An; Hello everybody. This will be my first beyblade yaoi fanfiction so please be nice. I´ve thought of posting it for a while and I hope you´ll enjoy it.

Warning; yaoi, some curses and violence.

Genre; tradgedy/ romance

Pairing; KaiXTyson.

Disclaimer; I don't own beyblade or the poems I´ll use in this story. Applauds to Takao Aoki and the poem writers.

.:The Time That's Left:.

Tomorrow will come and it could be your last,
Don't waste time trying to fix the past,
Just enjoy each day as if it were your last,
For that day will come and you life will be in the past

The spring has once again reached Japan and the heavily habited country's sakura trees are in full bloom just as last year, and the year before that. The pinkish white petals float in the air as the slightly cold breeze picks them up for a ride through one of Tokyo´s most beloved parks. The area is surrounded by large office buildings but when you once enter the park you'll forget about the stress and enjoy the beautiful greenery it offers.

The sun is slowly rising at the horizon and the large shadows of the sakura trees darken the ground a bit but the source of light is just enough for a five person team to start practising what they love the most; Beyblade.

The Bladebreakers, the world champion team has not lost their passion for the sport even though the years have passed. Their days of playing just for fun are now over since all of them have turned 18 or over, they have entered a new league with new, stronger, more mature and older opponents.

Tyson, the heroine of the story, has grown a lot through out the years and has now left that over used baseball cap behind. His blackish blue hair is a little longer and thinner than before and his face has got a mature feeling over it. As mature as Tyson can be but his damn cockiness is still there though. He wears a simple loose t-shirt together with a pair of light blue jeans and pair of red baskets covers his feet. The 18 year old laughs as he speaks with Max, one of his best buddies.

Max the always friendly half Japanese half American is as friendly as ever. His ocean blue eyes are sparkling as he laughs at something silly Tyson just said, he runs a hand through his short blond hair. Yes, Max has cut of his fluffy blond locks and is now having a shorter and more sophisticated haircut. His cute freckles are gone and in exchange he got a pair jawbones that frame his face. He wears a rather tight armless shirt together with a pair of dark blue jeans who looks torn but really, ha bought them yesterday.

Kenny, the little smart kid no one really remembers from before has grown into a rather handsome looking young man with traces of a beard on his chin. His brown hair is fluffy as always but those large glasses that used to decorate his head are now history, the Chief uses contacts. The sight of his green eyes can make any girl look at him a little longer. His nerdy attitude is still there though, but that's the Kenny that we like. He wears a simple white shirt with a red necktie hanging loosely around his neck, not properly tied, with a pair of beige trousers. He scolds Tyson for his naughty mouth but can't help but laugh; Max does thumbs up and grins.

Rei, the team´s personal chef, came back to Japan just some days ago and everybody was happy to meet him. The Chinese has his long hair loose instead of tied up in that ponytail from before and amazingly, the hair doesn't bothering him even though it's almost touching the ground as he walks. If you thought that Rei looked nice before well, lets say that is nothing compared to what he looks like now. He's more well-built than before and it shows as he wears that tight Chinese shirt together with a pair of dark baggy pants. He stands there smiling a little at the others conversation, but as the neko-jin that he's; he yawns tiredly. It would be nice to have slept some more…

And now at last; Hiwatari Kai the famous ice prince. He stands leaning against a tree with his arms folded over his muscular chest, the pose we're so familiar with. The Russian wears a pair of baggy, black jeans with a lot of chains stuck to his pockets. A pair of high, leather boots makes them look even baggier and gives him a dark and dangerous look. He wears a tight grey t-shirt to that and a lone silver necklace hangs around his neck. His two toned blue hair is in a wild and fierce haircut and those red piercing eyes are as cold as ever. He looks at his team for a moment with a frown on his face when Tyson tries to force Kenny to submit to him. Kai sighs.

And you might wonder; where's Hilary and Daichi? The girl went to England after school and is now studying to become something big, like an actress or a singer. The gang misses her complaining, bad cooking skills and attitude a lot but the letters she sends them once a month is enough to make them not to. She'll arrive in Japan just in time for the championships. Daichi has gone home to his mother to sort things out. He felt that he has been away from his father´s grave for too long and misses everything back there. Daichi is also studying to become the next Beyblade DJ a new dream he got after wining the championships the last time.

Nothing has changed from back then, not a thing. Kai pushes himself to his feet and walks over to his team, making sure that the training today will start before the sun has reached the middle of the sky.

