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Prolog: Enter the thief

The siren had gone off and like clock work the titans had shown up. Typical. Not in the mood for their petty interference, Red X beat them to the punch and threw a bomb in their general direction.

"Yea yea, Teen titans go! Believe me, I know!" Amused at the startled and disgruntled faces of the titans, he grinned beneath his mask. Perhaps it wouldn't be so much of a pain after all. If there was one thing he could count on by the titans it was their undeniable urge to be predictable. Hell, if one of them would switch it up every now and again he might, 'HA!', be thrown off enough for them to capture him.

"You know, we dance this same dance each time we meet and before you know it I'm the only one left on my feet!" Raven, the closest to him snorted at his rhyming and rolled her eyes. "See bet you didn't know I was a poet! Aw, come on my sassy lil beauty, I'm only doing it for your benefit darling! The rest of these uncouth losers wouldn't understand the stuff you and I do." She just knew he winked at her right then. The goose bumps on her arms told her so. She felt the confidence and attraction ooze off him, she wasn't exactly sure what to make of it so she feigned left and threw a powerful punch at him from the right instead.

"We have absolutely nothing in common and I regret to inform you, you are about as lousy at thieving as you are at rhyming. And furthermore, never call me any of your stupid nick names again." Grumbling at him made her a little more at ease. It wasn't that she wasn't aware that people found her attractive. She couldn't help but know being an empath and all, but when people like Red X, or Robin slipped up and let her in on that little fact she was unnerved. She never felt comfortable being on the receiving end of affections as it was, never mind a psychotic thief or her undisputed leader.

Jerking from her musings, she nearly missed the sticky red x shaped adhesive sent her way. Scowling, she charged her hands and waited for an opening at the agile thief. The other titans were doing what they normally did, charging and throwing star bolts and sonic cannon blasts, but the repeat motions felt stale. Now Robin would charge and find some way to be completely obvious while at it. After Red X threw out a leg and tripped up her leader, yep right there, she was supposed to throw her energy and blast the thief into the wall behind him. Pausing, she was surprised to see both Robin and Red X look her way as if expecting her interference. Seeing she wasn't engaging, both boys floundered for a moment before Red X grinned and tapped the button at his waist teleporting to the hall with a distinct 'shink' noise.

"See you later titans!" An annoying cocky grin flashed on his face for a brief moment while he saluted them. Irritation surged in Raven. She felt confusion, amusement and assurance from the man now escaping. She had enough waiting and following the same patterns. He was going to be a hell of a lot more confused after she got done with him that was for sure.

Launching her self down the hallway, she strained her sensitive hearing to catch the tell-tale pitter of soft footsteps. Locating her target, she ignored the cries from her teammates and flew after Red X in hot pursuit. Bursting out of a door, she stumbled to a stop on the roof of the museum. In front of her a surprised Red X stood frozen staring at the dark girl.

"Whoa, didn't see that coming. You never break ranks normally Raven. Aw, should I feel special you chose to just for me?" Springing back flawlessly from his momentary surprise, he hid it behind his normally cocky front. Raven for her part barely batted a dark lash at him. 'Weird, it's like she read my mind or something…can she even DO that?'

"I'm sick of this game X, so make your move, what's it going to be?" Raven completely unflustered, or at least as far as X could tell, took up a fighting stance and glared down the now unsure thief.

"Well, as fun as it would be to roll about the roof top with you," here she could feel a lecherous leer eat up the exposed skin of her body, "I feel it is better to live to fight another day as they say. Night beautiful, sweet dreams, you'll be in mine!" Lunging, Raven heard the sound of his teleportation just as she reached his previous location.

"Damn!" Little did she know the one she had just missed heard her curse, and a sadistic grin flitted over his features.

Now keep in mind this is a Robin/Raven/Red X. there is a long road ahead though so, plan ahead for extended bouts at the computer screen!