonin, whom was holding the baby still, nodded, and quickly vanished from Gaara's office, with the baby.

Temari and Kankuro looked at their youngest brother, "Gaara, you do know that whomever dumped the kid at the gates, wasn't from Sand. If they wanted to lose a child, they wouldn't leave it at the gates, creating a chance that they would be reunited with it." Temari pointed out.

Gaara pinched the bridge of his nose, "Please just do as I asked, go look around the village." The older siblings nodded, then left the office. Finally leaving the young red head in some peace and quiet.

The next day, Gaara had finished his meeting with the elders, and was now sitting in his office, wondering exactly how his siblings were going to take the news. Hopefully they had better luck than he did in his meeting.

Gaara didn't have to wait much longer for his siblings to enter the office. They both walked in with the same tired expression on their faces. "No one in Suna is missing a child." Temari sighed as she sat down in the chair across from her brother, "How'd the meeting go?" She asked, looking at the red head.

Gaara thought for a minute, he knew exactly what they had said, but were he and his siblings ready for what was to come?

Kankuro stared at Gaara, who's expression was blank-like always-, "Oi Gaara, what'd they say? Dump it? Give it to someone to take care of it? Or Send it off to some adoption house?"

Gaara simply nodded.

Temari crossed her arms, "Kankuro, you're a true Baka. The elders wouldn't 'dump it' anywhere. They probably want the poor child to be sent off to some orphanage."

Gaara shook his head at his sisters assumption.

"So then they found someone to take care of the baby?" Kankuro asked, then smirked, "Who's the Baka now Temari."

Temari responded by smacking her brother with her fan, "Your still a Baka. You said they'd just dump it. They're not that heartless." She then looked back at Gaara, "So, who's gonna be watching the baby?"

Gaara cleared his throat, "The elders would like for the three of us to take care of it, until further notice. Meaning the baby will be staying in our house."

Kankuro nearly fell over, while Temari's eyes widened, "Those sick bastards! What the hell are they thinking?! We're Shinobi, we cant watch a baby!" Temari protested.

Gaara sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, 'The next few days are going to be hell at the house.'

-Alright, that's the end of this prologue. Hope ya like it, I know its short but its only to let you know exactly how they found the baby. Though it wasn't that detailed. Okay the next few chapters will show how each of the sand siblings take care of the baby. Man I'm dreading Gaara's chapter, cause I'm not that good in writing him…well I hope you guys like it. The more reviews I get the fast I'll post the next chapter.-