Perfect Catch

Teeny Tiny Twilight

"Edward!" someone yelled. I turned; hands ready to catch the football. The out come of playing Quarterback for the last three years.

I caught it perfectly and almost as soon as it landed in my hands I was running, fast and agile I danced through the grabbing hands. I caught a pretty girl looking at me through the corner of my eye. A smile pulled at my lips, and I started to run faster, weaving lither through the large bodies until I caught the white chalk line panted in the grass.

Once I passed it, I stopped, turning around to smile smugly at my friends. Emmett laughed, "Save the fancy stuff for the game man!"

I laughed too, throwing the ball at him and then turned, looking for the pretty girl. I caught her, finally standing just beyond the out of bounds line, her black hair stood in direct contrast with her delicate skin, she had large blue eyes and a petite frame.

"Hey Alice, come to watch the pro play?" Emmett called over my shoulder; I caught him flexing his arms. She rolled her eyes, smiling. I tried to catch my grimace. I usually had a rule; do not date friend's sisters. Never ends well. Then again, she was good looking, maybe I could make an exception since Emmett was dating my sister.

I quickly weighed the pros against the cons, and made my choice. There were no other girls here that would catch my interest. None that I could see were exceedingly pretty, or that had all the hints of being easy. No high pitched giggled caught my attention, nor were there any girls that were exceedingly touchy or teasing to the boys they were with. There was only one other girl there and she wasn't looking my way, though I caught the long natural brown hair put up in a ponytail, not died, or highlighted, she had her arms crossed as she talked to some of the guys, though I couldn't hear her, and she had a good posture, obviously nothing weighing her down in front.

I sighed, all those girls were used up, pregnant, or I had already been with them. Being a senior sucks.

I reached Alice and smiled, extending my hand, "Edward Cullen."

She smiled back politely, "Alice McCarthy. I'm watching my brother practice."

Don't remind me. "Really?" I smiled, bringing her hand up to my lips to kiss.

"Oh," she mouthed, and then she forced a smile, her eyes flickering to the left uncomfortably. I knew that look. It was the universal scream of get me out of here! She had a boyfriend.

I dropped her hand, suppressing a growl of irritation. The only decent girl I have seen today and she just has to have a boy friend. Moreover, on a Friday that's bad luck.

Her awkward expression melted immediately into a natural smile, "Bella!" she called in relief.

I turned to see a girl walking towards us, smiling at Alice. Her long brown ponytail swayed behind her as she jogged over to us. She didn't even seem to see me as she greeted Alice from a little ways away.

Nevertheless, I saw her.

Had this been the girl I had so easily disregarded? Her eyes were wide and a warm brown colour, her body well toned. Not overly so as to fall into the guess the gender game, but enough to know she was active, naturally thin, and though athletic, obviously had a beautiful body. There were no cosmetics to be found on her face, just the natural pink of her cheeks, highlighting the delicacy of her skin.

"Hey Alice, is Emmett finished practice already?" she asked. Her voice was strangely musical. Not like bells, as her name would suggest, but a light female voice with the slightest undertone of silver chimes.

"No, but I wanted to go home early anyways." Her eyes flickered to me. I held my breath, counting backwards in my head from ten to one. If the once stunning Alice—now absurdly plain standing next to Bella—gave her the wrong impression of me…

I let that though trail off.

Her eyes flickered to me for the first time, as if she had not noticed me before. I didn't mind that much as long as she hadn't noticed my staring.

I grinned at her, my hands digging into my pockets, "Hey."

She grinned back tightly, "Hi," and with that, she turned, walking away with Alice beside her.

Unthinkingly I followed. There was no way I was letting this girl out of my sight. "Did you see that Bella?" Alice asked lowly, giggling. "He tried something with me, then not two seconds later, he hit on you." She laughed again.

"Yea," she agreed dryly, "Real piece of work. I though Rose was exaggerating."

Rose? As in Rosalie my sister? So I had put blue Kool-Aid into her shampoo and made her think it was real hair dye, did that mean she had to ruin my reputation? It was a joke for crying out loud.

"I wouldn't believe everything Rosalie says." I growled.

Alice stopped and turned around, shocked that I had been with in earshot. Bella didn't stop walking, "And he really respects personal boundaries too, I would never expect him to eaves drop."

Alice laughed again, and turned to catch up with her.

I felt my cheeks heat, "I wasn't eaves dropping, I just happened to be going this way." I snapped embarrassed.

She turned suddenly, her eyebrow raised, "Well then, by all means you first miss." She opened the girl's locker room door. I thought quickly of a lie, the only decent one would be, I was waiting for my girlfriend.

"My Girl—"

She cut me off before I could speak, her eyes narrowed dangerously, "Don't lie, and say your girlfriends in here. You were just flirting with Alice with people watching. Word would get around like that." —she snapped her fingers—"And you know it."

My eyes narrowed at her. I was done with the attitude, "You know what?"

"No, but I'm sure you'll tell me." She sighed, leaning her weight on one leg, eyes rolled to the ceiling.

"I think your jealous"—I taunted with a smug smile—"I think you're jealous that I was flirting with Alice instead of you."

"Green with envy." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm as she turned into the change room.

"Okay, I think we got off on the wrong foot." —I held my hand out—"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen."

She took my hand, shaking it, "I'm not interested."

She turned back into the locker room.

My stomach churned with the though of her leaving, "Wait!"

She heaved a sigh, shoulders slumping with exhaustion, "Yes?"

"What were you doing on the field today anyways? Watching you're boyfriend play?" the last part came out more sullen then I had intended it too. I hopped she would not hear.

To my surprise, she turned around angrily pulling at her shirt. It startled me to see she wore a jersey. SWAN 09, "I just came back from basket ball practice. And don't think that just because I'm single I'm head over heals for you."

I opened my mouth.

"Shut up and listen." —I shut my mouth—"There are three categories that guys fall into, if their good looking they are jerks, if they are good looking and great guys then they are gay, if they are good looking, great guys, and straight, then their taken. You fall into the first category."

She disappeared into the locker room. I stood stunned for a minute, looking at the faux wood patterns. After a second though, I collected myself, "Can I have your number?" I yelled though the door.

"Screw you!"