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Chapter 1: Birthday Presents

"You didn't get me anything for my 21st birthday either, Yamato Taichou? What the hell?" Sakura asked sitting beside the man whose eyes usually held a sharp look to them.

Right now the emotion behind those dark brown orbs screamed nothing short of fear and anxiety –steadily flicking back and forth between his senpai and the irate birthday girl. For you see, Kakashi had already taken his gift money beforehand with promising words that he would add his own cash to the pot. But, here he was with no present for Sakura and no explanation from the man he looked up to.

Needless to say, right now, Tenzou was cursing himself for not listening to his initial gut feeling. Inwardly, the wood-user sighed, knowing this wasn't the first time he'd been taken in by false words and bright…eye-creases and probably nor would it be the last.

It was true. His senpai had a hold on him. It was just an everyday fact of life.

Kakashi, slightly offended that his voucher for one free weapon sharpening at the Chop N Block was seemingly forgotten, cleared his throat loudly.

Sakura turned to him, rolling her eyes unamused. "Psh, please, Kakashi-sensei. They were giving those away for free on my way over here!" Pulling out two identical pieces of gray and black paper from a vest pocket, she chastised, "See! I already picked up two for Sai and Naurto for when they get back from their mission!"

The Hokage-wanna-be and his sun-fearing partner were scheduled to return from scouting in Rain country the morning after.

Despite that, her boys had still taken the time to give Sakura her birthday present before setting out. Her oh so precious gift had consisted of a colored picture of Naruto lounging on a couch with nothing on but the necklace that Tsunade-sama had given him. She had been told the artist was none other than Sai -and that the marvelous idea was from some tragic love story about a sinking boat Naruto had once watched. Or at least something like that… She hadn't really paid much attention to their words, too busy trying not to commit murder in front of everyone at the front gate.

"Oh well…" At that the Copy Ninja fell silent moments before whipping out a brand-spanking new limited edition Icha Icha War printed in orange and black binding.

Eyes wide, jaw dropped, Yamato accused, "Senpai! How could you? I can't believe you bought that with my money!"

Sakura, knowing her former leader all too well not to have caught on, echoed, "Yeah! I can't believe you bought that with my birthday money!"

Cracking open the new book -whose series was taken over by their favorite kyuubi-container and illustrated by his pale ink-wielding assistant, Kakashi basically ignored them with nine simple words, "I do not know what you are talking about."

Sakura, furious, dared the absolute unthinkable. In 0.2 seconds Naruto's bestselling masterpiece to date was ripped from the masked man's grip and quickly stashed away inside her green many pocketed vest –the safest place she could think of under the circumstances.

That anxious look from before suddenly made a reappearance as Yamato's gaze swung between Kakashi and Sakura.

Momentarily stunned, Kakashi hadn't moved from his reading position: both hands up now holding… thin air. Regretfully for Sakura, when he came to, his demeanor wasn't so forthcoming. With a vicious glare in that one visible eye –that usually made her genin self piddle in her pants, Kakashi leaned forward on the table and said very quietly, "Sakura… I must warn you that it is in your best interest to return it to me right now."

Yamato had seen the Son of the White Fang's own brand of severe punishment one too many times while being under his iron fist back in their shared ANBU days. He was just glad there were no nearby lakes… where he would be tied to a tree branch upside down and then dunked repeatedly headfirst into the water until he turned blue in the face and atoned for his crimes or finally passed out.

Hey, just because one couldn't necessarily murder their smart-assed subordinates didn't mean they couldn't torture them… and ever so slowly drive them into the insanity they had first introduced to you. He had learned that golden bit of info from Kakashi… alongside teamwork of course…which came much, much, much, later.

Yamato, beginning to sweat bullets, nudged the young woman's side echoing his senpai's statement, "I-I would listen to him, Sakura."

The kunoichi, no longer incontinent, was well aware of the fact that Kakashi was no longer her team leader –having moved on to training her own team of genin two summers before.

