Title: Humanity
Author: NiceIceEdward
Character(s)/Pairing: Jasper/Bella and the rest of the common crew
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Twilight
Summary: Edward leaves suddenly in reaction to a new girl in school, leaving the Cullen's in a quandary, and bringing the new girl into the Cullen families notice.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, this all belongs to Stephenie Meyer, the creative genius, who I owe all my playful hours to.

Chapter I

We stood on the side of the road looking at each other, watching Edward speed away. Each of us looked at Alice. "He's going to Denali." She said, when she realized everyone was looking at her.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "What happened?"

She looked at all of us, each wondering the same thing. "Let's get home, Esme should hear about this too, because the only one Edward's going to explain himself to is Carlisle. She's going to be so broken hearted."

We all ran towards the house. Once we reached it, everyone congregated around the dining room table as we always did for family discussions. It was strange not having Carlisle and Edward there, but not entirely unheard of.

Alice called softly to Esme, who walked into the room a moment later carrying a handful of fresh cut flowers from outside. "Hello love's, is everything all right?" She looked around the table, "Where's Edward?"

"That's what I called you down to talk to you about." Alice replied to Esme's question. Esme looked concerned.

"Has something happened?" She asked.

"Yes, he nearly had an accident at school today. There's a new girl, Isabella Swan, she's Chief Swan's daughter. Edward had a class with her, she walked past him and...I'm not sure I can explain it, her blood was stronger to him than anything I've ever smelled. It attacked him in a way I've never heard of. It was ten times worse than coming across human's scents in the middle of a hunt. I've never felt anything like it. He nearly took the entire class out in his mind. Edward barely averted a complete disaster so he fled to Denali. He doesn't believe he's strong enough to face her again without killing her."

Emmett spoke up, his face was something I'd never seen before, frightened. "I think I know what you mean, I came across someone who was like that for me. It was incredible...and tragic." He said, his eyes unfocusing, then the corners of his mouth curled upward in a look of wicked amusement,. "Hah! I'd like to give Edward hell, can't believe he didn't just follow his instinct."

Esme shot an unusual, glaring look at him, "Emmett!"

Emmett's look of amusement vanished, and he looked abashed, "Oops, sorry Mom."

Esme turned back to Alice again, "How long will he be gone." she asked.

Alice's eyes winced, and she scowled, "Well, his intention is just to go up there to get over it, but I've had a vision, and Edward is getting himself into far worse complications than he could have had staying and just dealing with this girl. He's going to try again with Tanya," There was a moan all around the table, everyone remembered the uncomfortable days around the two of them the last time Tanya had thrown herself at Edward. I couldn't be around her to this day, just because of the mere memory of it. "and Irina isn't going to be at all pleased about it. Not only because she's decided she'd make a good partner for Edward, but also because she doesn't think Tanya deserves to be happy. Tanya's actions caused Irina's last mate to run away."

Emmett guffawed and everyone looked at him, "What?" he said when he looked around, "I just imagined what she did to make the poor bastard run. You all know what Tanya's like. She's terrifying."

"Revolting would be a better description." I said under my breath, and naturally everyone heard and began laughing. I looked at Esme apologetically, she smiled kindly back to me. It was fortunate that Esme and I felt similarly about Tanya.

"So when did Edward leave?" Esme asked.

"He just left, he dropped us by the side of the road and said Alice would explain it to us, and then sped off." I told her.

"We ran home so we could talk about it with you." Alice followed.

Esme looked around the room, frowning "Do you think we should leave Forks?"

I answered, "I think that decision should be made when Carlisle's home to cast his vote."

Esme's look of concern melted away and she smiled at me again, "Of course, yes. Is Carlisle aware of what's happened?"

Alice answered her, "Edward was leaving to go see Carlisle right away. Although he did have to go towards Forks to do it. He's definitely struggling with whether to go see Carlisle, or just show up at Chief Swan's house."

Esme hissed, making Alice jump.

"I'm sure he'll go see Carlisle Mom. I'm just trying to convey the seriousness of the situation." Alice said quickly.

Esme relaxed. We all did. I looked around the table, "Well, I suppose then we can wait to talk about this until our Father is home." I said.

Everyone agreed and we all went off in our separate directions. Alice floated up the stairs ahead of me, heading for our room. She got inside and came to a full stop right in front of me. Recognizing her action, I stepped around her until I was facing her, to see if I could read her emotions. Concern, worry, annoyance, and finally sadness as her eyes cleared and she returned from her vision.

"Jasper, I'm going to join Edward eventually, he's going to need help with this situation with Irina. I'm the only one who can help him, although it looks like Rosalie and Emmett will come along as well. I didn't see you, Would you rather remain here? I know how you feel about Tanya." she asked.

