I do not own any these characters, just borrowing them from the amazing Stephenie Meyer. I also do not own any of the songs or lyrics posted in this story.

This story starts in the meadow. What if Laurent bites Bella before the wolves can reach her?

"Yes," he assured me. "I'll be very quick. You won't feel a thing I promise. Oh, I'll lie to Victoria about that later, naturally, just to placate her. But if you knew what she had planned for you Bella…."He shook his head with a slow movement, almost as if in disgust. "I swear you'd be thanking me for this."

I stared at him in horror.

He sniffed the breeze that blew threads of my hair in his direction. "Mouthwatering, "he repeated, inhaling deeply.

I tensed for the spring, my eyes squinting as I cringed away, and the sound of Edward's furious roar echoed distantly at the back of my head. His name burst through all the walls I'd built to contain it. Edward, Edward, Edward. I was going to die. It shouldn't matter if I thought of him now. Edward, I love you.

Laurent grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him as a lover would. His mouth came down on my neck with vampire speed and my legs buckled and I gasped loudly when I felt his teeth rip through the delicate skin of my neck. He gasped and released me suddenly.

"I don't believe it," he said, his voice so low that I barely heard it.

They melted out of the trees in formation, five huge wolves, each big enough to be a bear. Way bigger that wolves should be. Laurent stared at them fear evident on his face then spun and disappeared into the forest with the wolves in hot pursuit.

Before I could register much else in my mind, I felt the intense burning coursing through my body. The pain pulsed out from the wound in my neck and curled sinuously through my chest, my back, and my limbs. I screamed falling to the ground, my back arching and my body contorting with the pain. I stared at the gray sky, searching for salvation. My last conscious thought was of the irony of the situation. I had wanted this for so long with him, to be with him. Now I was getting that wish and I was more alone than I had ever been. The screams ripped from my lips echoing through the clearing…..

I don't know how long it was before the pain started to ebb. It could have been days or hours. I was vaguely conscious that there were hands touching me, smoothing my hair. The hands were hot, feverish; I wanted to push them away from me but did not have the strength to raise my hand. Time passed, the burn was cooling, I realized that my senses were sharpened. I opened my eyes gasping. I sat up looking around at my surroundings, trying to orient myself. I was covered with an old worn blanket; I could see every fiber in it. I stood, and the action was so fast that it made my head spin. Whoa! I looked at my hands, they were white and hard. I sniffed cautiously. I could smell something that was not unlike wet dog.


I wheeled around sharply with a snarl ripping from my chest, looking for the source of this voice, my body defensive.

I started up immediately the sound dying on my lips. Jacob. He was there; he had obviously taken me from the clearing and stayed with me through my transformation. I was never so happy to see him. I smiled reaching out towards him "Jake….How….Why?" I whispered.

Jacob stepped quickly back and held up his hands to stop my advancement eying me with undisclosed fear "Bella, stop. I took you here to this abandoned hunting camp and watched over you, but I have to leave now. I am so sorry we could not stop that filthy leech before he touched you, but you are one of them now, and I can't be near you."

"Jake!" I cried his name louder, panicked. "Please don't leave; I don't know what to do!" I wailed. Jacob looked at me with a sad smile "I wish things could have been different for us. I loved you Bella, I did, but I can't be with you anymore. My instincts…I might hurt you…the pack would not understand."

The pack? My mind whirled around this "What pack?" I asked. In response Jacob literally exploded in front of me his clothes flying everywhere, phasing to his wolf form. I screamed and backed away from him in fear. It was really just too much for a girl, turning into a vampire and finding out that my best friend was a…..a…..werewolf. My mind refused to grasp the implications. Jacob phased back to his true form and snatched the blanket up to cover himself.

"Bella, you need to stay away from people. You must maintain the diet of the Cullens. There is a treaty, and if you bite or kill a human the pack will destroy you. Do you understand what I am saying?" he eyed me warily.

"Yes" my voice cracked.

Jacob simply turned and walked out of the cabin, and out of my life.