With their mission completed they waited for the right moment to move, in a little cabin in the middle of no where. The place was small, not furnished and falling apart, but it provided enough cover. When the coast was clear they would make their get away back to headquarters. To their dismay, Proton insisted that they wait for a while to ensure they weren't seen. It was ridiculous and Kair was sure he was just being annoying. None the less, they listened for the sake of being able to rest for a while.

Kair, Comet and Pixel, sat on the floor with most of their pokemon in their pokeballs. Pixel had closed her eyes, falling asleep after a long period of insomnia, which was normal for her and thus didn't really bother her. Comet never needed much sleep so he sat perfectly still even after Pixel unconsciously leaned on him as if trying to get more comfortable. A few minutes passed and she started to laugh in her sleep.

Kair raised an eyebrow, then curiously looked at Comet for a possible answer. "She sometimes laughs in her sleep, but she never talks." He stated to indicate that it was nothing unusual, "who knows what kind of dreams she's having."

Kair could come up with a number of theories, but had no clue about which one was true, "do we even want to know?"

"Given the fact that she practically laughs her head off at horror movies, I think it's best if her dreams remain private," Comet concluded.

Pixel's unconscious laughter continued softly. She moved her legs scratching against the old wood with an unpleasant sound loud enough to bother the conscious, but not loud enough to wake her. "Make her stop," Kair leaned back against the wall in the corner to the right from Comet and Pixel, she could use a short nap, it was clear they were in no danger to be discovered. Besides, they would hear the Growlithe coming and if not be alerted by their pokemon look out, Purry, who sat on the little cabin's roof.

However, Kair found she couldn't get to sleep, she was tired, but not in the mood for sleep, even if it sounded like a contradiction. Her mind wandered in random thoughts and she noticed that though they were in no way a couple out of a cheesy soap opera, a fact that she was glad for, Comet and Pixel must have been together after all. It seemed obvious upon seeing the calm in their closeness and the casual certainty with which Comet explained that Pixel sometimes laughed in her sleep.

Though Kair had been with them on a mission before, she had not noticed such signs, or maybe they had not been present while they were working and focusing on the mission. Her mind shifted to Lance and she found herself wondering where that came from, then realized that it wasn't simply because there was another couple near by, but rather because the couple in question was composed of a red haired man and a blue haired woman. Though Lance's hair was a deeper red tonality than Comet's red-orange, the basic colors of red and blue was what stood out to her. Except those two were both Rockets.

Comet tried to hold Pixel's legs still to stop the scratching noise. She responded by coiling up into a little ball with her knees against her chest. Then suddenly her eyes shot open and she sat up reaching for the tiny cell phone on her belt next to her pokeballs. She opened it up and looked at it. She rolled her eyes at the message; it was just Laiki in one of her nonsensical ramblings about one of her boyfriends forgetting the monthaversary of some random thing. Pixel never cared for monthaversaries, or anniversaries or fluffy stuff.

"Did I just see little sparks from your cell?" Comet inquired.

"I sleep like a rock so I modified it to give me a little shock," Pixel shrugged and put her phone back on her belt, no longer in the mood to nap.

"What was your funny dream about?" Kair decided to try to satisfy her curiosity after all.

"It was silly really," Pixel confessed. "There was this new criminal organization, Team Music or something. They were disguised as a record label and we had to infiltrate them. You were on vocals and played the bass, Comet played the guitar and I was the director and manager. The guitar and bass had some sort of laser weapons in them, like something out of a sci-fi movie. The stage equipment hid a lot of heavy artillery that I would use to watch your backs while you performed on stage and caught the attention of Team Music's leader to gain more access in the organization." It was no easy task for Pixel's dream self, despite being blessed with reality bending abilities that no living creature outside of dreams could hope to possess. She had to watch their backs, manage the special effects and do some hacking on the side, all the while not getting distracted by the music show or the noise of the crowd.

"I think the worse part is I can actually picture that," Kair commented. After seeing Team Magma, Aqua and Galaxy, she didn't doubt that something as ridiculous as Team Music could exist.

"You're not really telling us the whole story," Comet observed.

Pixel grinned, "it was the outfits. Petrel designed them along with the band's image. You were called the Rockin' Rockets because it was apparently so obvious that no one would ever suspect it involved Team Rocket. The outfits were completely ridiculous fan service. They were made of some sort of shiny black plastic-like fabric with more zippers and belts that anyone could be comfortable with. It was no wonder you had to be armed and needed backup, it would be impossible to run, let alone kick in those pants."

Pixel fell into a fit of laughter and Kair curiously scooted over. She had a feeling she would regret this. She placed both index fingers on the sides of Pixel's head and began to focus. Catching where this was going, having previously become aware of Kair's abilities, Pixel threw the image to the front of her mind. Pictures filled Kair's mind and she had to back away and shake her head. "Never ever describe any of that to Petrel!" Pixel was amused by the outburst, but showed a knowing look that promised she would keep quiet about it. "Was Lance the drummer?" Kair asked.

"Yeah, our drummer mysteriously disappeared and he had to step in," Pixel confirmed.

"How come his outfit wasn't as... detailed as Comet's," despite the initial shock of having the image thrown into her mind when Pixel focused on it, catching a glimpse of Lance in a similarly ridiculous outfit in the background was still amusing.

"My subconscious has less imagery to work with," Pixel logically explained.

Her statement made Comet shift uncomfortably, "what in the world did you show her?"

"It wasn't anything too bad..." Pixel never stopped looking amused.

Kair massaged her temples, "what was that other thing you threw at me?"

"Other thing?" Pixel honestly didn't seem to know what it was.

"What else were you thinking of?" Kair elaborated. "It looked complicated."

"Oh that," Pixel remembered that in her dream she was also hacking. "Codes, I was dreaming about computer codes too and they must have gotten stuck to the dream's images."

Kair tried to shake the codes out of her head, they were headache inducing. "You were right," she finally told Comet, "it's best if her dreams stay private."


Kair belongs to Nafatali. This crossover takes place in the middle volumes of the Inheritance series. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.