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July 29 2000 AD

The sun was slowly setting in the horizon casting its dull light into the sky making it look like a painting rather than a real life image. For the inhabitants of Gordic's Hallow and the rest of the Magical world today's the day for celebrations. After six brutal years of fighting peace finally settled in the British Wizarding World. Voldemort and his followers were finally vanquished and the genocide was stopped. This was all possible because of the efforts of the Order Of Pheonix and their saviour Harry Potter.

But the receiver of these praises and gratitude was not happy. He lost almost everything in the war. So many deaths occurred in the british Wizarding World that they are at the lowest in the history of magic to have so less number of Wizards and witches. The population has fallen from 100000 to about 18000 in the war. Muggleborn and Purebloods alike have suffered. So many wizarding families have been wiped out. Their family estates were left without any holders. The Ministry have given these estates to the Muggleborns who proved themselves and they have been promoted to Nobility. For the first time Muggleborns have held the Family seats in the Winzegmont. New family names have cropped up. Thirty percent of these unclaimed vaults were given to the Goblins and other Magical creatures who fought with them.

Harry sighed remembering this. " Are you alright love?" asked a voice. He smiled at the melodious sound of his wife Fleur Potter nee Delacour. " Yes I am Love. Just remembering the past."

She smiled at him and sat down beside him holding their sleeping daughter. Lilian Marie Potter was born in 1996 on Harry's sixteenth birthday. It was amazing that his daughter shares the same birthday as him. He smiled down at her and ran a hand down silver blonde hair. She is almost the copy of her mother except her eyes. They were the same green colour as his. He looked up to his wife and smiled remembering their love. She cornered him after the Triwizard Tournament wanting to comfort him. She kissed him to make him forget his pain but soon found out she couldn't break the kiss. That was the day they realized their love.

After 2 years Lily was born. That day marked a change in his life. He asked Fleur to marry him on that day. She was so happy that she fainted after saying yes to him with Lily still in her hands. That same day he received his Inheritance. He is an Elemental Mage of the most powerful element,Thunder. He also found out that he is an Animagus, a Wyrren, the Thunder Dragon. He also found out that he is the descendant of the hidden Fifth founder of Hogwarts; Dragga Draconis.

The Goblins immediately contacted the other four founder descendants. Imagine his surprise when Neville turned out to be Gryffindor heir. Cho is the Ravenclaw heir and Susan Bones the Hufflepuff heir. Even more surprising thing was that Voldemort is not the true heir of Slytherin. He is a Descendant of Salazars cousin. Patric Conners turned out to be a nice guy who's family left England to Australia in the early 1800's toavoid the stigma of the society for being Parseltounges. It was then falsely believed that the Gaunts were the Slytherin descendants. The five of them started training together to defeat Voldemort. That year Sirius died on an attack on the Malfoy Mansion. He managed to kill Lucius and the Lestrange brothers before dying due to excessive bleeding. Harry was heartbroken and killed several of the new DE recruits in a fit of rage. He finally calmed down when Dumbledore arrived.

Since the Black family head is dead Narcissa Malfoy and Draco Malfoy tried to get its Lordship to Draco as he is the last Male with Black Blood. But Sirius managed to pull one last prank and managed to pass the Lordship to Remus since he married Tonks. The Malfoys were furious but could do nothing. At the age of seventeen Harry finally received the Potter and Draconis family Lordships. To his surprise he found out that his mother was the one with the Draconis blood. It was weird finding out that since the time of the Founders all the descendants were females and could not claim its lordship. In time the house was forgotten that it even dissapeared from Hogwarts. The Five descendants recharged the special wards in Hogwarts.

The Order Of Pheonix managed to stop the war from spreading into the other countries. But they were able to secure the help of the Veelas in France as Fleur was one of their nobility. Veelas are born as half or Quarter Veelas but after finding a mate their genetic makeup changes turning them into full fledged Veelas as Fleur. Males born to them are only carriers of the genes.

