Night fell and little buzzes of music filled the thin, cool air. Pein, Konan, Itachi, Kakazu, and Sasori were above the Care Bear's village. Neon lights were flashing inside the caves, while bears ran giddy like everywhere.

Looking around with cautioned eyes, Pein seen Kisame tied to a stick that was hovering over a blazing orange fire! Kisame had no clothes on but his yellow boxers that had dancing gold fishes on them. Two of the Care Bears were circling Kisame, laughing with excitement.

"Oh Alex! Do you think he'll taste like chicken?" One of the bears with girls bikini on.

"He's a fishy person, he was gills, Snuggles." Alex chuckled while Snuggles poked Kisame with his finger.

"Get the hell off of me! You Gay son of a bitches!" Kisame squirmed wildly in the rope's grasp.

The two bears giggled school girl style, "Ah-no. you're an expensive meal for Sami's club. We not going to let you go."

Kisame sighed helplessly and pouted as he was turned slowly with the roasting stick.

Itachi couldn't help himself but to smirk. Sasori was ignoring Kisame's side show, but he was looking for Deidara. Konan and Pein were looking for the rest of the lost Akatsuki.

"Hey I smell metal!" Snuggles sniffed.

Alex sniffed and shook his head "You crazy bitch! You're imagining it."

Pein grew still of his actions. Then all of a sudden the music stopped blazing out of the clubs.

Alex and Snuggles looked around with a caution look on their faces. Then they both ran into the closest night, leaving Kisame strapped on a stick over a hot fire.

Pein, Konan, Sasori, Itachi, and Kakazu leaped down by Kisame. "Oh my god! Thank God you guys are here! Get me off of this!" Kisame was almost in tears of happiness.

Pein watched as Sasori and Itachi help get Kisame off of the stiff stick. Kisame was finally on the ground on his own two feet, hugging Itachi with dear passion. Itachi has his body still and tensed up.

Konan was at the angle that she could actually see Kisame almost humping Itachi!

Sasori and Kakazu covered there eyes while Pein and Konan ran into the night club that Alex and Snuggles ran into.

Neon lights were still flashing around inside, a full bar was in the corner while a bunch of bears were standing on the dance floor but not dancing. Instead, they all were talking while they were holding their drinks in one hand. There was some bears in metal cages that were hanging form the ceiling [they were all wearing MAN THONGS!].

The bartender bear could see the six Akatsuki members, as he was serving one of his famous drinks. Then the Akatsuki members began walking towards the dance floor.

"Q the music!" yelled the bartender, the DJ threw on some techno music and all the bears that remained on the dance floor danced like crazy.

Drinks were spilling from their now spilling glasses as they grinded their bodies together. For the worst part the Akatsuki were in the center of the dance floor. The bears shook their booties, knocking them around from bear to bear.

Out of corner of Konan's eyes, she could see Hidan and Deidara dancing in a metal cage above the dance floor [Yeah they were wearing man thongs!!!!! HAHAHAHA!]. Deidara had his hair in pigtails and heavy black eye shadow, while on the other hand Hidan had his hair spiked with gel. His eyes had mismatching eye shadow [green and pink].

Then the two began to grind against each other and making out!

Then the Bears around the six Akatsuki members began to grind roughly against them. Itachi and Kisame seemed to like it because they had each other's hand wonder each other's body. Kakazu and Sasori danced with the Bears as Konan noticed Pein was about to burst on into a brake dance.

"Pein-sama, are you okay?" Konan cocked her head towards her.

"Oh I'm fine--" He was broken off as a Bear dressed as a dragon came up to Pein. Konan gave him an awkward look. Pein had a sweat drop drip from the end of his nose. "You wanna go to VIP?" asked the dressed up bear.

He nodded recklessly as he latched himself onto the bear's arm. The expression on Konan's face was ridiculous. Now she was alone and she was about to breakdown. "Konan is that you?" as a Tobi was grabbing her arm.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Oh this? Well in here, there's a type of gas that makes straight guys GAY." Tobi giggles girlishly as he sipped at his cocktail.

"What!" Konan yelled as everyone in the night club glared at her.

"Oh and us gay guys kill women and eat them." Tobi took another sip from his cocktail and skipped away.

The bears gave her a feral look. "Oh shit!" Konan began to run but she ran right into a bear. He was wearing sunglasses and a tight pants and shirt. "Well, well, you look delicious! Just like my leather purse!"

Then she immediately felt another bear's grasp as she was thrown into a metal cage.

"HEY!" Konan's anger roared loudly through the flashing lights. Then a bear threw his drink down and yelled back. "Well look who's PMS-ing!"

Then they raised her above a roasting fire. The metal under her feet burned with passion. She jumped and jumped but no where to go. The cage was absorbing her chakra as it is.

After several moments she was dead, roasted like pork chops in an oven. Then all the gay Akatsuki and Bears cheered with excitement.

"HORAY! The little bitch is dead you silly gooses!" One of the bears cheered as the Akatsuki continued to make out with each other.

Then living on and on about that life.

The End

Well that's the of that story.

I really wanted to end it.

So yeah.

My mother is botching at me about making a story about gay guys.

I love gay guys!

Like I said before!

But I hope you enjoyed this story and I'll write others…….