After what felt like hours, which were really seconds, Kengo felt the pressure on his lips disappear. It was hard for him to fathom what exactly just happened and although he was staring right at Akira, he didn't believe his own eyes. Akira noticed Kengo's stare and silence, but he didn't make any move to break it.

The blonde blinked a few times, as if finally getting it. Then he did something Akira would have never thought. Kengo's fist made contact with Akira's cheek and before the Shin could gain his bearings, he hit the floor. "What the hell was that?!" Kengo looked in near hysterics. Tears were running freely down his face again and he didn't bother wiping them away.

Akira held his reddened cheek in confusion, knowing it was going to bruise later. "Kengo-"
"Is this another one of your sick games? Huh?!" Kengo began to shake, gripping the sheets tightly as his fingers clenched the fabric. "Stop...messing with my head..."

Akira got up to his feet and slowly walked back over towards his friend, cupping Kengo's face gently in his hands. The blonde didn't try to free himself. Instead he just glared defiantly, though he knew it was only half-hearted that he tried to resist. This was what he wanted, but he couldn't help but feel that Akira was just toying with his emotions. Akira wasn't that cold hearted, Kengo told himself.

The blonde closed his tightly when Akira's face moved in closer. "Kengo..." he said softly, smiling sadly as he wiped more of the tears away with his fingers without letting go of the other's face. Kengo wasn't used to that voice, at least, not the soft spoken, caring voice he figured he would never hear in his life. It caused him to open his eyes in disbelief, only to see the same shocking expression on Akira's face. "I'm not playing with you, I swear."

Akira's demeanor did not show any signs of betrayal. At least, none that Kengo could see. It was hard to tell with his still blurry vision. "Shirogane...pointed out something to me while I was getting the first aid." Akira let go of Kengo's face and slowly moved his hands to the other's shoulders and rested them there firmly. Kengo listened, still confused and shaken up. Akira sensed his friend's distress and sighed. "Please calm down, Kengo. I don't like seeing you like this."

Kengo swallowed and tried to keep himself calm, which hadn't been working very smoothly as of lately. "W-what did he point out...?" he forced, upset about the way his own voice sounded. It was shaky, uneven, practically breaking through syllables like a choked up school girl. He hated it.

"That you are important to me," Akira said, looking the other straight in the eye before brushing back a lock of blonde hair from Kengo's face, the back of his hand presses softly against his forehead to rest for a moment. "That I'm overly possessive over you." He smiled weakly, having pointed that out himself rather than Shirogane. Oh well, Kengo didn't need to know all the details. "And that I need you." Akira pulled back, awaiting Kengo's response.

Kengo had stiffened at first to the other's touch, but hadn't realized how much he leaned into it before Akira pulled away and he was stuck out of balance. He straightened up quickly, hoping Akira hadn't noticed that. If this was a trick, he didn't want to give Akira the satisfaction that he was falling for it. Kengo let out what he hoped was an annoyed sigh, but only came out as a strange combination of whine and a plea. Nothing at all close to what he was hoping for.

"If what you say is true," Kengo started, hating the sound of his voice. It was just too fragile. "Then why all the abuse before hand?"

Akira was taken aback once again, his eyes showing his own self-loathing at how he had been treating Kengo all these years. "I'm sorry. I guess you could say I was in denial. I can understand now if you hate me. I guess I reached my limit with you, huh?" he said quietly, his eyes lowering to look at Kengo's still bruised and battered form. He should have waited after he was better. Kengo still needed treatment. Akira absentmindedly reached for a soothing ointment cream to help the pain and heal the wounds, but didn't open it yet.

Kengo watched him and chewed his bottom lip. It couldn't be some twisted game now. Akira was serious. It practically frightened him. Was this the kind of moment he had been waiting for since he met the other boy? He shivered, the room steadily getting cooler because of how he was shirtless and that the night was steadily getting colder. "I don't...hate you," Kengo said with a forced smile. "I told you...I'm sticking with you 'til the end, Bud."

Akira sensed a little more of the old Kengo coming back and he forced his own smile back at him. "Hey, I didn't finish cleaning you up," he added, holding out the bottle. Kengo blinked and stared at it.

"What'll it do?" he asked, hoping the sound of chattering teeth wasn't as loud as it was to him at the moment. Akira chuckled lightly and opened up the bottle, squeezing out enough to spread along Kengo's back for the moment. "Just hold still. It'll be over soon," he said while he rubbed his hands together to make a spread before gently rubbing it on his back, positioning himself behind Kengo before the other male could interject.

"H-hey!" Kengo yelped, arching back. He could feel his cheeks heat up as Akira's's hands worked their way up and down his back. The sensation was almost too much and a quiet moan escaped his lips, accompanied by a wince once Akira found one of the terrible sore parts. "A-Akira..." he complained. "Why can't I just do this myself...?"