I ran a finger over the back of her hand, looking down at it, so tiny for one so strong. "I think not Alice. I can't bear to be around that sort of woman, I couldn't tolerate them, even when I was human. She's so common, and forward." I shuddered and Alice laughed.

"Once in a very great while Jazz, you are precious." she grinned at me.

I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, returning her smile. I turned and walked toward the window, "When will you go?" I asked.

"Not for a while yet, but I just wanted to let you know I will be going, so you're prepared. Especially since Rose and Emmett are going as well. I know you dislike the lonely hours."

I turned and smiled sheepishly back at her, "I'll find something to do during them, I'll manage." I said, mocking her concern.

She turned and picked up a catalogue off the dresser, "I'm sure of it." she said smiling, and already beginning to lose herself in mental shopping. I looked back out the window. It was dark, but not total darkness. No human eyes would detect the growing light, but mine could. I could discern clouds in the blackened ceiling covering the trees. They reflected the coming light, making it easy to separate them from the dense darkness beyond them. It would rain tomorrow. I sighed, that meant I would have to go to school.

It had been awhile since Edward had left, the weather had gone through it's strange changes, and we were on our way to school in Emmett's jeep, because the ground was slick with frozen snow.

We were nearly to the school when Alice suddenly went blank. When she refocused again she turned and looked at me, her face surprised, frightened and concerned. I gave her a questioning look, and she shook me off, flashing her eyes in Rosalie and Emmett's direction then looking at me pointedly. She wanted to wait until we were out of their earshot. I nodded to let her know I understood.

We pulled into the parking lot. We were very early today and the only car there so far. Rosalie and Emmett were laughing about something, and walked off in the direction of their class. Everyone was a little more relaxed without Edward in their heads. We all missed him, but didn't miss his abilities. Privacy is never appreciated until it's taken away.

When Rose and Emmett were a safe distance away, Alice turned to me, urgency in her eyes. "Jasper, Isabella Swan is about to come to school, I don't know exactly why, but she's going to be standing near the back of her truck, and Tyler Crowley's van is going to lose control on the ice. She'll be smashed to death and crushed ultimately. Should we get Emmett and Rose out of here before we're all exposed to her blood?" she asked me urgently.

"Why are you getting visions of this Swan girl?" I asked perplexed. She generally only saw the family.

She looked frustrated, "I don't know, it's been happening ever since Edward left, I think he brought her into my attention. I even had a vision at one point that she became one of us. Ridiculous, it's just that I'm aware of her now." she answered.

"Well, I think we ought to do something to avert the danger. We should get the Swan girl's attention and keep her from getting hit."

Alice looked at me stunned for a minute and then tilted her head. "Of course, you're right. I was so caught up in the family I didn't even think about it. It would crush Chief Swan to lose her. Ok, well, let's see - she'll park there, we could walk by at that moment and call her over to us. She was looking over at the rear tire for some reason, so we need to be able to see what it is, and get her away from it right then."

As Alice finished explaining this, I heard the horrendous sound of Isabella Swan's truck trudging up the road towards the school. I looked up and watched her pulling in, heading for the parking spot.

"Ok, that's our cue my little mischief maker." I said to Alice.

We walked over past the front of her truck, she hopped out and true to Alice's vision she stepped back towards the tire. Alice called out to her right at that moment. "Isabella?" Alice said, as we both slowed to a human pace.

The girl turned, and her eyes seemed a little misty. Hastily rearranging her features and walking towards us, she said, "Bella."

Alice looked at her confused, "Huh?"

She looked at her with her head tilted as she reached us on the sidewalk, "It's Bella, Only my Dad calls me Isabella."

"Oh!" Alice smiled as she realized what the girl meant, "Well I was just wondering - " at that moment, the screeching from Tyler Crowley's van began. It lost its traction and began to slide quickly towards the Swan gir-Bella's truck. The two vehicles smashed loudly into each other a moment later, and after a second of shocked surprise, the entire parking lot erupted into loud calls. Everyone ran over to Tyler's window to see if he was all right, Everyone except Alice, Bella and I standing by the front of her car, and Rosalie and Emmett standing near the break between the buildings that lead to the office. Both were looking very suspiciously at Alice and me.

Bella stood transfixed, I could feel her concern for the boy, and her hesitation to involve herself. After a minute or two staring at Tyler's passenger window, watching Tyler being pulled out by practically the whole student body, Bella noticed the back of her truck, which had been crumpled and crushed over the rear driver's side tire. She moaned loudly, no small feat with the den of noise surrounding us.

"Oh no! How am I ever going to pay for that?" she slumped.

This girl needed some perspective. "Bella, you were just standing there. Thank God Alice called you over. You could have been killed." I informed her.

It caused the reaction I desired, she realized how right I was. It also caused a reaction I hadn't desired, she suddenly fainted, lurching backward and landing right in my arms, leaving Alice and I looking at each other with comical confusion.

"Now what?" I asked her.