He was now just another shmoe that Naruto and Sai liked to poke fun at without the fear of repercussion. So she figured why not herself as well?

Therefore, the great and all mighty Copy Ninja held no sway over her. At least, not anymore since her taijutsu skills matched his own now –thanks to Gai-sensei. (Still, she had to agree that stretch of leo-tarded hell had been well worth the shame.)

Demeanor cool, calm and collected, Sakura, feeling superlatively safe from bodily harm, simply said, "No."

Kakashi's silver brow rose in surprise, his voice a tick below incredulous. "Excuse me?"

Steady as a stone, she repeated, "I said no," Crossing her arms, she then turned to the man, who everyone knew had an obvious non-sexual man-crush on the well known Copy Ninja, disapprovingly, "And you. Aren't you tired of your precious Senpai taking you for granted? Yamato Taichou, I thought you were better than this."

At a loss for words at the bravery and courage radiating off the petite woman that he himself seemed to lack, Yamato began to sputter, "I-I… B-But you s-see Senpai-"

Feeling sorry for the man who got picked on as much or actually even worse than she and her younger cohorts –since Kakashi was well aware of the other's affliction, the generous kunoichi decided to help him out. "Eh, it's alright. I mean it's not your fault that Kakashi-sensei is a cheap, selfish, insensitive ba-"

Waving a gloved hand, Kakashi curtly cut her off, "I'm still here." Crossing his own arms, he deadpanned, "And I'm still waiting to have my book returned."

A rather mischievous smile pulled at the corners of the kunoichi's lips, twisting her features into something their whiskered other half was only known to portray –or Sai on a very evil day. "Oh, you'll get your book back alright, but only after you've given me my birthday present and paid back Yamato Taichou in full."

Face a mask of confusion, feeling slightly giddy inside that someone was finally sticking up for him for once, Yamato asked hopeful, "He is?"

Highly skeptical and back to his droopy-eyed self, Kakashi inquired, "I am?"

Licking her lips and smiling, the devious kunoichi inwardly giggled. Yes. Why yes you are.

The two men shared a look: one filled with elation and the other filled with…

"Why did we have to follow you here again?" Kakashi asked, while Sakura struggled to find her keys in the vest with the black-holes for pockets. It seemed the jounin vest had a place for everything… the only problem was ever finding it again.

"Because-" She paused while looking through the third set of key-rings she had found. After flipping through the first five attached items, she muttered to no one in particular, "Are you kidding me? All these and not one to the stupid front door?"

Yamato prodded the otherwise engaged woman again, "You were saying?"

Jimmying a random key in the hole, Sakura looked up distractedly. "Oh, sorry, what?"

Kakashi, leaning his shoulder against the wall beside the door with his hands in his pockets, parroted his good buddy Tenzou's words from before, "You were saying"

With the key not turning, Sakura cursed, before going back to her elusive search. "Crap! Oh right…" Dubiously she commented, nodding at the brown haired man on her other side, "Well, your place is on the other side of the village and-." Her eyes flicked to the silver haired man to her left, "-for some reason, I don't even want to think about what yours looks like right now."

Images of blowup sheep and sticky worn out Icha Icha under the bed made her shiver.

Both men, still highly perplexed and clearly coming to the end of their respective tethers, asked at once, "What are we doing here?"

The woman in question ignored them yet again as the search for her erroneous house-key came to a rather moving conclusion. Quickly stuffing everything back into whatever pocket was closest, Sakura huffed exasperated, "You know what? Screw it. I'll just break it down, take Naruto out to drink tomorrow, get him sloppy drunk, tell him he was the one who broke it and then have him fix it."

Sakura inwardly shrugged. Worked before; should work again.

Before Yamato could even finish his obviously going to be ignored, "Wha-?" Sakura's fist had already said hello to the other side of the obstacle before them.

