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"Juumonji-kun, if you would just…" Sena broke off suddenly. "Please don't glare at me," He entreated coaxingly. "Hiruma-san said you may have a concussion from the last hit, and if you're not careful you could fai-."

"I do not faint!" Juumonji argued heatedly.

"Of course not," Sena agreed soothingly, "but if you were to pass out while you were walking home, you'd be seriously injured in the street somewhere and Hiruma-san would kill both of us for not following his orders."

Juumonji just grunted.

Sighing, Sena offered him a compromise. "You could just put your hand on my shoulder as we walk, that way you wouldn't have to lean on me," 'and I'm not sure I could hold your weight up anyway,' he thought with a trace of self-deprecation. "But I'd still know if you were losing your balance and be there to help you."

"Fine." Juumonji was, in fact, absolutely not fine with this arrangement, but with Kuroki and Toganou stuck with post practice clean-up for being late; there was little he could do about it. "But why is the stupid monkey following us?"

("Who're you calling a monkey!?")

Sena smiled lightly at the minor concession 'That could have been a lot harder.' "Monta-kun and I are going to be working on homework after we drop you off; we have the English project, remember?"

"You sure put it off 'til the last second."

"Yeah…" Sena sweated, "I guess I was a little overwhelmed with the hearings for a while, and then getting caught up in recruitment… Plus, we have the whole weekend to work on it, well, other than the game tomorrow."

After winning the Christmas Bowl in December, Hiruma had poured all of his time, efforts, and resources – read: blackmail - into changing the rules at Deimon so that third years are able to stay in clubs. His arguments were sound; that it would round out an application, giving an edge at competitive colleges, and that Deimon's teams would be more structurally sound if they consisted of more than rookies and varsity with no in-between. He was however changing several generations of tradition and the school board drug out the proceeding as long as they possibly could, calling hearings after hearings on the subject. In the end, Hiruma had, of course, gotten his way. The idea that Hiruma would be able to just watch the Deimon Devil Bats practice and play without being active was laughable, and he managed to procure himself, Kurita-san, Musashi-san, Yukimitsu-san, and even Mamori-nee another year of playing for and helping out the team.

By the time the hearing were over, the entrance exams had taken place, and the team shifted focus from simply practicing for the Spring Tournament, (although they were doing that too!), to recruiting some new first years. With the extra year grace period, Hiruma-dsn was anxious to train his own quarterback replacement. Sena had been working day and night to sort through P.E. class data from all the freshmen (obtained legally, he was sure), and watching all of them personally (he refused to call it stalking, like Hiruma-san did). After all, a poor score on a physical examination didn't mean that the student couldn't have incredible talent, Sena knew.

"Juumonji, where do you live, is it far?" Monta asked suddenly.

Sena's eyes widened incredulously; they had been teammates for almost a year and; come to think about it, he only really knew Kurita's and Monta's home addresses.

"No, not too far… I live over by Namimori middle school." Juumonji assured as they started walking.

"If that's the case, why did you attend Deimon, rather than Namimori high?" Monta asked.

"Toganou and Kuroki live closer to Deimon, and Deimon is easier to get into, so I guess I never really bothered to consider Namimori at all." He shrugged. "It's not that much more of a walk, not like Ikari's commute from here to Oujou."

"I guess that's true… Hey, did you do a PowerPoint or a poster for your project?" Monta abruptly changed the subject.

Sena smiled lightly. He was glad Juumonji-kun, Kuroki-kun, and Toganou-kun all came to Deimon together; it was fun playing American football with them. Sena gradually started relaxing, Juumonji was teasing Monta about the "English even a Monkey can Understand" book Taki had mistaken for his, and Monta, though arguing heatedly, wasn't stirred up to the point that Sena would have to step in. His attention left the seemingly empty sidewalk to laugh at something Juumonji had said, when he found himself on the ground clutching his head.

"Hiii, that hurt!" Sena looked up swiftly at the voice seemingly echoing him and met amber eyes.

Two groups of boys stood facing each other awkwardly on the sidewalk, each keeping an eye on their respective brunet. At first Monta thought it was just a trick of the light, but after sneaking a peek at all the other people standing, he knew they saw it too.


"It's Sena's evil doppelganger!" Monta cried out posing dramatically.

"Hey! Who are you calling evil!? The Tenth is a great guy! Your friend should be apologizing to him!" The gray haired teen exclaimed, reaching for his cigerette.

"You've got quite a mouth on you for a middle school brat." Juumonji slowly sized the younger-looking kids up. Other than the brown haired brat still sitting on the ground with he and Sena still staring at each other, there was a gray haired foreign looking kid, and a black haired kid just laughing at the situation. He could probably take 'em.

"Mou, mou, Gokudera, I'm sure he didn't mean..."


They all turned to stare at the boys on the ground, vaguely noting the younger one had just tacked Sena with an enormous hug.

"Sena-Nii I haven't seen you in forever! Did you come to visit? What have you been doing? Where have you been?!"

