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This is the final chapter/epilogue.


Chapter 18

Two Years Later

"Josef, you do know I'm going to be late for class, right?" Sara tried to dodge his roving lips. He was currently very interested in reigning kisses along her neckline.

It was just after nine in the morning. Sara was dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. Josef, in shorts and nothing else, was sitting on the edge of the freezer they shared. He had had one custom made. Its size was almost the equivalent of a king size bed. Not that they used the entire thing. They slept pretty much entwined.

"You're not late if you're involved with the owner of the University."

"Josef!" she said with mock severity. But she was already winding her arms around his neck, hopelessly susceptible.

Sara had just about accepted that she would be late for class when her mobile rang.

Josef groaned. She planted one last kiss on his lips before stepping away and reaching for the phone on the dresser.

"Hi, Beth."

"Great timing, Turner!" Josef growled.

"I heard that!" she shouted back, knowing Josef's keen vampire hearing picked up on every word."

Sara swatted Josef's ass as he walked by, en route to the closet. She laughed. "Actually, you rescued me, Beth. What's going on?"

The friends chatted for a little while.

"What's with Mcbeth?" After she'd hung up, Josef wrapped his arms around her from behind. Sara turned her head and planted a kiss below his collarbone before relaxing against him. He never tired of waking up with her, spending time with her, going to sleep next to her, or just looking at her.

"I don't know. But she's coming over later. And I," she turned around in his arms, kissing him on the lips, "need to get going."

"If you must…"

They kissed. "Later, Kostan."

Sara made her way down to the garage and climbed into the driver's seat of her compact Mini Cooper. The last two years had brought many changes, and many blessings.

Despite Josef's protests, she was determined to be fully independent. She had learnt to drive a car, and she had been adamant about passing her drivers test, even though Josef had made it perfectly clear that Logan could just as easily get her one.

They had also had a lengthy discussion on where they would live. New York would always be her home, but Kostan Industries was based in Los Angeles. So they had made Josef's home in LA their primary residence.

He had sold his property in New York, though. The house was filled with memories they both wanted to forget. Instead, they had renovated her home, and use that for weekend getaways.

Sara had also enrolled in Medical School. She had spent the bulk of her first year brainstorming possible career choices. Josef had offered her any position at Kostan. Again, she didn't want to be handed things. She felt the need to work for it.

However, the only meddling Sara had allowed was to let Logan forge her academic transcripts as she seriously doubted that the results of five decades back would be acceptable to gain her access to a University. She might have forged her way in, but she was going to work hard to make it all the way through.

Six hours later, notes and textbooks filling her arms, she arrived back home to find Beth waiting for her.

Two years had brought changes for Mick and Beth as well. Mick's business was doing really well, and Beth had been promoted to Assistant Editor of Time Magazine, her dream come true.

That night, while in their freezer, Sara lay in Josef's arms and said, "It's a tough decision. She wants to be with Mick forever, she just isn't sure about turning."

Josef stroked her hair. "Yeah, it's not like there's a money back guarantee attached."

She kissed his chest. "Well, I never regretted my choice." And she meant that sincerely. Josef was her best friend, her lover, her partner, her everything.

"Of course you don't. I'm handsome, charming, immortal and irresistible."

Sara rolled her eyes. "Oh, shut up!"

Josef rolled on top of her. "I thought you'd never ask."