Bleach Family Ties

A/N: I know! It's been forever since I updated with a new chapter and I am soooo sorry for that, but with me being sick and all that it's been On And Off Hell. Part of my problem I can't stand the canon happening in the Bleach universe! I want it all to be some sort of comatose induced nightmare that Ichigo is trapped….I know that mine is AU and all that, but the Manga completely turned me off to the entire series…It's got me hopelessly blocked as to where to take this…I have an idea and have in no way abandoned this story in any way…I just have to work through the block in my head…I just loved the series so much and the way he took it turned me off from the characters… On the other hand, if you have any ideas as to how I should go about leashing Ichigo and Hichigo via the tattoos feel free to send them my way…

Real life is a factor too…Stress does not a proper writing environment make…being sick sucks…losing a twin is worse than hell to, but she died doing what she loved to do… loss has been big in my life and I crave serenity… Hope all of you who are scorching hot like me are staying cool and those of you where winter is just being winter are staying warm….until the next update which will be a chapter! I promise!

Blessed Be!