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Everyone was up in the Akatsuki base and everyone gathered in the kitchen.

Pein was holding a cup of coffee while he was examining a map.

"What's that?" asked Itachi.

"You'll see." Pein said without moving his eyes from the map.

Itachi shrugged and got breakfast.

Konan was laughing Hidan, who was being chased by Tobi who had a pink dress in his hands.

"Please try think on!!" Tobi cried after Hidan.

"Hell no!! there is no way you gonna make me wear that dress!!" Hidan scream without looking at his path.


"Damn it!!" Hidan yelled as he was rubbing his head.

Pein sighed. "Alright I have an activities for the Akatsuki to do for vacation."

Everyone quiet down and stared at him.

"Well…we are going to go camp out in the wilderness and try to bond with nature." Pein finished.

"What!! I hate that damn nature!!" Hidan yelled walking up to the table.

"Tobi love it and he is a god boy!" Tobi clapped his hands.

"Well deal with it!!" Pein said as he drank his coffee.

Itachi sighed and shoved Hidan and he fell to the ground…..face first (lol!!).

Deidara laughed as he sculpted a clay bird "I could use nature and create new inventions un."

"I don't care I just want to get it over with…" Sasori sighed.

"I think this would be a great exsperince for all of us!!" Konan said.

Everyone sighed and went to their rooms.

But Itachi was sitting in the living room reading a "manga" (you would have to under stand but you need to read Akatsuki sky first like chapter 10!)

Hidan walked in "You reading those perverted stoires again?"

"Yeah is you go on FanFiction there's a story about you getting pregnant by Kakuzu!" Itachi sighed.

Hidan backed away blushing "Well….those…those are all lies!"

"Hidan where are you I got some new dresses for you to try on!!" Tobi yelled from the other room.

"Shit no!!" Hidan ran to his room.

Tobi walked in holding up a black dress with pink clouds. "Have you seen Hidan today?"

Itachi nodded and pointed I to his room.

"Ohhh thankies!!" then Tobi pranced off.

Itachi resumed back to his story.

The next day:

Everyone had their belongings packed and ready.

Pein, Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Konan, Kisame, Zestu, and Kakuzu were waiting on the remaining members who were taking their time.

"Where the hell are they?" Pein sighed.

"AHHHHHHH!!" Hidan came running out side with his pack on his back "Get away from me you PERV!!"

"What happen un?" Deidara cocked his head.

"Tobi was spying on me while I was changing!!" Hidan hid behind Kakuzu.

Tobi ran out with a freaking giant bag stuffed with dresses on his back.

"But Tobi was only waiting on you." Tobi smiled under his masked.

"I don't care! Kakuzu protect me!" Hidan yelled and hid his face in Kakuzu's pack.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Well lets get a move on, we're already behind schedule!" Pein said leading the group.

Everyone nodded and followed.

Later on….:

"Come on please try on a dress!!" Tobi begged Hidan.

"No!! please leave me the F alone!!" Hidan yelled and picked up his pace.

Pein tried his best to ignore them two.

"Are we there yet?" TObi asked everyone, no one answered.

"Hello! Are we there yet!!" Tobi yelled in a girly voice.

All of the Akatsuki ignored him.

Deidara walked by him and past him a little note.

Tobi opened it up and read it.




Tobi sniffled

He got out a pen and wrote back and gave it back to Deidara.

Deidara opened it.


So are we there yet??


Deidara let out a sigh and wadded up the note , then threw it at Tobi.

"Hey why did you do that sempia!!" Tobi whined.

"Because we are NOT there yet!!" Dediara yelled and turned forward once again.

Itachi was ignoring ever little sound that the Akatsuki had made, and I think you night know why.

Yeah….he was reading a new Yaoi! (yay! Lol!)

"Hey you, Mr. Perv!" Irachi turned to see Hidan glaring at him.

"What?" Itachi asked.

"Why are you still reading those damn Yaoies!!" Hidan asked with a nasty glare.

"Because they always make fun of you." Itachi sighed and resumed back to his story.

Hidan jolted "You the hell up you bastard!! I'm gonna kick your sorry ass-"

Pein stuck a knife in Hidan's back and began to lead again.

"Thank god you did that!" Konan sighed rubbing her head "IF it kept getting worse I would do something worse to him."

Pein snickered.

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