With the bottom hinges completely separated from the wall, the energetic kunoichi used a little chakra enhanced strength to completely rip the poor remains from its captivity. Nonchalantly she carried the slab of splinters a few steps into her hallway before gently resting it against the side wall. Then, like nothing odd at all had happened, Sakura began to take off her vest while turning to the two silent men peculiarly staring at her from still outside her entryway, innocently asking, "So, do either of you two want anything to drink? I think Naruto left some beer in the fridge."

With a slight shrug of his shoulders, hands still in his pockets, Kakashi made up his mind as he stepped over her newly doorless threshold. "I suppose a few of those wouldn't hurt."

Yamato shook his head to clear the absurdity from the situation before following behind his honored Senpai, going with the flow. Voice still somewhat irked at the other for having cheated him, the man with the first Hokage's spliced DNA commented, "Senpai, it's rude to expect more than you're offered, you know."

Just then Sakura came out of the kitchen with an opened beer in each hand as both her seniors took up a spot on her comfy couch across from her. Like the grand hostess she was, the smiling kunoichi furnished each man with his own drink, offering congenially, "Here you go. Make yourselves comfortable." With a grin that Kakashi thought boarded more on the cheeky side, she added, "Come now, you two should really learn to get along."

That comment alone was enough to make him sit his offered beer down untouched. If Kakashi was anything, he was a shrewd man. And he had just come to an easily calculated conclusion. That comment definitely held an underlying meaning and one that had to do with himself, Tenzou and whatever little medical concoction he now had provocation to suspect that she had secretly finagled into their drinks –the tops having been previously popped off their bottles for a purpose.

As the saying goes, "It takes one to know one," and in this case the word one equated to pervert.

Watching the other man take a deep swig that would no doubt empty half of the dark brown bottle's clear contents, Kakashi eyed the now fidgeting female jounin across from them with a hawk-like stare.

Lazily he asked, "What did you put in it?"

Needless to say, what was currently being guzzled down Yamato's throat clogged and then came pouring out as he sputtered the one word that had apparently become his favorite, "Wha-?"

"Don't worry," Sakura began to calmly explain to both concerned men, "It's just a harmless…"A cringe, "…enhancer."

Again, Yamato voiced his obligatory, "Wha-" that went unheard –Kakashi's voice carrying over his own.

Lightly inquiring, Kakashi asked, "Already out on the market or something you cooked up yourself?"

Proud of her creation, Sakura beamed, "Made it myself!"

Yamato finally cut into the conversation, highly disturbed, "Um, why exactly did you try to drug u-"

"Drug you, you mean." Kakashi plainly corrected, meaning the elite shinobi's lack of foresight.

The fondness for his idol wavered slightly as he cut a look at the other, before posing his question to their devious host again, "Like I said, why exactly did you try to drug us?" Starting to feel a little hot around his green collar and stiff in his blue pants, he asked further, his deep voice a little high-pitched than normal."What exactly does it do and is there some kind of antidote?"

Trying to sooth the man's fears, she explained, "It a simple liquid sexual enhancer for males that have what's known as Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome or Females with a low to no sex drive."

Yamato blanched.

Offhandedly, she added, "Got the idea off of one of those late night commercials for something called Vi-something or other." Waving that info away she concluded, "There is no antidote, you just have to wait for the effects to wear off in a couple of hours." Excited to have a new guinea-pig other than an oblivious Naruto or Sai -and herself, separately of course- Sakura animatedly intoned, intently staring at the man's slowly bulging crotch, "Fast acting, huh? Isn't it great!"

Yamato, having already paled at her words and definitely feeling its effects, reverberated her vocabulary morosely, "Yeah… great." Unzipping his green jounin vest, Yamato sighed, resigned to his embarrassing fate. "Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?"

"I believe it is just you." Kakashi smiled behind the mask next to him, staring out of the corner of his eye at the pitched tent his friend was sporting. Then with seriousness blazing that darkened pupil of his, her ex-teamleader asked, "Humorous as it may be-"

"Gee, thanks Senpai." Yamato said, adjusting himself –not wanting to chance the lengthy return journey home in fear of public viewing of his…wood.

