Chapter Seven

The Awakening

A/N I have full intentions of continuing this story not to worry-again I apologize for all delays because I am in university at the moment and finding time to do anything is…well, a challenge to say the least. Again, thank you to Egan for letting me use Ammon…small chapter but some fluff interlude from all the drama.


Aaron let him go sensing that he would want some time alone alone-confident Ryan was a strong man, Aaron didn't –really- think that the blonde would do something rash, like throwing himself into the sea, though Aaron could not help but worry a little bit.

When Aaron found the morning to have dawned, bright, early and full of strange and misunderstood promises he expected to find the house dark and tense. He took a deep breath and began to walk towards the back doors that would allow him entrance into the house, and was interrupted by Kirsten running to fetch him.

She opened her mouth to greet him but instead was silenced by the nasty bruise on Aaron's face, "What happened?" she asked, horrified.

Forcing a broad smile to his lips he just shook his head and waved his hand dismissively "I did not speak as quickly as I should have-I assure you, it is entirely my fault." He said.

The mother paused a moment and then shook her head "I have a surprise for you" she said, trying to get the worry away from her face in the place of her good news.

Aaron lifted a single brow and followed the kind hearted woman towards the house. As she flung open the door, Araylen was immediately visible inside the doors.

The short little elf was exceedingly excited and was shifting in his seat, he could barely sit down at all. The look on his face was of such arduous joy-pure radiance and relief that Aaron felt his heart warm instantly.

Taking several steps forward and Aaron shook his head, a smile and cautious joy on his lips. "Is it…." He trailed off.

Araylen rose and embraced his surrogate child, not able to say a single word just yet.

After a long almost tearful reunion, Araylen broke away and looked at his new friends and old pupil "My news is three fold" the librarian said and continued shaking with energy as he stepped away from Aaron to address them all with joyful importance.

"One, our credit information came through, so I can start paying for things myself and as well as paying you back" Aaron smiled warmly and shook his head at Araylen's silly insistence. Kirsten clasped her hands to her heart, Sandy laughed out loud and clapped Araylen's back firmly.

"Secondly-the rest of our gang should be here by the end of the day, and we have a good floor and a half of a hotel already on tab-courtesy of your father" Araylen said, chewing on his bottom lip and gasping for breath.

Aaron shook his head and then just sat down in utter disbelief, scrubbing his face with relief, exhaustion and mild comfort as he thought of everything that was coming. Seth shot a look of horrified disbelief at his father who just shook his head.

Araylen broke into his next bit of news before anyone could say anything else "and Ammon woke up briefly at about six this morning" he finished rattling from head to toe from excitement, relief and joy.

Leaping to his feet again Aaron let out an expletive in his native tongue, tears springing to his head and running down his face before he could stop them-he looked quickly around, and let them fall because Ryan was not there.

"Oh my goodness" Kirsten said, getting out the first words as she clutched at Sandy happily.

Sandy kissed his wife firmly on the lips and then leapt up himself shaking Araylen's hand and patting him on the back "Fantastic news! All of it, and I'm glad to see some good news finally comin' your way" the charismatic lawyer said grinning at the smaller man.

The elf nodded and turned to the French man, most eager for his words and joy, Aaron hugged him tightly "I cannot believe it" he whispered to his friend, and then the taller man picked up the smaller right up off the ground spun him around and put him back down in joy, stepping away to tease the elf with his eyes.

Kirsten looked towards the hall way as the front door opened and Sandy began to speak "Ryan, You're missing all the excitement" he called out to his son, but jumped as he caught sight of an impossibly tall man wearing only the hospital pants he had been put to bed in. His shoulder length black hair was tousled and knotted and he was pale and exhausted looking. He had a bandage wrapped all around his waist and up across part of his back, slightly bloodied but not the stuff of a horror movie spectacle. His eyes were half open and he seemed to be smelling his way to something.

Kirsten put a hand to her throat as a scream lodged itself halfway out of her body.

Aaron's eyes widened as arms wound around his waist, lips lovingly licking at his ears ever so slightly, nuzzling at his neck simultaneously. "Araylen" The deep voice murmured.

Araylen bit down on his bottom lip and tried to fight away a smile "Ammon" he said by way of direction.

"What are you doing here??" he asked as Aaron wound an arm around the mans waist to support the barely functioning man.

"Araylen" Ammon repeated purring as he found the side of Aaron's neck again.

"Um…." Was all Kirsten could think of to say.

"Oh Ammon" the elf whispered and reached out to touch his husband's face to comfort him.

"I'm sorry for this intrusion" Araylen said softly, his soft eyes looking at Kirsten and Sandy to apologize.

Kirsten just shook her head looking at Sandy with an open mouth and shocked demeanour "No matter, but um…you should probably get him back to the hospital" She said in a tight, confused voice.

Not able to think of anything else to say Araylen nodded his head, lips pursed tightly together, still fighting away the smile, he gestured for Aaron to help him lead his husband away.

As the small but immensely strange group shuffled out, Sandy looked at their departing backs and then turned to his own family in the kitchen, he just threw up his hands as both his son and his wife looked at him for some kind of explanation as to what was going on. He shook his head and walked out, amused and confused as to the new things that were going on in his life.

"Oh…where's Ryan?" Kirsten said, trying to return their lives to some semblance of normality.

"No. Friggin' clue." Seth said, eyes wide as he still struggled to understand what had just happened.