He's not exactly sure when it started

c'est la vie

He's not exactly sure when it started. It could have been at 'hello' or it could have been the days afterward; it could have been when Colin beat the shit out of him or it could have been at his funeral; it could have been the time Ephram ran away to Europe or it could have been when he came back.

Either way, he loves him. Bright has never been a complicated kid, never had Amy's capacity to be completely and totally tied in knots. He doesn't really blame her, though; he never saw Ephram coming, either.

In one moment he was the freak new kid with the purple hair and the next he was this person in Bright's life that never went away. Ever.

But Bright has a sneaking suspicion that that's the way it always is, with Ephram; he lures you in slowly, with his sarcastic wit and his sideways smirk, and those long pianist hands that he doesn't realize he's always showing off. People love Ephram purely because he's permanent.

And yeah, being roommates is both incredible and awful, and he knows that there is something really messed up about being in love with your sister's boyfriend, and on top of all this he's not entirely sure how well he's hiding his feelings, but… well. Ephram's never been too quick on the uptake, anyway.

Mostly he's okay with, you know, the way things are—playing the stupid but loveable roommate whose job is to crack jokes and keep things from getting too unbearable. And mostly he doesn't mind the idea of Ephram dating Amy, weird as that sounds. Bright has always loved simply. He encased his best friend in his heart, and he's safe there. That's what matters. And if his sister is the only Abbott ever to hold those piano hands, or kiss those cracked lips, well, that's life. C'est la vie.

Next to Amy, Bright's pretty used to being overlooked.