Mr Dickenson, as the chairman that he's, he invited the Bladebreakers along with other well know teams as the Demolition Boys, All Stars, the Majestics, The Saint shields etc to compete against each other in the upcoming world championships. It's the first time young adults will compete in an official championship and he believes that it'll make the sport more available to people over the age of 18. Beyblade-ing doesn´t have an age limit is his statement and many others agrees with him.

So Kai who still is the team captain will do anything to get Bladebreakers into shape till the big event. The new training schedule is what you can call extreme but no one dares to complain, well no one but Tyson.

"C'mon Kai! I've done my push ups this time so I would honestly deserve some rest!"

"Are you already tired Tyson? Rei has done the double amount but I can't hear him complaining." Kai answers coldly.

"Tyson, quit whining." Max tells him with a friendly smile. "You know you'll only make things worse."

"Yeah, Kai is right Tyson. If you want to win you'll have to suffer a little; it's logical." Kenny states from his place at the park bench fingering at his loyal laptop. "And by the way, I've heart that Tala and the rest of the Demolition Boys are going through some tough training in Siberia… If you want to beat that… I guess you can figure it out by yourself, Tyson." He tells them in a I-know-it-all tone.

Tyson groans as he falls to the ground, not having the power to push his body up and down anymore. The Japanese kendo master sighs as he looks up at the sky pondering over how hard it has become to do those 100 push ups he used to finish in no time just some month ago. I guess I've been slacking too much… He touches his forehead as a slight pain there makes him frown.

"Well I don't have as long arms as Rei so it's logical that I can't push as much as him and Max, honestly, it can't get much worse that this, Kai is real slave driver. Kenny, we are not Tala and we don't have any ice cold landscape or ice mountain close by so stop compare us to them, ok?" He answers ironically with a hint of irritation in his voice.

Kenny smiles a little and types something down at the computer; his green eyes are glued to the screen. Max laughs loudly while Kai just looks at Tyson with a cold look. Those red eyes moves up to Tyson´s hand at his forehead. Rei sits down next to Kenny at the bench with a faked angry expression on his face.

"My arms aren't that long…" Rei mutters, his irritated face turns into a grinning one in a matter of seconds.

The team trains until dinner time witch Tyson´s sensitive stomach pointed out loudly and went home to the dojo so Rei and Gramps can prepare something to eat. Gramps is really hyper even though he's getting older and older; he's in his late eighties now. A thing that scares Tyson is that he still used their family katana to chop the vegetables in his age, what if he accidentally chops off a hand? Tyson sits down at the table, groaning a little at his sore body and the raging headache. Max looks at him a little worriedly.

"T-man, what's wrong?"

Tyson flinches when Max uses Gramps old nickname, a name that he doesn't really enjoy. But he shakes his head, shaking it off.

"Just a headache, it'll be gone soon."

Tyson didn't know what it was back then but whatever it's it doesn't fade away. The small headache is always there in the back of his head just behind his right eye. But the teen doesn't bother to go to the hospital since he strongly believes that it's just a headache and will pass. Or that he got a cold during one of Kai´s training seasons. He curses the enigma under his breath.

The days passed by. The once pink sakura trees are now a little greener and the petals don't fall off by the wind as easy anymore. The wind warmer and the sun can some days be extremely hot, especially in Tokyo. Summer isn't far away now. The sun has just risen at the horizon, and the morning birds are singing cheerfully.

Everything is as it always is in the dojo at the morning. Rei is the first to wake up and he's quick to take a shower, get dress and start preparing breakfast while singing in Chinese quietly. Rei has always been a morning person, well, when he gets out of the bed anyways. A cat would never say no to an extra hour lying under warm sheets… He has once again got the habit of preparing a lot of food since he knows that Tyson eat double portions, sometimes even triple, so he breaks another egg at the edge of the frying pan.

Kai is the second to wake up that Saturday morning and he walks out into the kitchen and sits down by the table in silence. Rei gives him a nod as a greeting since he's well aware of that Kai doesn't like to talk during the morning and it's best to stay on his good side so…Rei´s quiet. Kai accepts the cup of coffee his team mate offers him and takes a slow sip of the warm liquid. The Russian doesn't pay Rei much attention, he's in deep thoughts.

"Good morning." Kenny murmurs as he enters the kitchen fully dressed whit his laptop under his right arm.

