I do not own these characters; they are borrowed from the genius that is Stephenie Meyer. I am gonna miss you guys!



It had been six months since our return from Italy. I still suffered with nightmares of Volterra, but never like the one in the hotel, and the dreams were becoming few and far between. I smiled to myself knowing it was because Edward held them at bay.

He was so loving with me and never became impatient with my many fears and insecurities. He was always there reassuring me again and again of our love. He understood my fear of being alone and actually welcomed it. He had been alone too and was reluctant to allow me out of his sight.

It had been wonderful to reconnect with the Cullen family again. I had missed them as much as I had Edward. Watching them adopt Demetri into their lifestyle and embrace another human into their midst reminded me of just how much I loved them all and I realized that they had always loved me too and accepted me no matter if I was human or vampire. Life was good.

Demetri and Angela's relationship was fast becoming serious even though they struggled with many obstacles much as Edward and I had so many years ago. Angela was still learning about vampires and testing her limitations and Demetri was overprotective to the extreme which annoyed independent Angela. No matter, the dynamic worked between them and it was obvious that they were wildly in love.

Nobody was surprised when they arrived at the house one night and announced that they had gone to Vegas and been secretly married. Alice was simply outraged that she had not been allowed to plan a wedding but understood that they hadn't wanted to wait. They stood before Carlisle waiting for his blessing and to asking him to agree to change Angela.

While was thrilled to have Angela joining our family permanently I was slightly jealous of the happy couple. Edward had not spoken to me again of marriage since that day in my kitchen before we were dragged to Italy. I began to wonder if despite our obvious happiness he was in no hurry to change the status quo and had maybe regretted his hasty words. I tried not to allow myself to think about the subject, but I don't think I fooled Esme.

I had started playing Vegas again and realized how much I missed my music. After my first show back which was wildly successful, Edward asked if he could join me by playing the piano at the next show when I performed my lullaby. I gladly agreed, secretly excited that he would be playing for me again.

The night of the show when it was time to perform the lullaby I called Edward onto the stage and introduced him to the crowd "Please welcome Edward Cullen who will be accompanying me this evening. He wrote this piece for me, I just sang it for him." The crowd went wild! I grabbed the microphone and stepped forward as his hands began to fly over the ivory keys. When I reached the chorus I was stunned to hear his velvet voice raise in song with mine. The audience was eating it up as I turned and sang directly to him.

Halfway through the song he abruptly stopped playing and grabbed the microphone from the piano. I stood watching him confused as he stalked towards me.

He turned and winked at the crowd "Sorry everyone. I couldn't play any longer. I couldn't wait any longer to do this." He dropped onto his knee in front of me and pulled a black box from his pocket. The audience cheered loudly chanting our names and he looked up at me his eyes shining with excitement and love "Isabella Masen, please marry me. Be my lover immortal. I will love you every single day of forever."

I smiled at him and held out my hand "Forever," I agreed.