WARNING: The contents here in are rated NC-17 and not for those underaged, faint of heart, or extremely homophobic please turn back now! This is not my usual writing. Again, this was written for the ladies over at the KakaSaku FC. Sorry its taken so long, but I'm finally done. /wipe brow

Chapter 2: Sinful Euphoria

All but dragging her soon to be lovers behind her, Sakura bare-footedly crossed into her spacious bedroom and stopped after her first five steps.

Halting her two sexy men, the hot and bothered kunoichi took Kakashi by the hand and led him to the little silver and glass vanity facing her bed –Yamato in hand behind her.

With the back of Kakashi's legs hitting the matching stool, Sakura pressed herself against him as another strong body sidled up to her form from behind –leaving her feeling so wonderfully trapped. Slender fingers slowly pulling at the metal fastener at the top of the silver haired man's vest, Sakura tilted her head back, it coming to rest on a broad shoulder behind.

The sound of a zipper filled the air as three bodies seemed to sway with an unheard slow, musical rhythm that only they could hear as her gliding touch slid the vest from her lover's shoulders. The word beautiful came to mind as a tanned cheek nuzzled the side of her neck while a soft kiss was planted on her mouth by pale, tender lips.

Closing her eyes, the woman, who allowed herself to revel in the feeling of being truly wanted, simply …let go.

Instead of wasteful thoughts filling her feather light head, she indulged in the feel of those two sets of warm and strangely comforting hands roaming across her naked belly, caressing the lax arms at her sides.

If she had attained that naivety from years past, she might have even lulled herself into a false sense of love, but she knew what this was –and it was alright with her. She had trusted these two men with her life on countless occasions beforehand and now it only seemed right to trust them with her body as well. The true sense of the word love may not necessarily be involved in their romantic exchange, but she knew there were feelings and a definite sense of reliance that you could only find with the people you know and care for.

Opening her eyes and wanting to run her hands through Kakashi's gravity defying hair, Sakura's fingers went to the knot at the back of his slightly angled head. Then, after pulling the crooked headband from its place, she tossed it to the side. She then buried her digits possessively into her treasure while leaning further back into the solid form behind with a contented sigh.

For the duration of that one single solitary night, she would belong solely to them and they would be entirely hers.

The moment the Copy Ninja bent down to engage in another sumptuous kiss, wanting to do a little something for the man she knew so well, with a strong hand to the plane of his chest, the conniving kunoichi tenaciously pushed him to a seated position –where he sat with a flop.

Sakura looked down with a lopsided grin through heavy lashes to Kakashi who returned her look with a pleased smile and amusement dancing in his only opened eye. She gave him a rather teasing wink before turning around to face the one whose arms encircled her waist. The warmth inside swirled as her smile became infectious, Yamato matching her contented look. She tenderly exchanged kisses as she moved to remove his already unzipped vest.

Once it was around his feet, the man meagerly kicked it out of the way before his forceful kunoichi started walking him backward, still attached at the lips.

Oh it felt so incredibly good to be wanted by such gorgeous and virile men. Getting lost in the moment once again, Sakura had to force herself back into her original game-plan, remembering that heart-stopping manly kiss from before. So, taking into account Kakashi's apparent fixation for observation, Sakura began to set things in motion.

Lips lifting into a perverse smirk, completely catching the wood-user off guard, the inwardly snickering kunoichi continued to walk a highly cautious Yamato to the edge of her bed where she then sat him down as well.

Kakashi watched transfixed as their sinful angel from before returned as she lifted her shirt the moment Yamato's rear end had sunk into her pastel colored bedspread.

From his vantage point, Kakashi ran his eyes over each and every creamy bit of flesh slowly exposed -lavishing those moving sinewy muscles beneath that perfect skin with hard visual massaging.

So very nice

A barebacked woman adding to his lists of favorites, what made the sight all the more thrilling was the knowledge that his oh so lucky friend was drinking in the sight of those supple, milky breasts that he couldn't wait to bite into. Chest hammering, Yamato drank in the shameless woman's rounded peaks with the pink, tasty nipples he had been sucking on in the other room.

Unconsciously, he wet his tender lips at the memory, wanting to latch onto the rosy buds yet again.

Sakura, loving the exhilaration of being watched, pushed the envelope further.

