The Farewell

Link couldn't believe it. He had saved his beloved home, and now, he was to go into the world to find the Princess of Destiny. He hoped that there wasn't too many monsters out there, but if there was, he would fight them off. As he ran to the edge of the forest, he looked down into his pocket and saw the gleaming green stone that the Deku Tree had given him for his bravery. It was a precious stone and was known as the Kokiri's Emerald.It's real shiny, thought Link.
Finally, Link came upon the edge to the world in front of him, he stopped. Turning around revealed that Saria was following him.
"Why are you following me? I have to go." asked the young kokiri boy.
"I want our friendship to remain as it was, but I know that's not possible, so, here."
Saria handed Link an ocarina to which he wondered why she would give up her ocarina.
"But why.." Link began, but Saria stopped him.
"Let's just enjoy the moment..." And Saria looked into his eyes and pulled him close to hug him.
Knowing it would be harder than ever now to leave, he shook from Saria's grasp, running out of the forest, leaving his home and his friend behind.