The Copy Ninja continued turning back to Sakura, "But why have you chosen to do such a thing." A brow rose, "And to the two of us as well."

Sakura's proud smile twisted into one of cruel ferocity, as a haughty tone slinked forth while lavishly looking over both of her handsome ex-superiors, "I think that's more than obvious, don't you agree?"

Suffice it to say, Kakashi found himself suddenly drinking in her grown image with new found respect.

The normally naïve eyes, he never truly took the time to actually look into, held a certain sexy sparkle to them that day. The smoldering fire he now found within those mischievous jaded orbs ignited the kindling within his own body –surprisingly without the aid of her ingenious drug.

Vaguely, a question of just when she had become so bold… so sexy… so lucky that his morals were extremely lacking tugged at his conscience.

However, being a man who was above all the hoopla of integrity…especially when it kept him from nailing something as sweet as the pretty thing across from him- Kakashi silenced the one nagging voice in his head that kept telling him to simply turn tail and run.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he was not going to miss out on. The boys be damned, she wanted him and what kind of friend would he be if he didn't oblige? His gaze lowered to those pink petals that he used to think flapped way too much for his liking. His own parted beneath the mask with the smallest intake of breath as she wet them with a slow swipe of a teasingly, sensuous tongue.

She's good

Kakashi watched transfixed as Sakura next: got up from her chair, unbuckled her waist pouch, tossed it to the side, picked up his untouched drink and started her way over to the drugged man sitting next to him.

She wouldn't…

Once stopping in front of her frozen prey's knees, she slowly moved to straddle him, a hand griping the back of the couch to steady herself.

A silver brow rose intrigued, the man it belonged to settling in for the obvious show to come.

Oh my…

A man smitten with written words, in an inadvertent sense Kakashi had always been one with the voyeuristic way.

Jaw rightfully dropped, Yamato, skin a healthy tinge of pink with copious amounts of sweat now dripping from his raised brow, could only sit and watch as the young thing on his lap thirstily took a long swig from her own newly created potion.

The heated wood-user's good senses told him to flee; regretfully, there was more than the sumptuous weight of the smirking kunoichi weighing down his morals –apparently the only one in the room who had any. Whatever had been in that bottle had sapped any and all inhibitions from being able to completely rise to the surface. They were there, but the heightened sense of all things touch, taste, and feel left them nullified.

His stick no longer a twig, it steadily hardened and firmed into a thick, sturdy branch.

Already his calloused hands were sneaking their way up those clenching toned thighs that he suddenly wished with a fury were bare and wrapped around his naked body, while he-

His mind went completely blank as Sakura rocked her hips, deliciously awakening the beast within him as she bent her head and slowly licked his trembling bottom lip with a breathy sigh. Unsteady breath mixing; it was like she was exchanging dirty little secrets without speaking a single solitary word.

He was steadily being pushed past his limits. Poking arousal crushed against her heated center, a hand wrapped itself into the back of her hair of its own violation as his wanting mouth hungrily sought her own. Tongues clashed as each side fought for dominance. It was sloppy, wild and so very, very naughty. The knowledge that what they were doing was obscene to most just heightened the boundary erasing experience that much more.

The age old arguments: he being too old, she being too young and everything else in between became aphrodisiacs to the two who at that moment didn't rightfully give a damn. Hang-ups were checked at the door as each feasted on the other's growing taboo excitement.

Barely registering the bottle in the kunoichi's hand –it being on the brink of spilling, Kakashi absentmindedly took it from the otherwise occupied woman's slackened grip.

Thoroughly enjoying the sight of the two rocking oversexed companions devouring one another, the silver haired onlooker decided to join in on the fun, but only after first wetting his whistle with the specially made community drink.

Pulling down his mask, revealing flushed handsome features of perfection, he greedily drained the rest, smacking his lips appreciatively afterwards.

Looking back to the two mimicking hot, searing sex to his side, Kakashi didn't know if it was the drink or his own perversion making his monster, in its dark clothed dwelling; awaken from its month long slumber.