"Good morning Chief." Rei answers while turning one egg.

Kenny sits down at the table at the chair across to Kai´s. The genius doesn't bother to waste time so he starts up his computer and the sounds of fingers pushing buttons breaks the silence. Kai gives the younger man a glance but doesn't utter a word; he takes another sip of his drink and lowers it to the table.

"What's the schedule for today?" Kenny asks Kai, his green eyes never leaving the screen.

"Hn… The beach and a lot of running." Kai replies.

Kenny´s fingers stop to push buttons for a second and that little signal makes Kai smirk, he is well aware of that Kenny dislikes running and running on the beach is like running in mud. The smart kid in the group pretends to not care and continues typing. Max saves Kenny a little as he also enters the kitchen, still wearing his pyjamas. He shields his mouth from view as he yawns loudly.

"Gooood morning." He tells them the ´good´ gets a little too long because of the yawn.

"Max, can't you bring Tyson?" Kenny asks him. "He can't sleep in everyday. Not now when we have a big event coming up."

"I tried." Max answers. "But he just groaned and turned away...that lazy…"

"Did you try that chilli trick again?" Rei asks from the kitchen.

The Chinese arrives and lower plates filled with eggs, bacon and toast down to the table. The team can still remember that one time during the Asian championships when Tyson was sleeping in just like now. They tried everything but chilli was the only thing that made him open his eyes…for two whole minutes. Nice old times.

"No, I didn't… I wanted to spare him that pain. Too bad Hilary isn't here; she was awesome at getting him out of bed!" Max says in a cheery voice.

"Yeah too bad." Kenny agrees.

"Kai why won't you try? I bet Tyson will panic if you tell him about the schedule today." Rei suggests.

Kai gives Rei the famous ´glare of death´ gaze but pushes himself out of his chair and heads toward Tyson´s room. He really hates it when he has to wake Tyson up or that's what the others think. Secretly he likes to see the younger's panicked expression when he wakes up by being drenched by water, or that time when he teased him by pulling away the blanket over and over again. Yes, Kai likes to see Tyson suffer. The enigma smirks as he opens the door but the smirk fades as he regards Tyson lying there on the floor with a pained expression on his face.


The teen doesn't react at the sound of his voice so Kai approaches him slowly, his red eyes never leaving Tyson´s face. He kneels down beside the Japanese young man and taps him on the shoulder rather roughly. A deep groan leaves Tyson´s lips at their contact and Kai flinches by the sound, he withdraws his hand. Was that…a groan of pain? A pair of hazelnut eyes flutter open for a second, to close shut a moment later. Tyson frowns as he touches his forehead gently. Kai pretends that he has seen nothing; he pretends to not have noticed.

"Wake up, training at the beach in five minuets."

"WHAT?" Tyson sits up yelling loudly but Kai notices the sudden pain in his eyes as he adds. "Ouch!"

But he doesn't mention it, why, he doesn't know. Tyson can exaggerate things into a whole new level than it is in reality so he's no sure if this is real or just one of his many tricks to skip practise. Once Tyson had tried to pretend to be sick by dotting red spots on his face using one of Hilary´s lipsticks, another time he swallowed some pens for the blackboard…It didn't take long for everyone to see through his tricks. The enigma smirks at Tyson, like he always does before dragging him out of the bed.

"Get dressed."

And he leaves.

Some days later when the team is sitting at the table eating did something unexpected happen. The gang eats like usual, Max puts mayo/mustard on his newly made noodles and eats quickly using his chopsticks. Rei enjoys a cup of green, Japanese tea in silence. Kenny chews on a slice of meat and swallows the food with a glass of ice cold water. Kai sits there in silence regarding Tyson´s untouched plate full of fried chicken and rise, the always hungry heroine hasn't even eaten one bit of his meal. Something is wrong. Kai´s red eyes move over his team mate and he notices that familiar frown on his face, the frown that has appeared a lot these days. Tyson's brown eyes look different.

"Hey T-man, why are you not eating?" Max asks Tyson before Kai gets the chance to do it.

Tyson snaps out of his daze and looks up at his blonde friend.

"Eh… well. I've lost my appetite. I'm not hungry."

Max´s blue eyes widen a fraction at the answer. Kenny lowers his glass of water and turns his gaze toward Tyson; no one can believe what he's telling them. The last time Tyson lost his appetite was during the American championships when he ate too much and was forced to skip his match…Kai folds his arms over his chest and glances in Tyson´s direction he can't help but feel a growing concern for the younger beyblader. But he shrugs it off, he's the captain and it's the captain's duty to take care of the team.

