AN: OK, this is one of the ones that got away from me a bit, I intend to come back to it sooner or later, but at the moment I can't figure it out. It's what was happening in the rest of the world whilst the Doctor and Rose were in Utah for Dalek

Jasmine went through her emails, forty in the last hour. Spam, spam, UNIT, Torchwood 2, UNIT, Torchwood internal, UNIT, Liberty Towers, Ianto, Torchwood 3 official – so probably Jack, Liberty Towers again, Adam…

Scanning briefly through the formal ones, the requests for information, and batting them down to Mark, she opened the message from Adam excitedly. He was her contact with Henry Van Statten, a megalomaniac collector of alien artefacts who she'd been trying to get a hold on for years. Then Adam had tracked Torchwood down and, well, he'd found a rather attractive and extremely flirtatious young lady. She'd learnt from the best, and he'd been easy to charm to her own purposes; she didn't feel all that guilty about it, maybe a little bit, but she knew who he was and that he would need her help in a year or two. Jazz would be there to pick up the pieces when he messed up.

OK, scratch a year or two, she thought as she read through his message. He was jabbering about a girl and a man who had arrived in one of the lower levels of the archives. The man was an alien calling himself a doctor, which gave her about six hours until the place was filled with concrete.

She grabbed her jacket from the other chair in her office and hurtled down the corridor with two phones going and yelling for Mark as she went. He met her in the car park as she held open the door of her Noble. "You gonna explain?" he began, but she made a vague sort of gesture that clearly meant 'kinda busy, talk later' as she replied to whoever was on the phone with her

"Yeah, can you get it ready for me? I don't have time to ready it when I get there."

"Yep." She started the engine and set off, apologising silently to him with a glance. Mark sat back, slightly mollified, and waited for her to finish. Before she did, however the other phone rang and she passed it over to him, hanging up her previous conversation as she did. "It's Ianto, I can't talk 'cos I'm driving."

He nodded and took the call, "Hey Ianto mate, care to tell me what's going on?"

"Actually, it's Jack, but we can't find my phone. We think it's in my trousers but…"

"OK, stop there, my mind's filling in the blanks. What's going on sir?" he was always a bit cautious around the garrulous American captain.

"Jazz is better qualified to answer that question, cos I haven't a clue." He sounded a bit annoyed, "I just want you to tell her not to let Him see her. She knows not to stop it, but…"

"OK, I'll pass the message on, we'll keep you posted. That's assuming she keeps me posted of course." He hung up and looked at her questioningly as he realised they were heading to City Airport.

"When Jack and I travelled with the Doctor, he and Rose had just had a companion, not a friend as such, called Adam who tried to mess with time for his own benefit. They met him in Utah, in an underground collection of alien artefacts in 2012." She explained


"Today, to be precise." She pursed her lips and glared at a Jeremy Clarkson wannabe in a BMW, "He's brilliant, he managed to hack into Torchwood, trying to buy stuff from us for Van Statten, you remember the one?"

"Yeah, I remember. About a year ago?"

"Yes, well since then he and I have been in regular contact and I've sort of been using him to get in there. I need to get hold of that stuff before the place is filled with concrete."

He looked at her in surprise, "You used him, that's not like you…"

Jasmine looked quietly grateful, "I'd like to think not. But I know what's going to happen to him, I know I can help when it does."

"Why don't you stop it?" her exasperated glance answered that one, "Oh, fair point. So… what are we doing?"

"He sent me an email this morning telling me that the Doctor was there. God only knows why he felt the need to tell me, but I'm glad he did. It's given us six hours to get there and requisition the stuff."

"Which we couldn't do before because that would change time."

"Exactly, so we have six hours to get to an underground bunker in Utah, and I have about a ten minute window to do what I need to do."

"Which is?" They pulled into the car park of the airport, flashing their IDs which got them through to a private car park and then onto the airport runway where a small two-man jet was waiting for them.

"You need the full story from the beginning I think, because otherwise it won't make sense. We've got several hours between here and there though, so bare with me until we get airborne?" They were now settling into the plane with Jazz as pilot and Mark as co-pilot, so he agreed and concentrated on getting them the clearances they needed. Within minutes they were taxiing down the runway, Jazz's UNIT clearances gave her access to military only airspace and enabled her to clear the route ahead of them, so it was an incredibly easy flight. As they relaxed, letting the auto-pilot take over, she turned to him and adopted her story telling mode, "OK, so it all begins with Henry Van Statten, who owns the internet, quite literally. For years now he's been running the show, every show. He chooses presidents, dictates policy and no one ever knows. And he's obsessed with aliens, he collects every thing and he uses it, like Torchwood used to, except he's better, more clueless and more self-serving."


"He's better at making things work for him because he pays better even than Torchwood, and he's more ruthless. He's more clueless because he doesn't know what anything is, he doesn't have the information that they had. And more self-serving because after his own knowledge he's only after the money."

"So what do we do?"

"Ah, now here's the really interesting thing. Not long ago, a blue box arrived in one of the lower levels. Level 43 if my memory serves me right."

"The TARDIS." He realised with a smile

"Yep, which set a whole chain of events in motion. Van Statten's only living exhibit" she said the word with disgust, "comes fully to life, almost out of a coma, because it recognises the Doctor." The fear in her voice told him all he needed to know; there was only one thing she was that scared of, "A Dalek."

"Yeah…" with difficulty she dragged herself back to the conversation, "And it'll kill everyone, well most of them, but Rose saves the day and she, the Doctor and Adam survive. Once it's over, one of the workers there, a woman called Goddard, will order the place filled with concrete and the Doctor and Rose will leave with Adam in the TARDIS."

"So between them leaving and the place being filled with concrete we requisition the stuff."

"And hire Goddard, I have a feeling she's very good."