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Muddy Waters

Chapter 1

by Taka Momos

"Yeah... yeah, I know."

Sasuke distractedly walked down the rainsoaked sidewalk. He was always working. He had to. CEOs of major corporations had to do that. The business world was always working, and if he fell behind then profits would suffer.


His brother, the president of Uchiha Corp. was always calling. There was always something to discuss; always work to do.

"Of course I have time! No, I don't need a life..."

Work kept him busy. Having a life was just another way of saying that someone was wasteful and unproductive.

He entered the parking garage just as the rain began to start pounding again. Dark, muddy water ran along the wall of the garage.


His eyes followed the brackish water as he walkd along.

"No, give it some time. I'm sure it will work out."

His eyes finally fell onto a pile of worn, dirty clothes lumped against the wall. He stopped walking when he realized that the pile of clothes was actually a human.

"I'll call you back, I'm getting into my car now."

He walked over to the lump of human and roughly shoved it with his foot. He didn't reall care, but he didn't want to fee bad later about leaving him to die.

"Wake up."

The lump lifted its grungy, blond head. Brilliant blue eyes gripped his cold, steely ones. Just as reality returned to him, his blue eyes glazed over. The head fell back into the puddle with a splash.

"Hey, kid. You ok?"

Sasuke leaned down to try and wake him up. When the lump didn't wake up after a few shakes, Sasuke began to walk away, but froze when the image of the blue eyes flashed through his mind. Those eyes were just so...

... beautiful?

He huffed as he headed to his car. He threw his briefcase in as he turned around and walked back over to the lump. He leaned down and picked him up bridal style, surprised at how light he was. Water poured down from the blond hair, soaking his suit. Sasuke didn't care though, he probably needed to have it cleaned anyways.

He loaded the blond into the back of his BMW, careful to make sure he was comfortable. He could always just have his car cleaned too...

He looked back at the pathetic blond as he drove out of the parking garage. He didn't know why he was helping him. Maybe Itachi was right... maybe he did have a heart.

Sasuke pulled into the mansion's driveway an hour later. While he and his brother shared the mansion, Sasuke mainly lived in a wing he had renovated into a private apartment. Instead of having to deal with full-time staff, he just had Itachi's staff clean his apartment whenever it needed it.

He left the blond in the car while he carried his things in, deciding to start the shower as well so that it could be warming up. He would have to clean as much of the dirt off of the blond as he could.

He made sure to leave the door open as he went back for his new guest. The blond let out a small moan as Sasuke picked him up, his head lolling to the side weakly. Sasuke carried him through the front door sideways, closing it behind him with his foot.

He laid the still-unconscious teen on the bed, only now realizing how close to his own age the other was. He began to remove the rags he wore for clothes, blushing as the sight of his under-fed, but otherwise well0toned, body. After removing his shirt and pants, Sasuke decided to leave his boxers on. That was an area he could clean himself when he woke up.

Or that Sasuke could clean once the blond would enjoy it more...

His blush deepened at the thought.

Sasuke removed his own clothes before carrying the blond into the shower, smirking when the teen let out a throaty mewl when the warm water hit him. He stood the blond up, leaning him back against his own body to support them both. Water ran down their bodies as Sasuke worked the soap into a lather before attacking the layers of dirt and mud on the poor blond's body.

After cleaning him and spending a few minutes relaxing under the warm water, Sasuke turned the shower off and struggled to pick the other boy up. He laid him down on the huge bed covered in dark blue sheets, deciding to change him out of the new wet and dirty boxers he was still wearing. Sasuke moved over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of black boxers for the blond, then put a pair of dark blue sleep plants on himself. He pulled the blond's own boxers off, doing his best not to look at the blond's manhood, and changed him into his own.

Finally, he moved him up to set his head on the pillowed and pulled the large sheets over the now clean body. He smiled down at the face, which looked remarkably beautiful when not covered in mud and dirt. Sasuke reached down and brushed the blond bangs off of his face before leaving him to rest. He would just sleep on the couch, he still had more work to do anyways.

Sasuke pulled the blanket over his legs before turning on the TV. The large flat-screen flashed on, displaying a news station that was showing various stock prices and graphs.

His eyes scanned over the scrolling numbers as he waited for the laptop in his lap to boot. When it finally did, he opened his email and sorted through the various reminders of meetings and appointments he had to attend.

The smile that he never knew was on his face disappeared as the stress of the business world began to sink in again. He looked at the bedroom door, almost as if searching for some kind of escape from the life he enjoyed just a few hours before. He glanced at the lower corner of the screen to find the time.


Sasuke let out a groan, tapping his finger on the humming machine. He opened a new email and typed in his brother's personal address.


Not feeling well, so I'm not coming into work tomorrow. Email me anything that needs to be signed.


He sighed as he closed the laptop and laid himself down so that his head was on his pillow.

After a few minutes of watching monotoned analysts discuss the falling stocks and failing business, Sasuke's eyes became heavy. He fell asleep relaxed about his decision to take a day off. Itachi was more than competent enough to handle things without him, and he was always being whined at by his nosy brother about how he should take more time off.

It was just one day...

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