The next year was the worst in the magical world. Half of the Wizards and Witches were killed in the fights. All of the Weasly's except Ginny survived that year. She later got married to Neville. Hermoine was hit hardest. Her fiance Ron and his brother Percy joined the DE and died killed by the Weasly twins. Her parents were soon found and tortured while on a Holiday in Tasmania. She was so broken that she did not talk for a month. Harry adopted her into the Potter family. She officially became his sister. Hermoine and Patric hit off and got engaged. Cho married Ernie Macmillan and Susan married Victor Krum. This was the biggest shock to Harry. How this had happened, he had no idea.

Fear of getting killed made all the people above fifteen years of age to marry. The war continued with seemingly no end. Fortunately Voldemort did not attack the muggle world as the rebellion was great in the magic world. So he spent all his resources on subduing the magical world first. The Goblins chose to fight against Voldemort as a symbol of respect towards Harry who never looked down upon them. In retaliation, Voldemort destroyed the Ministry but luckily could not do the same to the Department of Mysteries. The DOM took upthe job of the Ministry and declared a full scale war against Voldemort which the previous ministry did not do. Their requests for help had the ministry of Russia join the fight as Drumstang stood agaist the DE as their respect to Krum. All European schools of Magic kicked out the DE children. Voldemort managed to capture Azkaban Island and turned it into a small Kingdom. The Fortress now acted as a base of operations and a schoolfor the DE children.

Finally in a surprise attack Voldemort tried to take down Hogwarts. The final battle which lasted two days saw the destruction of the DE and Voldemort. Harry finally took down Voldemort in his animagus form by totally obliterating him by his lightning breath. In that battle all the Hogwarts Heads of Houses and Dumbledore died. Hermoine, Susan, Neville and Ginny took up their post and have been working to bring in more students. Luckily the number of Muggleborn children reache sky high as the magical energy of Voldemort gained by rituals was released into the world. Around 2000 Muggleborn children from age of one to eight have been identified. So Hogwarts will be functioning smoothly. But instead of four houses it now has five house. Draconis stands for power. So people who have power and noble ideals are sorted into that house. The magical world of Britain is slowly returning to its feet.

But Harry was still unhappy. People saw him as a Hero or worst villain. He was offered many posts in the Ministry and in Hogwarts but refused to accept telling them that he needed to live in peace. He has no place in this world. He made a spell making every one forget him and his Family. The Potter family manor, his gold and artifacts are all put in a magical trunk which has a great garden and artificial sky and daily rythms like sunrise and sunset. This was the only thing inherited from Draconis. All his fortune was spent in making this trunk. All the House elves already moved into the trunk.

Harry smiled sadly remembering all of his family and friends. This world was too painful for him. While reading Dumbledore's private library he came across some Runes allowing him to travel dimensions. He is going to use the spell tomorrow to take his wife and his daughter to a different dimension. This Rune specifically allows a person to see what kind of world it is. Harry already found out that his Parents are alive. Voldemort was dead as well as his counterpart on the Halloween incident. Harry did not look further than that. It sounded perfect. Cho Macmillan was the only one with enough knowledge in runes to do the spell. She argued at first but soon gave in. She promised to do the spell.

" Come on love, we need to get inside. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day." Fleur's voice interrupted his thoughts. He got up and followed his wife inside. This was the last day in this world. Harry said goodbye to all his family and friends in this world. The Delacour's were sad but accepted their decision. Gabrielle was hysterical but calmed down. Kissing her neice one last time she went back home. The elder Delacours gave them their final goodbyes and returned home.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day


" Are you sure you want to do this?" Cho asked them. Harry and Fleur just nodded smilling . Cho gave Fleur a hug and kissed Harry. She finally got over her crush on Harry she had secretly nursed.

" Goodbye then. Have a good life Harry,Fleur and Lily"

" Thank you Cho, live happily as well." Fleur said to Cho.

" Goodbye Aunt Cho"

" Goodbye Cho" Harry finally wished her.

Smilling a little sadly but also happily Cho activated the Runes and the Potters vanished from the world. Sighing softly Cho cast a mamory charm on her to forget them. The spell Harry did has taken effect. By the end of the day, everyone forgot that a family by name Potter or their saviour The-Boy-who-Lived existed