Truth Or Dare Twilight Style

(a/n) takes place the summer after twilight. MY FIRST STORY! Don't let that scare you away(:

Chapter one.

Truth Or Dare Twilight Style

It was a typical summer day, and Edward and I were playing catch in the shade of my front yard. He tossed me the ball and I missed it. Again.

"Oh come on Bella," Edward Teased. "Catch it!"

"You keep throwing it too hard," I retorted.

"You wanna see hard?" He asked, eyeing me with humor in his golden eyes. "Stand back."

I stood next to him and he wound his arm back like a pro baseball pitcher. When he released the ball it flew through the air, probably landing in Canada.

"Great!" I exclaimed, "Now you have to buy me a new one."

He laughed. "Whatever you want"

My stomach growled. Stupid human needs. "Let's go inside," I suggested. "I need a snack."

We put our mitts in the laundry room and I shifted through the fridge until I found a bagel and some strawberry jelly. Edward went into the living room and collapsed onto my worn out couch. I was just getting a knife out when the phone rang next to me.

"I'll get it!" I called. I took the phone off its cradle. "Hello?"

"Hey Bella," Alice greeted me. "Do you and Edward want to come over today? We were thinking of having a family game night."

"Sure," I said.

"Ok come soon, bye!"

"Edward," I yelled. "Alice called and we're going to your house." I hopped into his Volvo and seconds later; he was sitting next to me starting the car. We arrived at the Cullen mansion only 5 minutes later. I was unbuckling my seatbelt and faster than I could blink Alice was ripping me out of the car and plopping me onto one of the plush couches in the living room.

Rosalie came in next, and hesitantly sat to my left. I gave her a timid smile and she smiled back. Just then Emmett came bouncing in with Alice, the floor shaking with Emmett's heavy footsteps and Alice's voice.


Jasper came in with Edward, both of them smiling. Edward sat next to me and Jasper next to Alice.

"OK guys," Alice announced. "We're gonna have a vote between three games about which to play this afternoon. The first choice is a videogame tournament, with 2 person battles on several games." She paused to make a face. Clearly this was not the way she wanted to spend the afternoon. "The second option is makeovers, where each person will pick a wardrobe, which we will of course go shopping for, and makeup to model on the runway in my room." Jasper grimaced and shuddered. I could only imagine the horrors of what such a game would bring to us all if Alice was in charge. "The third game is truth or dare, and the game is self-explanatory."

We all thought about what to pick. "OK who picks videogames?" Alice asked. Only Jasper raised his hand.

"Makeovers?" Rosalie and Alice raised theirs.

"Truth or dare." Emmett, Edward and I raised our hands.

"OK truth or dare then," Alice said.

"ooohhh!! I call going first!" Rosalie exclaimed. She glanced at each of our faces one at a time. "Emmett, truth or dare?"

Emmett's Pov

I gaped at rose. What had I ever done to her to make her get revenge on me? She was smiling evilly at me. I was scared to say dare, but I was also scared of being called a sissy wimp for the next century. Jasper chuckled. I glared at him. Stupid empath.

I lifted my chin in an arrogant way and said, "dare"

Rose laughed evilly "muahahahahahahaha." She was really starting to creep me out. Maybe I should stay away from her for a few days. Edward Chuckled. I glared at him. Stupid mind reader.

"Ok then, Em. I dare you to eat the same food Bella eats for every meal for the next week." Holy crap. That was like asking me to commit suicide. Did she even know how disgusting human food was?

To make matters worse, Bella's stomach rumbled.

"You're not hungry AGAIN are you?" Edward asked her, incredulous.

"Hey! Bagels aren't very filling," Bella defended herself. "I'm in the mood for pizza. How about you Emmett?"

"Whatever you like, your highness," I said sarcastically.

"I'll go call for some," Edward announced, and rose from the couch.

"Ok Emmett, now it's your turn!" Alice said.

I grinned darkly. "I know." I stared at Rosalie; wanting to trick her into thinking I was out to get her. She seemed to see through it though, and started filing her nails. I could never stay mad at her, even though she just gave me a personal hell for the next 7 days.

"Jasper Truth or dare," I said. I expected him to say truth but he replied, "dare."

Hmmmmmm. I thought about all the possibilities. It had to be something that everyone would remember in forks.

"Emmett would you mind hurrying up?" jasper asked, exasperated. "Your concentration is giving me a headache."

"yeah yeah yeah," I said dismissively. I suddenly had an Idea. "Ok I got one. Jasper I dare you to egg and tepee mike Newton's house, dressed in a llama costume and yelling that this will protect him from the invasion of fairy leprechauns from Venus." I smiled. I was crazy and brilliant for coming up with this dare.

Bella stared at me. "That's the weirdest dare I have ever heard."

"I know," I said, my grin getting bigger.

Edward, who had finished calling for pizza, sat down next to Bella and put his arm over her shoulder. "Emmett if you smile any wider your face is going to crack."

Jasper glared at me. I suddenly felt a wave of guilt crash over me. "Stop That!" I yelled at Jasper.