In the next second, Yamato found himself looking, not into the mounds of joy he so wished to touch, but straight into the Copy Ninja's eyes –Sakura having unexpectedly crouched in front of him.

Kakashi groaned as Sakura hooked her thumbs into the sides of those dark blue jounin pants and underlying white high-cut panties while giving him a very promising look over left shoulder. He continued to watch their fierce little kitten seductively and ever so slowly extended her legs while bent at the waist, the cotton cloth shimmying down that heart-shaped derrière and those nicely shaped legs of hers inch by luscious inch. The moment she had fully extended her body, bent over with her pants now pooled around her ankles, a very appreciative growl was sent her way.

Kakashi's bulge twitched at the audacious women before him. Hands at her ankles, head between her spread legs, she purposely licked her lips at him with that glistening, pink, puffy center just begging to be tasted just an arm's reach away. Nonetheless, something told him that he wouldn't be the one having that particular pleasure.

Yamato didn't have to look at his friends sweating brow or biting lip to gauge what exactly Kakashi was adamantly staring at. He could see it right over the man's left shoulder -in the mirror behind him.

The words slipped from between Tenzou's lips in raspy disbelief before he could even check himself.

"Holy shit..."

Rolling back to a standing position with her hands running up the back of her calves, Sakura next turned her attention to the man sweating bullets on her bed. She stepped out of the pooled garments at her feet completely naked for both fully clothed men to ogle to their hearts content. Sakura walked to her brown haired lover with eyes flashing and lips curling, her gaze unwavering even as she moved to mount him.

First one pale knee sunk into the bed beside Yamato's covered thighs …and then the other. His hands automatically slid up the sides of those toned bare muscles and continued to squeeze and massage further up to the woman's young, curvaceous hips.

Sakura quickly moved to requisition his similar shirt from his body with a hard upward tug of the covering garment.

The man raised his arms, helping his little vixen in her game.

Sakura impishly threw the discarded article of clothing over a shoulder –it landing in a heap at Kakashi's sandaled feet.

Bare-chested himself now, a lump caught in Yamato's throat as the delicate hands on his naked shoulders pushed him back to meet the bed. His weight sunk even further into the mattress as the vixen above completely covered him.

Making sure to give their silent observer a good show, Sakura made sure to spread her saturated thighs wide and dip her back so that her shapely behind stood proudly high in the air. Leaning down inches from her lover's lips, Sakura daringly whispered, "Take of me everything that you need." Nipping at his full bottom lip, she cheeked, "Don't be shy."

And with that, Sakura crushed her lips against his completely blowing her former Taichou's mind.

Lost in the lust, the drug making her extraordinarily open, so incredibly… nasty, dirty unbidden words began to filter from between their devouring lips.

"Tell me what you want Taichou." A head tilted as a lip was sucked and then bitten. "Tell me what you want to do to this naughty little kunoichi."

Sakura covered his mouth with her own, their tongues battling behind teeth and enamel. Hands fisting in those soft locks, Yamato pulled her back and admitted the one thing he had wanted to do since the moment he had stared into that oh so revealing mirror.

"I want to kiss those cherry lips." Sakura, head still in his firm grip, turned her eyes down to the man's sinfully tasty own. However, Yamato set her thinking straight with a needy look that made her feminine insides clench. "Not those." Moving a hand between them to her lower pink petals that just screamed for his attention, he rasped before sliding two meaty fingers delicately between her spread legs. "These."

Sakura's head threw back with a low throaty moan as the man beneath her continued to stroke her responsive core sweetly.

Removing his coated digits, the motivated man grabbed her hips, pushing them forward until her dripping sex covered his waiting mouth.

The very moment that both of Sakura's knees went into place beside his head, Yamato wrapped his arms around her thighs and forced that succulent, dewy flower down upon his salivating lips.

Sakura cried out and pitched forward from the sudden imbalance and hot, wet stimulation between her wobbly legs.

After ripping his gloves off by the teeth and tossing them to the side, Kakashi's right hand went down to squeeze the covered flesh that unrelentingly yearned for his special attention. Reading about the many techniques involved with cunnilingus was one thing, but actually seeing a man's tongue licking at a woman's moistened mound, suckling those protective lips and hearing the accompanying moans from the assaulted kunoichi was another all together. His hardened rod throbbed in his hand at the wicked scene, seemly pulsing even harder as the other male's hand snaked down his torso to free his own effervescent lust.