"Because," Akira said simply, leaning himself forward and resting his chin against Kengo's less wounded shoulder. He blew against the blonde's pierced ear and felt rather smug when Kengo surprised another delicious noise. "Besides, you won't be able to reach most of these areas on your own," Akira added before lowering his hands down Kengo's back smoothly, not too far from the blonde's hip bones.

"S-stop it!" Kengo gasped, trying to get away, not wanting to let Akira see his face and notice how flustered he was. Akira chuckled again and wrapped his arms around the boy to stop him from getting away.

"You really need to sit still. I'm never going to get this done, you know. Then again, I don't really mind..." he muttered, trailing his fingers delicately down Kengo's chest from behind, tracing all the way down to his pelvis.

"," Kengo pleaded, sweat trickling down his forehead as he strained to keep himself from giving far too much away. It wasn't working. Every time he tried to open his mouth to protest, he could only find himself calling the other's name or making noises he never thought he could make.

Akira had noticed that he had ran out of the ointment on his hands, but decided not to care as he continued roaming Kengo's baby soft body with his fingers. He enjoyed hearing the other's voice crying his name when it wasn't for some annoying reason or another. The noises Kengo made only made things even more difficult to control himself. Just when did Kengo become so irresistible?

Akira's tongue decided to join in on the exploration, teasing the blonde's silver hoop that was so conveniently attached to arm, fleshy ear. Kengo suppress a shudder of pleasure at the tugging at his ear, the feel of arm Akira taking over his entire being.

The Shin brought one free hand up to lift Kengo's chin, tracing the boy's jaw line with a finger before locking lips once again with the blonde. Kengo couldn't fight it any longer and gave in completely to the stronger, more dominant male. It felt so good to just give up for once, to let Akira take over. He joined in with the kiss, barely breaking away long enough to catch his already shortened breath.

Kengo opened his eyes, only to gaze into two very bright, very red orbs. He gasped, but then burst out laughing. Akira raised an eyebrow and stared at Kengo almost worriedly. Had he finally snapped, or what? "Shiro...gane's...gone..." the blonde forced out between fits of laughter.

"What are you-" Akira stopped when he noticed that his normal school outfit had been replaced with his Shin attire. He checked his hair just incase. Yup. Black as night. Where the hell had Shirogane gone? "Oh," Akira looked worried again. Was this not what Shirogane had planned? Was he upset about this? Or did he just figure he needed to find something to preoccupy himself with while the two boys made out on Akira's bed?

Akira let out a sigh and ruffled Kengo's hair before wrapping him in his arms again. "Well, worse case scenario is that if someone walks in, they'll only see you." The raven-haired boy formed a devilish grin. Kengo instantly stopped laughing.

"You locked the door, right?" he asked uneasily. Akira rolled his eyes and lowered himself, along with Kengo, across the bed. His head rested on the pillow while Kengo's was now stuck on his chest.

The blonde blushed again, folding his hands against the others chest instinctively while he curled up. It was so cold now in the room, but Akira felt so warm. He almost found himself drifting to sleep, especially with one of Akira's hands running his fingers through his hair, but Akira's words kept him up.

"I guess you're staying here tonight," the Shin mused before breathing in the scent of Kengo's hair. He must have freshly shampooed it earlier this morning. It smelled of vanilla. Very pleasant. Very tasty. Akira smiled to himself. "Hey, you know why you dyed your hair blonde?" he asked. It had been a long time since he saw Kengo in his natural black hair color.

"What?" Kengo mumbled, lulling off to sleep even then at the soft touches. " told me to," he answered sleepily. "You said it fit my personality more..." He stirred unhappily when Akira's still body began to shake with laughter.

"God, seriously? That's why?" Akira burst into hysterics. Kengo glowered up at his friend and pouted.

"Yeah, I'm serious. Then the next day you called me an even bigger idiot."

Akira stifle his laughter and gave the pouting Kengo a light peck on the forehead which much to his delight, changed Kengo's expression to an embarrassed rosy pink. "I'm sorry, but I did forget to tell you that it suits you well in appearance more than just personality wise," he said truthfully, brushing his fingers through Kengo's hair once again. "Blonde is a beautiful color for you."

Kengo's words were muffled on purpose against Akira's chest while Akira continued to embarrass him intentionally or not. Akira only smiled and planted another kiss on the top of his head before pulling the covers over them both. Kengo wondered just how long this was going to last, but he held onto it, or Akira really, as much as he could.

"G'night," Kengo murmured, wishing he wasn't so tired and could stay up with Akira.

"Good night," Akira said quietly, watching protectively over Kengo before he himself couldn't keep his eyes shut. " ya, idiot..." In the morning, Akira was going to kill the bastards that hurt his Kengo.

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