Max and the flock are running from Erasers again, when they bump into Alice and Jasper while hunting.Will the Cullens help the flock, who are covered in blood? Or will they attack them? And who is the mysterious girl that keeps showing up, who is neither vampire, human, nor half? A Maximum Ride-Twilight crossover, taking place after Breaking Dawn and Max Ride 4. Includes Fax, BellaxEdward, and a few unthinkable couples…

Claimer: i guess this story and the mysterious ppl whose names youll find out later

Disclaimer: Im not James Patterson or Stephanie Meyer so i dont own their books



"Why are we going to Forks, Washington? It's like, the capitol of rain, for God's sake! And didnt we, like, just fly away from one of the biggest hurricanes in history? And come from Antarctica just before that?" Nudge was ranting like always, makin all of us want to strangle her. Apparently, making her carry Akila had not effected her as i had hoped.

"I told you, Nudge," I replied, "I'm tired of seeing the same states, I wanna see somethin new. And Akila was practically dieing in Arizona." Not that I dont totally agree with her, but i was kinda gettin bored with the heat.

"God, Nudge, cant u be patient, for once? We're almost there anyways!" shouted the Gasman.

"Actually," Fang speakin up for the first time this whole 4 hour trip, "We're right above Forks."

"Thank the Heavens and the Earth! If we dont land in, like, 5 minutes in just gonna drop outta the sky," Iggy said; he was the one stuck carrying Angel, who was carrying Total, because they both fell asleep.

"Yeah, there's a meadow a few miles up ahead we can crash in," suddenly, a huge, dark cloud came over us, moving fast. I groaned. "Or not. Please tell me there arent any erasers flying towards us"

"Ok, Max, there arent any erasers flying towards us." Nudge said, just to be funny.

"Now, say that no erasers are comin towards us without lying," i said while preparing myself for a fight.

"I'm not lying," She replied stubbornly

"Yeah, right," i retorted, although, it is taking them a long time to attack, maybe Nudge is right...but then what could it be? i thought.

"Remember when Nudge said Forks was the capitol of rain?" Gazzy butted in "its just a heavy rain cloud."

"Well, that was VERY anticlimactic," Iggy sneered before laughing his head off.

Then everyone was laughing, except me, Angel and Total, who were sleeping, and, of course, Fang. I was probably the only one who could detect the trace of smile on his face. It made me want to punch him, knowing he was laughing at me.

"Ok, time to land!" i yelled at them, trying to be heard over there guffaws.

The instant we landed, i felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. i did a fast 360 and saw that in an instant, we were surrounded by erasers. I thought they all died. o well, doesnt mean they arent here. At least 200 and i knew we had no chance, but that hasnt stop us before. I leaped at the closest eraser, who grabbed me in a great bear hug that i couldnt escape. Then, at least ten others jumped me at once, torturing me. One pulled my arm out of socket, another tried to break my neck thankfully not succeeding, the others stepped on my legs til u heard a loud snap.

Then they just left me. Like they wanted to watch me take my last breathes in pain. Before i sank into unconciousness, i heard Fang's shouts and Angel's screams of my flock as they went through the same torture as me.