"Don't tell me you finally decided to follow Kenny´s advice and go on a diet?" Rei asks him in a teasing tone.

"NEVER!" Tyson shouts a little offended. "Rei I thought you know about my feelings toward food! I'm just not…hungry that's all." He explains with a grin on his face.

"Too bad." Kenny tells him. "A diet would only do you good, Tyson."

Tyson gives Kenny his tongue and a grimace before he leaves the kitchen to put his plate into the washing machine. Kenny, Max and Rei continues eating like nothing has happened but a strange and cold feeling forces Kai to regard the teen as he moves away. It was years since he jumped over a meal, Kai is well aware of that, but s small nagging thought in his mind tells him that Tyson is just joking. That he just wants to have an excuse to skip practise later that same day. Kai´s crismon orbs linger on Tyson for some more seconds before he focus on his own food once again.

The next day, Tyson was the Tyson they all recognise again; his appetite was back and he ate like a horse. The concern they all felt before faded away slowly. The days passed and the incident was forgotten…until…

It's one cold night, and the chilly wind connects with Kai´s face as it enters the room through the half open window. He lies there sleeping with a peaceful expression on his pale face; his blue face paintings are erased. A sudden bump makes the young man stir to at last open his eyes wondering what disturbed his sleep.

Deep snoring tells him that the others are still asleep but one empty bed takes him off guard; Tyson is not there. Max murmurs something about his mom Judy as he turns around and hugs his pillow. Kai frowns at the sight; he has never liked Judy. He believes that the woman only uses her son to her advantage and meets him when she wants to, not when Max wants to. Kai really hates when the blond is down because of her, of course he would never admit it to the others.

Another bump interrupts his thoughts and the enigma gets out of bed, silently heading towards the source of sound. He walks through the dark hallway using his hands to locate the way so he won't have to turn on the light that probably would wake the others. His body tenses as a rather quiet sound escapes from the closed bathroom, it's like the one inside tries to hold down the sounds but is failing completely. Kai´s eyes narrow as he hears a familiar voice cursing in there, coughing and the toilet flushing. An eerie feeling invades his stomach, a feeling he can't understand completely. He reacts quickly and starts to knock on the bathroom door violently.

"Tyson! What the hell are you doing in there!?"

The Russian hears how the other curses loudly probably because of being interrupted so suddenly. The toilet flushes one again and after some seconds, Tyson unlocks the door and opens it slowly.

"What's your problem?" He asks Kai in an irritated voice. "Aren't I allowed to pee by myself anymore?"

Kai registers the forced tone in Tyson´s voice and sees straight through him, he was puking. Tyson seems to notice it and his eyes flicker nervously for a moment before he glares at Kai angrily. He's just about to say something when Kai grabs him by the arm and pushes him against the wall, trapping him. Tyson gasps as his back hits the wall rather hard, he stares up at Kai but something in his eyes seems to be different.

"You were throwing up." Kai states coldly.

"Why do you care?" He growls, struggling to get out of Kai´s grasp.

"Why do you struggle?" He ask harshly, he doesn't like how Tyson reacts, it's almost as he's trying to hide something. "I'm your captain Tyson, I've to care even if I don't want to."

Tyson has no chance to break free from Kai´s iron hold. Tyson might be able to beat Kai in the dish sometimes but when it comes to physical force he has no chance against the well-built Russian. A pair of hands grabs his arms to pry him off but it's no use; he's stuck. Tyson stops struggling for a while and notices how close Kai really are. He feels his hot breath on his face. He turns away a little embarrassed but Kai doesn't seem to feel uneasy at all, his coolness bothers the Japanese.

"I just have this headache…it's nothing." Tyson admits at last.

And everything crashes down at Kai. He remembers how Tyson complained about a headache a month ago… how he touched his forehead with a pained expression, he also recalls how the teen lost his appetite a couple of times, also frowning painfully. He looks Tyson straight in the eye. Maybe he isn't playing around. What if he's…really sick? Something about this thought creates a cold sensation in Kai´s chest.

"A simple headache won't make you puke." Kai tells him. "What's wrong with you, Tyson?"

Kai looses his hold for a second and Tyson is quick to use that to his advantage, he pushes away the others arms and breaks free.

