I know you guys were expecting this to be a new chapter, but I'm sorry that it's not. Well, a LOT of people have facebook these days, sooo I decided to make a facebook just for my FanFiction friends! Isn't that cool? This way, I will get to talk to all of you and I will also be putting in previews of my stories also! Woohoo! Sounds like fun!

How to add me,

Type in Hannah Wooten on the search bar and my profile is in black&white of me and at the bottom of my profile picture it says "Sweet Jesus It's Edward!" Soo, that should be easy to find. If I'm not on the first page, please keep looking. I know I'm there and I am soo excited to be doing this. So, PLEASE ADD ME! :D Also, if you can not find me, then my email address is hott(dot)brunette(dot)101(at)gmail(dot)com!