Okay, I decided to start another KanamexYuuki fanfic

Okay, I decided to start another KanamexYuuki fanfic. I know, I need to finish my other stories, but I like detail, so it will take me a while to finish any book I start. This one is going to be different than the previous ones you have read by me. It is going to just be full of sex, flirting, rape(though not too much of it), jealousy(cause I love it. :p), and of course love. Now, if you like it, that is good, if you don't, then just go suck my poptart. Well, I hope you enjoy it. Please review!

Oh, and this first chapter isn't going to be very long, because I wrote it at school, and I am typing it at school, but this way you can at least see if you will like it.



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Yuuki Cross- 18

Kaname Kurn- 20

Zero Kiryuu- 19

Ichiru Kiryuu- 16

Aidou- 19

There will be other character's in this, but those are the only ones of importance right now.

Oh, and by the way, my friend Jessi is helping me write this. I had to mention her or she would roast me with a fire gun!! XD


Chapter 1: The Dare

-Yuuki's P.O.V-

As Istumbled through the freezing snow with her knee-high boots and blood-red mini skirt, with fish net stockings and a blue fur coat, I could only shake my head at what I was about to do.

Now, this wasn't my normal wardrobe. It was a dare to wear this stuff. A dare made-up especially for me because it was part of my initiation in to Cross Academy. My father didn't know anything about it. The headmaster would never allow me to do what I was about to do. My dare included dressing up as I was, going to a bar(walking, might I add), and finding the person I was most in love with and giving him a lap dance.

Which was Kuran Kaname. He hung out at the bar at least twice a week, and tonight was one of those times. As I got to the door, I stopped and took a raged breath, getting up all of the courage I could to help with what I was about to do. I opened the door and stepped in. Lights were all around me, all colors and all different shapes. I closed the door and could immediately sense him.

My gaze traveled over to him, leaning casually against the bar, conversing with a few of his closest friends. I ducked her head and went to the opposite end of the bar, not wanting him to see her just yet.

"Freak!" Someone muttered as I bumped in to someone in my haste to get away from Kaname's line of vision. I breathed deep as a man of 27 came up to me behind the bar and smiled at me.

"What can I get for you, little lady?"

I smiled up at him, and then decided that I would drink what always helped when I was having a tough time and needed to mellow out. Since I knew Jim, he would give me whatever I wanted, since he knew I could handle my drink.

"Straight Tequila, three shots, Jim."

He studied me a minute, eyeing me and trying to find out my true intention as to why I would drink such strong stuff. He got the drinks for me and laughed as I downed all three shots in less than a minute.

"I never will figure out how you can drink like that, Yuuki. What are you drinking for tonight anyway? You usually only drink when there is something you want to accomplish that you wouldn't normally have the balls for, or when you are in a 'I don't give a fuck' mood."

I licked my lips, getting every drop I could from my lips.

"Dare," I said to him, and proceeded to get up on the bar, as one of my favorite songs came on.

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