It was weird to not be with Jacob every day

It was weird to not be with Jacob every day, all day. He had gone to the La Push to see his father, Billy, whose health was not getting any better. Even though Sue and Papa were bringing him every meal and making him see Grandpa Carlisle regularly, he was deteriorating. We all saw it happening. My dad thought it was time that Billy joined his ancestors, but it was too hard of a topic to discuss with Jacob, or my mom for that matter. I think my dad was jealous that the Quileutes had such a hopefully afterlife, and 'one could be so lucky,' he would say.

Since I was born, almost 8 years ago, Jacob and I have been together everyday. This pulled Jacob away from his pack and his father. It wasn't intentional; it was just the way it was. Jacob couldn't not be with me, and I was starting to think I couldn't be without him as well. Our relationship was developing and the hugs and I love you's seemed to hold a little longer and mean a little more. I was excited to be with Jacob in a different way then before.

Initially, he was like my brother; always with my family, another member of the freak-fest that my family was. 6 pure-blood vampires, ironic term, I know, one half breed – me, my mother was human when I was born, but was turned right after my birth, and my father was an 116 year old vampire, and Jacob, a shape-shifting werewolf. He was mostly in human form these days. I thought it was cute when I was littler that my family member was a doll half the time. I learned later that he stayed in werewolf form, or phased frequently so that he wouldn't age.

It wasn't weird, it was all I knew, and I didn't compare it to other families.

Thankfully Uncle E had built Jake his own little place on our property although he was use to the smell of 'the vampires,' he was different and needed his space.

I was tiny in comparison to Jake, although I had grown to an 18 year old in size in a mere 7 and a half years. I was fully grown, for what Grandpa could tell anyway. My dad and Jacob had become very close, and had an "understanding" when it came to me. My mom told me how much my dad and Jake use to despise one another. I couldn't even imagine it, all of our family trips, and functions, it was my mom and dad and me and Jake; like we were the kids, although Jake was bigger then all of us. Growing up, Jake was my brother, he was my fathers confidant and my mothers old best friend. He lightened up almost every intense situation, usually brought on by my dad and it felt like we were growing up together. Things had shifted a little in the last few months, our alone time felt… different.

"Hey Nes" Jake was back.

"Hey, how was your dad?" I was laying on Jacobs bed reading. I sat up to greet him. His room was the only dark place in his small house.

"He was ok, I am glad that he has the tribe and Charlie, but it just doesn't seem like its going to get better."

"Did you tell grandpa? Is he going down this week? Or is your going to come here?" I liked Billy's visits. He likes me a lot, a lot more then my mom, or so she has told me. He always has great stories and makes me feel so loved, he accepted my and my abilities and my rapid growth with open arms…. Always, from the day I met him, he loved me… kind of like Jacob, but different.

My grandpa's visits to La Push were still something that needed to be pre-organized if Grandpa or any of my family, besides me, went to La Push. Billy had accepted Grandpa as his doctor, but they still had to oblige by the treaty. It seemed silly to me now, but grandpa always said, 'whatever they want, and whatever is best for Billy.'

Jake shrugged his shoulders. " I don't know…" I knew he was upset, I got up and hugged him.

"We can go down there more often if you want. I really don't mind, and my grandpa would understand if I take some time from my schoolwork." I said into his chest. He was so much bigger then I was, he had to lean down and kiss the top of my head.

"Thanks Nes, I don't really know what will help…. Did I interrupt your reading? What you working on now? " Jake wanted to change the subject, so I went with it.

"Just some English reading, nothing major." Grandpa assigned my reading, he was home schooling me, as my growth wasn't exactly discreet, so I couldn't blend in like every one else. I had to be educated, since the rest of my family had more PhD's than Aunty Alice had shoes.

Jake was distracted, he went into the kitchen to make himself a snack. The boy could eat, no matter what. I thought he wanted to be alone, so I didn't follow him.

"Hey Nes," he called from the kitchen a few minutes later. "Do you like this place?"

"do you mean forks, or your house?" I teased.

"My house?"

Jake's place was great. It was small, but had an open space where the kitchen leads into the eating area, which opened up into a big living room. His bed room and bath room were down a hall. He had a great little patio, where we liked to sit in the summer, day and night. It was the main entrance as well. Uncle E built a fire pit for the family just out beside Jake's place too.

"I love it, why? You thinking of redecorating?" I continued to sass him as usual and walked into the kitchen to join him.

"No reason, just want you to feel comfortable here." I had lived with my parents in their own house on the family property as well. Sometimes aunty alice and I would have sleepovers in the big house, and we spent a lot of time there, but home was my parents 'cabin' as they liked to call it.

"I do Jake, in case you haven't noticed, I m here all the time."

"I know, you are here all the time….. I guess it is obvious."

"Stop worrying about me, if I didn't want to be here I wouldn't." As much as Jake and I grew up like sibling, we never fought. We played a lot, we teased each other a lot, but we didn't fight. We just loved being together. My mom, dad, jake and I became a family within our larger family.

"Ok Nes, just making sure. You want something to eat? Or Drink? It's really getting hot. This heat isn't helping my dad either."

" Lets go down there Jake. Maybe we can bring some fans, or go into Port Angelas and get an air conditioner for him."

" Nes, that's thoughtful, but I don't really want to go back down there. Lets go down to the river for a swim in a bit."

"Sounds good to me" I was looking forward to that for more then one reason.