He watched as Yamato, one arm still keeping the woman in place, began lifting his hips while rolling down the waistband of his confining trousers. Immediately, his eyes locked onto the brownish red stiffness emerging with a vengeance. Kakashi found himself torn between scrutinizing the open feast of female flesh and the lower actions that quite frankly resembled his own –minus the cloth barrier of course.

Sakura whimpered as the steady lapping of her womanhood ceased, but then cried out as the head buried between her thighs lifted, piercing her weeping center with that slick, extended muscle. Hips rocking on the tongue now slipping between the cracks of her soul, Sakura moaned, bare chest pressed firmly to the mattress, her cheek lolling back and forth like a stamp to ink.

Hand now inside the band of his trousers, Kakashi found himself more than just a little affected by the sight of that slightly curved, brownish red cock being stroked before his very eyes. Like the excruciating seconds before he and his friend's erotic exchange of saliva beforehand, an unrelenting, unseen force began to pull him forward against his very will.

Never before had he ever looked at another man's package in such a way, but there was just something about that pulsing wet appendage that made him want to… Well, once again he wasn't exactly sure, but he found himself getting up, tearing his clothes from his heated body, regardless.

Yamato, tongue now buried inside quivering walls, felt the bed move as someone knelt and grasped the material of his pants at the thighs. Unconsciously his hips lifted to help in the removable. Then the mattress sunk again as that same person parted his naked legs and moved between them. The moment strong hands grabbed the back of his thighs and pushed up, Yamato's head lifted, eyesight straining to look down his nose at the newcomer alarmed. "Kakashi!"

His startled yelp went unheard as male hips pressed firmly against the roundness of his tanned cheeks, something hard and warm sliding along the length of his throbbing cock as his eyes closed in chagrin. Fingers bruising the kunoichi's thighs, Yamato desperately clung to the arch of flesh above, having trouble coming to terms with the forbidden pleasure Kakashi was reaping upon his unguarded body. Then, curiosity got the better of him as the feeling to see exactly what was happening overwhelmed him. Lifting his head again and looking down…the sight had his eyes rolling into the back of his head with a barely suppressed groan -a completely naked Kakashi, between his bent legs, rubbing their leaking packages together below.

Head rolling to the side in ecstasy, he bit into the soft inner thigh at his mouth. His muffled rasp sounded like a traitorous whine in his ears as his hips unconsciously thrust upward, wanting to feel more of that illicit friction, "Senpai…"

The almost whimper from below electrified Sakura's senses as she forced herself up on steadied forearms to look over a shoulder.

The two sets of manly hips rocking against each other, as the flesh between them sought the other blindly, played at her nerve-endings like the strings of a harp being plucked. She cried out, sensation making her whip forward again as the man beneath her reoccupied his mouth and mind.

Kakashi moaned along with the woman literally being eaten alive. It was safe to say that neither Kakashi nor Yamato would have guessed that either one would ever participate in such a boundary pushing sexual escapade –and especially not with Sakura. Yet, the truth remained; here they were expanding on that previous innocent sinful indulgence from earlier and now taking it to all new heights at that.

To think that one little kiss between two friends had ignited such an obviously repressed curiosity so.

Right now, Kakashi had no qualms about that particular subject. He simply let his hormones dictate his actions, the heat within his very soul flaring brightly as the mouthwatering grind of taut flesh and cut muscle continued unabated.

A hand went to her breast as Sakura pictured the male on male action going on behind, pinching and pulling her own nipple -hand trapped between her body and the bed. The kunoichi gave herself to the man boldly licking her assets as he and Kakashi equally enjoyed their own.

Kakashi couldn't believe how incredible it felt to have another man's salty, slippery dick sliding against his own. The exquisite friction as the purplish ridges of their mushroomed heads collided had his balls steadily tightening. Enjoying the hands-free experience, his gaze flicked up to the woman bent over at the waist, a small puckered hole suddenly calling out to him sweetly.

He would be lying if he said he didn't have a fetish for all things anal. Being a man obsessed with erotic literature, the kink had been embedded in his polluted being the moment he had cracked open his first Icha Icha Paradise -pages 254-255 no longer able to be opened, the two wrinkled and worn by overuse and all but pasted together by other means.