There was just something about the goody-goody kunoichi turning wicked before his very eyes that had the blood pooling in his burning loins.

No longer able to reprise his role as helpless spectator, Kakashi reached over and buried his own gloved hand in the purring kunoichi's rosette locks, persuasively prying her lips from Tenzou's with a rather loud, obscene, suctioned release. Before she could even take that much needed breath Kakashi had already given her lips something else to chew on –his own.

Yamato, given completely into the heat of the fire and the flow of the moment, pushed the bottom of her blue long-sleeved shirt to the top of her ribcage as his mouth sought out her covered right breast. Squeezing hands creeping up and over the cotton bindings, he smiled into her bosom as his teeth latched onto an already pebbled nipple –soaking her covering shirt with warm saliva.

Sakura shivered, feeling the delicious tingle the suction of her breast created in her already flowing center. She moaned into Kakashi's feverishly invading mouth, eliciting a like sound from the Copy Ninja in return.

Dropping a hand down to those gorgeous breasts that his good friend had finally freed, Kakashi growled, pulling at a pink sensitive nipple while continuing to fuck her mouth with his tongue.

Sakura felt like she was on fire! Never before this day had she ever imagined that her two ex-mentors could rile her so, make her feel so gorgeous, so alive. The way they touched her, the places they licked her corrupted her morality, leaving her feeling so very right in a world that would see it as nothing but wrong.

Swimming in the sensations being wrought upon her body, Sakura desperately tried to force her consciousness back into play. For this was the culminating moment of her devious plan. All would be for not if she didn't act. She had to do it now while both sexually driven men could utterly taste their want on their invading tongues.

Refusal was not an option.

Struggling to work through the effects of the drug, Sakura forced herself to pull back from the man she couldn't get enough of, a hand still tangled into his feathery silver hair. A viciously erotic grin seeped into her features as she stared unabashedly into the handsome baby soft face that she had become accustomed to only one year ago –that earlier sparkle of mischief dancing behind those glowing irises of hers.

Licking those mind-numbing kiss-bruised lips, Kakashi watched their little kitten all but purr out in that sultry voice that made his dick twitch, "Now, you two."

Yamato immediately pulled back from her swollen areola with a pop as Kakashi's deadly bedroom smile fell. Both suddenly frozen men, deadpanned, "What?"

The kunoichi, showing her true colors at last, softly brushed her lips against Kakashi's smugly explaining, "I did say you were going to give me a present didn't I?" She boldly licked his neck. "I want my present."

Kakashi, still in shock, remained stationary as Yamato pulled further away, her shirt sliding back into place. Dubiously, the man beneath her asked, brain functioning normally for the moment, "How does kissing Senpai repay me?"

Sakura ran her free hand through his shorter brown hair, turning to tenderly kiss the man on his covered forehead. "It doesn't." Pressing her own slightly sweaty brow there, she hotly looked straight into his ever so puzzled eyes, "That's my payment." Then sliding her lips down to his earlobe and nibbling, she ground into the hardness between her legs and moaned, "Yours comes after."

Groaning in ecstasy, completely fallen victim to her heavenly charms, Yamato's resistance vanished like the moisture in his mouth, "I'm in."

The moment he tried to kiss her, Sakura wagged a finger, "Uh-uh, not me-" Placing a finger on his slightly pouting lips, she turned to Kakashi who had been silently observing, "-him."

There was a lengthy pregnant pause as each over-stimulated man silently turned to the other. Serious contemplation was written all over their faces as Sakura absolutely squirmed in erotic delight. The tension between the two heterosexual manly men was clearly palpable in that steady, half-lidded gaze that slowly began to glaze over with an amalgamation of hesitancy, curiosity and…-dare she think it- awakening.

Their sizzling contemplative fixation kept her heart pounding in her chest, driving her consciousness close to insanity with the heady wait.