Sena chucked, "It's great to see you again too, Tsuna-kun"

"You have a little brother Sena-kun!?" Monta stared down at them.

"How many times do I have to say I'm an only child?" Sena huffed, "Hop up Tsuna-kun, Juumonji-kun, could you give me a hand, please?"

"Sure ask the concussed guy to help you up." Juumonji smirked, "Aren't you gonna introduce us to your little brother?"

"Ah! Sorry, sorry, Monta-kun, Juumonji-kun, this is Sawada Tsunayoshi; Tsuna-kun, these are my friends and teammates, Raimon Taro and Juumonji Kazuki." He said, pointing to one than the other.

"Just call me Monta, everyone does," he grinned good-naturedly.

Not that Juumonji would ever admit it, but he was rather pleased that shrimp had referred to him as not only a teammate, but also as a friend. "Who're they?" He asked gruffly, to cover up any suspicion that he could possibly be touched by the introduction.

"This is Gokudera Hayato and Yamamoto Takeshi, my friends and classmates." Tsuna was rather still rather flushed, as the initial rush of joy he felt seeing his Sena-nii was slowly fading, he was rather embarrassed for tackle-glomping him. "Do you have time? Could we go somewhere and catch up?"

It was Sena's turn to blush, "I'm so sorry, Tsuna-kun, I'm helping Juumonji-kun home, he got a bit of an injury at practice, nothing he couldn't handle!" He exclaimed in alarm at the dark look he was getting from Juumonji, "But our first game is Saturday and we have to be extra careful."

"Oh." Tsuna said in a small voice. "Later?"

Sena grimaced. He felt terrible! There before him was his childhood friend and he couldn't even find time to stop and chat with him. "Monta-kun and I have a project to work on. But are you busy tomorrow?" He inquired ignoring the questioning glances from his teammates. "If you'd like, we could spend the day together after the game…"

"What game?" Asked Yamamoto hopefully, "Baseball?"

"No, I'm sorry… Umm, here…" Sena started rummaging around in his backpack, pulled out a pen and paper and sketched out a quick map before jotting down a set of directions and his cell phone number. "If you'd like, you could watch the game, and we could hang out afterwards," he handed over the directions.

"I-I'd love to! Around what time?" Tsuna asked.

"Game starts at 1:05, so if you want to meet around 11:30, we could grab a quick lunch before warm-ups. The directions are to Deimon, from here, so you should be able to find it alright." Sena told him. "But for now, I've made Juumonji-kun and Monta-kun wait long enough. See you Saturday, Tsuna-kun?"

"Yeah, for sure! See ya Sena-nii." He waved at Juumonji and Monta as Juumonji put his hand back on Sena's shoulder and they passed Tsuna's small group to drop Juumonji off.

"You know, Tsuna…" Yamamoto started watching the trio disappear around a corner, "You never really introduced 'Sena-nii' to us."

"Oh. OH! I'm so sorry! Sena-nii and I used to play together as kids, so I forget that you wouldn't know him. His full name is Kobayakawa Sena."

"What?" Yamamoto deadpanned. "You don't mean the Kobayakawa Sena, right?"

"Oi, what are you talking about baseball idiot? The Tenth already told you his name. Are you calling him a liar?" Gokudrera looked smug... calling the boss a liar was not very right hand manly.

"Kobayakawa Sena is also known as Eyeshield 21, the fastest Amefuto player in Japan, he's as fast as a pro NFL player! He and the Deimon Devil Bats won the Christmas Bowl this past year!"

"I thought you were only a baseball freak, why are you fangirl-ing over some little runner?" Gokudera frowned, not liking this increase in enthusiasm one bit.

"Raimon Taro – Oh, my God, I just met Monta! – Is one of the best wide receivers in Japan, they say he can catch anything. I saw him a few times when he was still playing baseball, his dedication is amazing! He was terrible at everything but catching, but he still worked harder than the rest of the team put together. Eventually Kobayakawa Sena convinced him to play as wide receiver and his efforts helped lead the Devil Bats to victory!"

"Sugoi! Sena-nii is sure amazing…" Tsuna started off into space just imagining how the game would go tomorrow. His big brother was the coolest.

"Silly Tsuna, why are you daydreaming in the street?" Reborn greeted with a kick to the head. "Am I not giving you enough to do?"

"Hiii, no Reborn, I've plenty to do… in fact, I'll go do it now!" Tsuna bolted.

"That wasn't very nice, Reborn-san, Tsuna just found his brother today." Gokudera supplied (un)helpfully.

"Did he then…" Reborn mused, "I'll just have to meet him myself," and headed off in the direction Tsuna ran.

"You shouldn't play too rough with him though, little guy. Sena is Deimon's ace, and spring tournament is just starting." Yamamoto added.

"Shut up baseball idiot! Reborn-san can do whatever the hell he wants!" Gokudera and Yamamoto followed, with Gokudera bickering and Yamamoto laughing.

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