Why I don't believe Mario's full name is Mario Mario.

Now I know I mentioned this in my "Even Mario isn't perfect" story but I'm going to go into more detail with it. Again don't take this seriously, I'm just a man who thinks too much and takes things too seriously.

Mario and Luigi are the "Mario Brothers" and people get the idea that means their last name is Mario. Hence Mario's name is Mario Mario. I can't believe people really choose to believe that without putting any thought into it whatsoever. O.K what parents would ever name their kid Mario Mario? Mario would be made fun of for life and beaten up a ton in school. I can just imagine a ton of shit that would happen if Mario was really named that. Let me give a few examples.

(Scene) Grocery store. Cut to Mario as a teenager, he is underage and taking out alcohol

Mario (Thinking) Heh heh, with this fake ID , I'll be sure to get this beer!

Receptionist: Oh nice try Mario Mario if that is your name, I can tell this is a fake and an idiot made it. He used your first name twice.

Mario: But my name really is Mario Mario!

Receptionist: Put the alcohol back and leave before I call the police!

(Scene) Job Interview. Mario applying for job at hardware store.

Job interviewer : Well, hello there Mr. Mario...Mario? Is that really your name!?

Mario: Yes.

Job Interviewer (thinking) : Who names their kid Mario Mario? His parents are lunantics. And if his parents are lunantics, that must mean their son is a lunantic too. He's not right for a job at this store.

Mario (Thinking too): I know that look on his face, he hates me, oh well maybe I'll start my own plumbing business get my brother Luigi and call it Mario Brothers Plumbing!

Also it must me confusing as hell.

Princess Peach: Mario!

Mario: Yes, princess Peach?

Peach: Not you, I was calling Luigi by his last name.

Mario (walking away sulking) Goddamnit! That's the third time this week this has happened! That's it I'm changing my name!

I could go on and on. Next time you choose to believe something kids, put some thought into it.

So why are Mario and Luigi called the Mario Brothers or the Marios for short? My guess is that it's a team name because Mario is the most famous one out of the brothers but what do I know?

Just remember this is only a joke. Don't take me seriously.

Update from 20th April 2009. I've now wrote a 5 part series and a lost ending to this. Click on my username, to read the other parts and lost ending.