Kakashi could not believe that their wicked little angel wanted to watch something so…unthinkable. Even more so, he couldn't believe that, by her mere words, he was now actually being turned on by the thought of utterly besmirching the man across from him. Was it the drug that made her provocation so…deliciously tempting? Or was it something else entirely that motivated his thoughts in such a way? He didn't know. Even so, he could not tear away his gaze.

Sakura, the need within her rising, prodded, forcing her almost shaky voice into a more soothing tone with a hand stroking in each man's soft hair, "One kiss." Brows knitting with incomprehensible want, more words trembled forth from her body, the tainted need to see what she had been craving since the moment her love for man on man affection had first began years before. "No one ever has to know. What we do here tonight dies here." Trying to sweeten the deal even further for her own twisted personal gain, solemnly, the stirred-up kunoichi hissed, "I swear."

With baited breath, Sakura watched, lips parting as Kakashi unexpectedly broke the cast frozen spell by slowly traversing the large space between him and a very still, yet so very turned on Yamato.

Here he was; the man he idolized, the one who he felt he would never lived up to. And yet, that very same man whose rare commending words always left him full of pride and joy now had his pulse beating hard against bone and flesh. He had always wanted the great Hatake Kakashi, the lone sharingan user to look his way. But this time he did not crave flattering words or approving smiles, he wanted something else entirely. What that certain thing was, he didn't know exactly, but whatever it was made the pulsing rod between his legs unexpectedly jerk with anticipation.

Sakura bit back the gasp from the animated twitch she had just felt between her legs. She didn't want anything to ruin this perfect moment of sinful bliss. This was her moment, her present, her image to burn into her mind to bring up whenever she wanted to help ease her into sleep on those lonely nights that would surely follow. Wrapped completely up in her need, she silently, desperately screamed.

Damn it! Give me my present!

And then, seconds before Sakura thought she truly would go mad, it happened.

Kakashi boldly slid a gloved hand behind his trusted friend's head, slightly tilting his own in the other direction. Naked lips met in a soft yet heated press.

Sakura bit her trembling lip and moaned low in her throat as that simple kiss suddenly turned oh so very passionate.

Oh… my… God.

Her breath caught in her chest as their lips parted, their heads tilted, and their tongues slipped into each other's mouths with an ease like it was an everyday occurrence. Two handsome, strong and utterly deadly men were tasting each other for the very first time before her very eyes. Entire body burning with lust, she stared hard, with lowered lids, at the most erotic display she had ever seen in her entire life.

A throb came from between her legs and this time not from the man whose bottom lip was being sucked on. She watched Kakashi lean further in with his trembling hands buried in mouse colored hair as he began to orally dominate the other man soundly.

A deep guttural moan came from Yamato as his hips suddenly unconsciously pushed up into her saturated center and without any preamble at all, Sakura had already found her first climax.

Her shaking fingers suddenly clawed into the dark blue material covering her thighs as Kakashi growled into Yamato's mouth causing his hips to jerk yet again. Sakura fought the arch that her light orgasm tried to force upon her, wanting her erotic entertainment to continue even unbidden. Biting down on her lip to keep from crying out, she deliciously trembled again as she felt the grinding cock below her swell and press even harder.

Sakura whimpered none too quietly in her place. She had to have them -both of them. And she had to have them now.

Legs rightfully resembling jelly, the anxious kunoichi slid off of Yamato's lap, finally making the two men in their own little world pull away from each other.

Then, holding out her hands with the clear and honest need for her body to be completely…defiled by them written all over her tensed face, Sakura all but begged, "Come. Let's take this to my bedroom."

The two flushed men, who desperately wanted to continue where they left off, looked at their affected, yearning guide and then glanced at each other.

Kakashi, ever the leader, was the first to act. Voice low in his ears, barely heard over his own hammering heart, he told the kunoichi whose arousal he could already smell, "After you."

With the clasp of their hands symbolizing their future physical bonds, the three retreated to Sakura's bedroom for the night.

However, it was safe to say that no one was going to get any sleep.

To Be Continued