Besides, Kakashi doubted the proper woman had ever let a man take her there before, and the prospect of being her first overwhelmed him entirely. Right hand letting go of a manly thigh, Kakashi, never one to follow for long, gave a little verbal foreshadowing of the events to come, "Turn her around and work her for both of us would you, Tenzou, old buddy?"

To sweeten the deal, the silver haired man moved his now free hand between their bodies, grasping their respective sticky bases and pulling upward with a hard, squeezing grip –palm sliding easily along the pre-cum coated meat. Kakashi smirked, reveling in the power, as the other man's hips needingly bucked upward into his slippery hold.

A moan came from Yamato's covered lips as he moved to do just that, the feeling of his cock being stroked and the image of their soon to be writhing hostess between them fueling his desire. Sharing a lover being yet another newfound experience for the straight-laced wood-user, his hands trembled happily at the prospect as he pulled away from the love juice and saliva coated center to help in turning the rest of the woman's body around.

Plus, it had to be said that a large part of him felt more at ease knowing that another's rear was going to be put to use by the aggressive Copy Ninja instead of his own -no matter what that conniving, curious little voice in the back of his head whispered to him.

Sakura, barely in a coherent state, hadn't heard her two lovers shared musings, but she did feel the hasty stirring beneath her –the hands urging her hips to lift and twist.

The moment Sakura found herself facing in a new direction, her eyes locked onto Kakashi's –a smarmy, pupil-dilated grin written all over his handsome face. It was more than apparent that the brilliant Copy Ninja had cottoned on to her game, having formulated his own plan to get what he wanted. And she could tell exactly what that apparent want was by the two wet fingers being pushed into her body by his eager friend below: one in her sweet honey pot and the other in a place that, before that day, had never seen action of any kind.

However, that wasn't to say that the thought of being so crudely intruded upon had never crossed her mind before. After secretly investigating exactly what was contained within the ink-filled pages of Icha Icha –a mere book that could keep the Copy Ninja a rabid fan for years, Sakura's own interest in pages 254-255 had been peaked.

Her teeth gnashed together as the man beneath her began to fulfill a small portion of her fantasy, ring of puckered flesh now stretching. Instead of concentrating on the slight burning sensation being produced, she leaned forward. Hands balancing herself on the planes of Yamato's shallow breathing chest, Sakura kissed the scarred-eyed man before her –who had been steadily watching her with sex glazed eyes.

Wordlessly, with a slightly firm, downward push to the pack of the kunoichi's head, Kakashi guided Sakura's moistened lips to the pulsing flesh trapped between his and Tenzou's rolling bodies.

Breasts pressing to Yamato's abdomen, Sakura found herself eagerly moving to comply.

Both men's stomach muscles contracted harshly the moment Sakura ran the flat of her tongue, from one weeping cockhead to the other, in one long lavish lick.

The taste of both mans' essence danced on her taste-buds as a second finger was injected into her slowly laxing rectum. The hand at the back of her head pressed further down as she moved to envelope as much of the two engorged members into her salivating mouth as possible.

Sakura's lips stretched to its fullest, quite like another part of her body, as a third and then a fourth digit was packed inside her tight ring of anal muscles.

The high-pitched squeal of Sakura's, a delicious hum along Yamato and Kakashi's encased throbbing lengths, only served to urge the four finger invasion on further –it being nothing close to a deterrent.

However, Sakura's own urgent working, trying to keep her mind off the slight pain erupting from her lower half, had both men steadily reaching toward that coveted release. Sakura ran her tongue along the underside of the ridges encased in her mouth, leaving Yamato desperately clinging to her undercarriage once again.

With the euphoric sensations just before reaching that coveted climax ripping through Yamato's tensed body, his suction of Sakura's swollen nub increased tenfold. The woman's nails scraped at brown hips as she ground her sopping mound on the man's pleasure contorted features, trying to find her own heightened release.

A hot burst of thickness erratically erupted into Sakura's still working mouth, but it was Kakashi's growled commanding words that negated any attempts at digestion "Don't you dare swallow…"

Kakashi, a man of practicality, had other uses in mind for their shared bodily fluids. Besides, hands forcing her further down around him, his own white stickiness suddenly coated the woman's lavishing tongue. Hunched over as a sweet curse slipped through the cracks of his gritted teeth, Kakashi held the woman steady as her own climax exploded inside her body much like a detonated blast tagged kunai.

