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Alina's POV:

DANG IT!! Curse these stupid short legs!! I hate rabbits and their small bodies!! All their good for is making their fur into a nice jacket!!!!!!

I have to get out of here before-

I got snatched up by an invisible force once again. I screamed that horrible scream only rabbits can make. I realized how it sounded and shut up. I struggled to change back into my human form. It seemed like forever until I did.

"Virote, Show yourself!!" I screamed, suspended in the air, unable to get myself down. I hated being powerless. Then I heard a laugh from somewhere behind me. There was also a whisper but I couldn't understand what it was saying. Then I heard it.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Alina. I'm so disappointed in you," breathed a voice, so irresistable it made me shudder, "I thought I told you not to save Max."

"Ah, Virote. Your voice is as sexy as ever, I see," I respond

"Your avoiding the topic," Virote chuckled into my neck.

"That's because we already discussed it, I'm not going to let you turn into my brother."

"I will never turn into Zareh, you can count on that," He said, letting me drop a few feet because he released his invisible hold. I snap my wings out and soar up to him.

"You're actually worse than him, when you think about it!" I spat, "He only tried to kill me; you tried to kill our child!"

"She's not our child!"

"Well, pretty damn close!"

"She's our (x# of greats) granddaughter!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. She's still our flesh and blood. Apparently, that doesn't change the fact the you're the reason of all her suffering. I wonder what she's gonna say when she finds out. Let's see, shall we?"

"No, we shoul-" I grabbed his hand a surged towards the house before he could finish.

Max's POV

I woke up at the sound of a haunting scream. I panicked right off the bat but then relaxed; I realized it was from an animal, not my flock. Speaking of the flock, where are they?

I looked around the room. It appeared to be a study that belonged to some kind of professor or something. Although it didn't smell like it; it smelled of antiseptic. My hand instantly flew to my face to cover my nose and mouth. That was when I noticed that I wasn't strapped down to the desk.

Still shocked, I slid down and walked to the door. I opened the door with extreme caution, expecting Erasers to jump out at me. However, none came, so I walked to the stairs ahead with utmost care. I heard voices coming from below; I pressed myself against the wall and listened.

"Was that Alina!?" Fang said. Fang! He's ok. I wonder who Alina is... I thought.

"I think so..." said a male voice, that I didn't recognize. The voice had some hidden meaning in what he said, as if he was trying to change the subject.

"Edward, do you think she'll be ok?" Fang asked, he sounded worried; a little too worried if you ask me...

It made me a little jealous. I stepped away from the wall so everyone could see me.

"Who's this 'Alina' person, Fang?"