"Sorry dude you deserve it," he retorted.

Alice was bouncing again. "Come on jasper, we have to dress you as a llama, remember?" And with that, she took him by the ear and dragged him upstairs. I was suddenly very annoyed.

"JASPER!!" Everyone chorused.

A few minutes later jasper ran, well galloped down the stairs. His costume was furry and a poopy brown color. His face was painted, and Alice had done so that it looked like he had a snout.

"Lets get this over with." Jasper growled.

The doorbell rang. "I'll get it," Edward said. "Its our pizza delivery."

I moaned oh my gosh this was going to be DISGUSTING! I will have to eat this pizza and cough it up later.

Edward laid the pizza on our coffee table and Bella sat down to eat. "mmmmmm," she inhaled. "It smells delicious. Thanks Edward." And she blew him a kiss. I gagged. Edward glared at me. "Ready for dinner?" he mocked.

"Oh shut up." Bella took a bite. "Give me a piece of that will ya?" I asked.

"Remember, em, you've gotta eat the same amount as Bella," Rose teased.

"How hungry are you bells?" I asked, worried. I had forgotten about this part of the dare.

"I'm ravenous," she replied, smirking. She handed me a piece of pizza and I lifted it to my mouth slowly. I opened it hesitantly and I felt all the venom leave my mouth. I quickly shoved the slice into my mouth and chewed. It felt sort of like chewing…. well the most disgusting thing you can think of, only I couldn't taste it. I somehow managed to swallow. When I was done I gave a shudder. Everyone was staring at me, even Bella. Well, at least she wasn't eating.

"That is so gross," Alice remarked. "HOW can you eat that stuff, Bella?"

"It's good," Bella defended. She finished her piece and grabbed another slice.

To my dismay, She ate half the pizza (had she done that on purpose?) And I was forced to choke down the other half. I almost died. Again. I can't believe I thought picking truth would make me a wimp. This was worse than anything I'd ever done. And that included letting Rose give me a manicure.

We left the house twenty minutes later, to start Jaspers dare.

Chapter 2: Eggs and believers

Jaspers POV

I was starting to get really nervous. What would mike think when I acted like a complete lunatic? I tried to control my emotions for Alice's sake (we were riding together) because I didn't want her to feel this way too. I could try to run away, I guessed. "Don't even think about it," Alice warned, somehow hearing my thoughts. Sometimes her power could be sooooo annoying.

We got to mike's house a few minutes later, hiding our car behind a hedge line. Wow. I raked my eyes over the dump. It was a dark gray, with small windows. The frickin house probably only had like 5 rooms. "Did you bring the stuff?" I asked Alice.

She was busy rummaging through the trunk. "Yes." She pulled out 2 cartons of eggs and a package of toilet paper. From the corner of my eye I saw Emmett poking his cam cord through the bush. "And so the llama man prepares for his psycho rampage," he said in a theatrical tone. I sent a wave of lethargy at him, and I heard him topple to the ground with a thump. Edward snickered.

Alice gave me my materials and I went around the bush until I was up mikes driveway. I opened my cartons of eggs and whipped them at the windows and siding. A few of them we aimed at mikes car, and one even cracked a window. I was careful not to use my vamp strength after that. When the eggs were gone, I heard the front door open. Mike was staring at me.

"Oh my gosh!!" he squealed. "It's a llama! In my driveway! HI MR LLAMA!! Can I pet you…oh pleaseplaeasepleaseplease?"

"ummmmm no?" I said, totally shocked. Then I yelled. "I AM HERE TO PROTECT YOU AGAIST THE EVIL LEPRCHAUNS OF VENUS. THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!" I felt absolutely ridiculous.

Mike came up to me and patted me on the back. "I totally believe you man. I was going to do this myself but I can't really afford toilet paper. You see, I use leaves."

I gaped in shock. "Give me some paper," Mike commanded. So I handed him several rolls, and together we tepeed his house. "Hold on a minute." Mike said.

He came back a minute later, wearing an identical llama costume to mine. "OK," Mike announced. "To finish the protection ritual we must sing the llama song."

"Llama song?" I repeated.

"Yah, the llama song!" Mike yelled. He grabbed my arm and we started square dancing.

Oh the llama song is no ordinary song no no no

We dance and sing it all night long

All hail the llamas oh oh yea yea

Go llamas!

He let go of me and started doing the worm, and singing in a soprano voice.

If the llama song is sung by you

You will see the great things they can do

If you worship the llama lords

You will become a llama too!


He finished by doing the splits. "That was great, dude, come back soon," Mike said, giving me a high five.

"ummm ok," I said.

"See ya." He went back inside

I ran back to the bush and right into Emmett. "Jasper that dude is friggin psycho."

"No really?" I asked

"Bella," Edward said, wrapping his arm around her waist. "After seeing that, would you mind me teaching you some self-defense?"

"NO!" Bella said. "It might be useful someday."

We drove back home and sat around the living room again. "Bella, Truth or dare?"

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