Sakura's body still convulsing with erratic bursts of nervous system overload, Kakashi pulled the woman –leaking at the mouth- back repeating his previous heated command, eyes latched onto the frothed bubbles calking those closed lips and the trail of sticky goo sliding down her chin, "Do not swallow."

Sweeping her sweat-laced hair to one side, the drug leaving him still so exceedingly stiff, Kakashi stared hard at Sakura's glowing, soiled face, the lingering arousal swirling within, making him impatient. He wanted more of that exhilarated feeling -the need to replace his friend's many digits with a plug of his own crecendoing.

Then, after an excruciating couple of silent moments where he continued watched a drop of mixed juices splatter the top of an otherwise perfect breast, Kakashi harshly forced the woman's filled mouth to his own. Kakashi's tongue slipped through the sticky coating to wrestle with her own -taking perverse pleasure in sharing a creamy open-mouthed kiss that tasted tangily of himself, his woman and the man beneath them. Then pulling back and licking the gooey film from his lips, Kakashi grabbed their kunoichi by the shoulders, whisperingly issuing yet another order, "Turn around."

Yamato, finally coming down from his sex induced high, heard his counterpart's words and slid his fingers from the woman's flowing tender parts allowing her movement.

Suffice it to say, in the next few seconds, Sakura quickly found herself back on all fours looking down upon a smiling Yamato once again –Kakashi already maneuvering behind her.

Forearms resting on either side of the brown haired man's features, Sakura's hands fisted in the sheets above his head as a palm found its way between her legs from behind. She shivered as it slid its calloused touch from the front of her sopping wet sex to the tender opening of her widened puckered flesh. She felt so extremely exposed and vaguely demeaned but that only made the experience that much hotter. She suffered delectable tremors at the possibility that Kakashi just might take her like the main character had taken that busty blonde in the book: hard, from behind, and deeply entrenched inside her tight little-

Sakura's core throbbed at the naughty image.

Kakashi, savoring the experience, slowly rubbed his saliva and cum dripping length up and down her already saturated folds, getting himself nicely primed for entry. Hands on either side of the woman's sumptuous ass, he used a thumb to pry open one of those inviting cheeks. Then, after aligning his oh so ready cockhead with the nicely widened puckered flesh -after a bought of malicious lightly tool-spanking teasing- Kakashi slowly pressed forward, letting just the tip of his head push through.

Sakura buried her wrinkled brow in the crook of Yamato's perspiration sprinkled neck as the man behind her began to slowly invaded her aching anal cavity.

Yamato wrapped his arms around the shaking woman, a hand stroking lightly her hair. He began whispering soothing words to the woman, hoping to help alleviate some of her pain, "It's alright, just relax."

By the time Yamato had uttered his last word, Kakashi's sacks were already resting against her dewy petals.

Sakura didn't know if it was the drug or Yamato's previous skillful workings, but as Kakashi stilled the pain began to subside into something else entirely. She whimpered into the flesh at her lips as Kakashi's solid form bent around her, covering her body like a well worn blanket. His hands cupping her breasts, she moaned as both nipples were squeezed and pulled, pushing back against the man behind her. Sakura's actions elicited a growl of approval from Kakashi, provoking his teeth to lightly graze the back of her sweat-laced neck in reply.

Like the woman in the book, she didn't want to be taken tenderly, but savagely by a man who sought after his own release.

Urging him on, she pushed back again, her sensitized front sliding along Yamato's length as she all but growled, "Move damn it…"

Kakashi did just that, pulling back his hips and then slamming into her reddening cheeks.

Sakura's head flew back at the sudden impact, leaving Yamato's mouth suckling at a bouncing breast.

Yamato pushed up into the woman's belly, dry humping her slick nakedness as the man behind her impaled her yet again. The sordid fact that their naïve kunoichi actually enjoyed such filthiness turned him on to no end. He bit into a tender nipple as Sakura latched onto him for dear life.

But then, after two more deep strokes Kakashi forcefully stilled himself within her hot tightness, leaning over Sakura's form to the man below her with a heated look, "Come join the fun."

One hand firmly holding the anticipating kunoichi's waist, the other moved between their bodies –Yamato's tool searching for that certain sweet spot. Once he found it, Sakura cried out as Kakashi's weight pushed down on her raised body, the kunoichi filling to the brim with hot throbbing man meat.

