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I sit here in this unfamiliar room, big and full of books. Staring at the tall bearded man sitting in front of me. I dunno why but I suddenly felt that I could trust him. He was so very different than all my other shrinks. I sat on the bench staring deeply into his brown eyes. I didn't seem to be able to look anywhere else. He smiled a kind smile and started to talk.

"How are you feeling Bella? Please answer honestly" He murmured in the quietness. I hesitated, I didn't know. If I answered truthfully would it hurt? Or would I feel better? Did I really want to talk? But his eyes were so reassuring that I couldn't help answering truthfully.

"Hurt" I croaked, he waited patiently. I felt that I wanted to go on so I completed, "Alone…abandoned…rejected…" I trailed off unable to complete. Even though it felt good to get it out. But the hole in my chest kept ripping itself wider.

"And what caused you all that?" He asked sympathetically. I wasn't sure I'd be able to say the name. I didn't say or hear it in months.

"E…E…Edward' I whispered. The hole started to hurt more as it ripped itself. I took a deep breath and held it.

"Why did he leave?" He whispered as he noticed my pain. This was an even harder question to answer, even to think of. But again I couldn't resist talking.

"Because he…he...he doesn't l…love me a…anymore" I stuttered as I started to hug myself. I didn't realize that my tears were spilling till I felt them soaking my black shirt. I've been wearing black for a long time now. I couldn't get myself to wear any color. I didn't feel comfortable in them.

"That's a bit hard to believe. Do you remember anything that you've done before that could have angered him?" He asked kindly. I didn't know why but I couldn't help it. It was like an invisible force was urging me to say the truth. Like I wanted to say the truth.

"I bled in front of his family" I whispered trying to control my tears. His eyebrows pulled together and cocked his head to one side. It was when I realized what I just said. I slipped. But I couldn't feel guilty. Why? I still didn't know.

"I don't understand. Where's the problem in that? You're only human"

"But they aren't" I did it again. Why do I fully trust this guy? Why do I keep telling him the truth? I realized why I didn't feel guilty. Whenever I tell him the truth I feel better. It felt good to talk to someone. But still….

"What do you mean?" He asked the lines between his eyebrows increasing. What do I say now a big…no a huge part of me urged me to tell him the truth. But it was a secret. What would Edward say? I clutched myself tighter. He wouldn't say anything because he's not here, and he won't ever come back. I should keep his secret either way. But again the part that wanted me to feel better made me blurt out the truth.

"They are vampires" Stunned!

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