"I said, it's nothing!"

"What´s happenin´ here, dudes?" A sleepy voice suddenly utters.

Gramps stands there in the doorway dressed in his pyjamas, looking at them with tired eyes. The two young men turn around and stare at the old kendo maser with tense expressions but due to his tiredness, he doesn't notice. Tyson forces a smile to his lips as he approaches his old man, pulling him away from the bathroom.

"You know I really needed to pee but Kai …"

Kai doesn't move an inch as the two walks away from him. But his red, fierce eyes are fixed on Tyson's back.

Some weeks later the team was once again training for the upcoming championship, like they always does these days. Some might think that they lack variation in their lives, but hell, they're bladers so it's rather logic that they have to train. Kenny has discovered a rather huge flaw in their defences and is showing them a new and improved beyblade to state his worries.

"This is the new prototype, so try it out. But I must warn you, it's not easy to control. I've tried."

"Piece of cake … for a real champion, that is." Tyson replies cockily as he takes it from Kenny. "Let me try."

"No, let me." Max grabs it and puts it in his launcher. "Don't think you'll get all the fun, Tyson."

"Hah, fight me then Max!"

"Hey, what about me?" Rei complains.

It doesn't take long till they're all soaked in sweat, panting slightly. Kai tells them that they'll take a ten minuet break and the gang split up. The captain walks over to the dish and stares down at that beyblade who no one can master yet. A frown gets visible on his tattooed, pale face. Kai, who always desired total perfection, can't seem to find a way to balance up the wobbly tool. He squeezes his Dranzer blade firmly in the palm of his right hand, glancing down at it. Sometimes he finds himself missing the intense power he possessed when he fought in Russia, but his new goal is to obtain that power again, this time without Black Dranzer, Boris and his grand father.

A sudden sound behind him interrupts his thoughts and the Russian turns around to face Tyson. The Japanese young man walks toward him with a trembling smile on his lips, a smile that seems forced. Kai can't help but raise an eye brow at the sight. The smile fades away from those lips…The Japanese young man stares at him with a really strange expression and the emptiness there creates a shiver that runs down Kai´s back. Those brown eyes of his are misty, like fog is swirling up behind his eyelashes and his gaze suddenly gets unfocused.

"Tyson?" Kai tries to attract the others focus once again.

But Tyson's doesn't react; he just stands there staring at him. The silence between them gets electric as more questions build up inside of Kai´s mind; What´s wrong with him? Why is he…? But Tyson's knees buckle suddenly and he falls forward towards the ground in a lifeless way.

"Tyson!!" Kai shouts in a worried, high pitched uncharacteristic voice.

But the world champion doesn't hit the cold, dirty ground as, instead a couple of strong and protective arms circle around his waist and he's pressed against a hard chest. Kai´s red eyes are wide and his expression looks haunted as he presses the younger blader against him desperately. He looks at his friend and the misty gaze that's fixed on him freaks him out; it's as if he's there but still not present.

"Tyson, can you hear me?"

Kai tries to attract Tyson´s attention but he gets no reaction. A pair of crimson eyes widens as a low but hear able groan of pain leaves the other's slightly parted lips. Brown eyes flutter close slowly.

"Call a fucking ambulance!!" He shouts loudly. "Hurry!"

The group that recently got back from their break cranes their neck as the high pitched demand reaches their ears. Kenny´s eyes widen at the sight and his body seems to become paralyzed of shock. But Rei, who's the one that's not grabbed by panic, pulls up his cell phone quickly and dials the emergency number. Max takes a wobbly step back as he regards how his best buddy lies there in Kai´s arms in what seems to be a lifeless state; he holds his hand to his face.

The loud sound of sirens…

"Tyson hang in there!" Max´s scared voice tells him.

People with white clothes…

"He just collapsed…" Kenny explains.

A needle piercing his arm…

"Tyson…" A voice calls out to him. …Kai….


What is happening to me?

An; Hope you liked the first chapter. It was really fun to describe the Bladebreakers as older and more mature; I hope you liked my versions of 18+ characters. Other characters like Demoliton boys, All Stars etc might appear in here later… I look forward to design their older versions! Tala (drool…)

This story is kind of dedicated to people who have lost someone close to them, or been through a similar pain. Sometimes I feel as if there's always someone around you who has lost a parent, brother or a cat. The pain is there no matter what you've lost.

Than you for reading this.