Without saying a word, Kakashi and Yamato began a slow piston of her body like a well oiled machine: one pumping and retracting and then the other. There was never a moment where Sakura was left wanting. It was a continuous siege of her body that left her toes curling, stomach clenching and mouth hanging open in incoherent cries. The grip of insanity beckoned her close as yet another orgasm plagued her drug induced body while sandwiched between her two now savagely pumping men.

Boundaries blurred, sexual preferences were forgotten as hands and lips touched anything and everything within reach as their joined bodies rocked together hard in an outright decadent display of perverse debauchery.

Blurrily watching the two men reenacting that passion filled kiss from before –now over her shoulder, Sakura whimpered as her next mindblowing climax made her consciousness wane. With the two men purposely grinding against each other, literally fucking each other within her quivering walls, Sakura's vision unfortunately faded to black…

Light invaded the cracks between her lids as the groggy kunoichi's lashes slowly fluttered open. How long she had been out, Sakura had no idea, but by the harsh slapping sounds and the new sight at the end of her bed, the woman was sure of one thing. Some time must have passed for the two men to have turned their attentions to… each other.

By each other, she meant exactly that as she watched Kakashi pound into Yamato from behind with all the force that a man with his kind of healthy physic could possess. His gaze caught her own after flicking her eyes up from the brown mop sunk into her tangled sheets –the man's hands gripping firmly to the edge of her mattress. Kakashi was thoroughly enjoying a good standing romp from behind his bent over submissive. Suffice it to say, Sakura wasn't hearing any complaints from the Copy-ninja's erotically abused subject. Quite the contrary; the man's groans of pleasure were being muffled by the fabric he so chose to stuff into his traitorous mouth.

The hows and why of the situation escaped the baffled kunoichi as she got caught up in that mix-matched gaze. Completely drained, she simply laid there, enjoying the view, letting the man visually rape her naked, used body while he continued to plow into the other.

However, her attention was soon diverted to sounds steadily nearing their current location –voices of her two no-longer-out-of-the-village comrades being heard.

An emotionless voice came from the direction of her living room, "Naruto, I believe this is called Breaking and Entering."

There was an irritable shout of, "Dumbass, the door was wide open!" answering.

"Actually there was no door."

The voices neared the three's enclosed activity rapidly. However, the individuals within seemed not to care. Then the bedroom doorknob slowly turned. "That's exactly why I want to see if she's-"

"Shouldn't you knock first?"

There was a pause as Naruto halted in his actions, thinking that bit over. Then he gave a shrug before swinging the door open, "Naw, she doesn't sleep in the buff like y-"

Blue eyes went wide and then quickly shut as he finally turned to the sordid scene within, "Oh my god! I think I just went blind!" Crossed forearms over his squeezed shut peepers, Naruto bellowed, "What the hell man! I'm gone for two whole days and I came back to this? What the fuck?"

His only response was the continuous slap of flesh that didn't look like it was going to stop. On the contrary, his interruptions only seemed to spur it on.

Cracking an eye open, profusely sweating, Naruto's voice quivered, "Um, c-can you stop that, please?"

Sai's next surveying comment didn't help ease Naruto's frazzled nerves as he continued to gawk at the scene, "From a quick observation, I can clearly deduce that, after some time, Sakura became insufficient, thus forcing Hatake-san to fulfill his base animalistic urges with Yamato-Taichou."

Above the sounds of continuing man on man sex, there was a tired shout of, "Insufficient my ass!" as Sakura flopped back down on the bed.

Then with a wicked grin, she rolled to her side, ordering the pale impassive shinobi to, "Go get the last two beers out of the fridge and then come back and lock that damn door." Turning to Naruto she smiled sweetly, "I think you should take those off Naruto. I don't think you'll be needing them."

Needless to say, Naruto, eyes still glued to the display of indecency, stuttered with his jaw dropped even lower, "W-W-What?"

Sai came back into the room, two drinks in hand. His blasé comment making Sakura's smile even wider, "If I am to participate, I wish to express now that I do not mind what is referred to as the bottom."

Again, Naruto echoed, turning incredulous eyes to his already undressing partner, "W-W-What?"

Heh Sakura inwardly mused, taking one of the bottles containing her secret concoction from a naked Sai. This stuff is going to make me a fortune!

The End