School has gotten me far too busy to come up with stuff for school or too busy to even write, so I will do something fun to keep myself occupied. In my AP English 12 class, we have weekly vocabulary words to learn, so I've made it into a bit of a project to use some of those words as inspiration for little one shots. Nothing much, really.

This fic was just pushed out as a result of my anger towards what Sasuke said in chapter 416. I'm pretty sure that he didn't mean it, but still...I couldn't help but be angry at what he said and I wondered if he really would be able to kill everyone in Konoha.

First word is Fruition.

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Fruition: (Noun) The realization of a long-sought after desire.

At last, he had done it. Konoha was gone. It was slowly being burnt away from the face of the earth forever. The bodies of shinobi and civilians alike were strewn about all over the village. Blood stained the walls of buildings and formed puddles around some people. The former lady Hokage's body was on the spire of a tower right now, her blood running down through the roof tiles and dripping to the ground like red rain, while her assistant and first apprentice lay motionless nearby. The second apprentice had died after the death of her master, when she had attempted to kill the former object of her affections, her former goal, her former comrade and could only get one rib-shattering blow on him before his blade slid into her chest and bright green eyes became dull and lifeless. The Copy Ninja was lying...somewhere...with his false Mangekyo Sharingan sliced out of the eye socket before he met his hand at a variation of one of the few techniques he called his own, the sound of a thousand birds chirping being the final thing he heard before death took him. And Naruto? He was being dragged around, unconscious and almost near death by Sasuke himself.

As he walked through the streets, there was no noise, save for the crackling sounds of the flames eating away at the foundation of the fallen Leaf. And yet, he felt uncomfortable. If he had truly accomplished his task, surely he would have felt something--if not joy, then at least relief. The relief of having the burden of revenge lifted from his weary shoulders, and then he would... Then he would...

"Mama..." came a small whimper from nearby. His eyes darted over to find a child, not even older than five years, was crying over his mother's body. So that was why he felt the same: one remained alive. The Uchiha walked over to the child, his eyes emotionless at the boy's sorrow. The child must have heard his footsteps because he looked over his shoulder and upon seeing Sasuke, he cried: "Please help my M-m-mama! She w-w-won't wake up!!" Tears and snot were streaming down his face.

And for some reason, as he stared into the boy's eyes, with his hand on the hilt of his Kusanagi, it came. The feeling that made his chest tighten... Guilt? Could that have been it? His dream had to be realized, but could he actually do this? Though he had slain many in the village, they were adults and ninja. This was just a child... A child who lived off of the peace that Konoha prided over the life of his brother, but still, what did this child about his brother's sacrifice? Nothing. Not a thing. And yet, he had to kill him because he was living a happy life because Itachi followed Konoha's orders. He had to avenge his brother, but at what cost? At what cost...?


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