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The strong wind makes Rei´s long hair float in the air behind him as he climbs the hill on his way to the local shrine. The strong sunlight makes him sweat but the tiger is used to warmth and just wipes it off. The bouquet of colorful flowers in his right hand shields his eyes from the sun as he continues on. There is a Japanese shrine located at the top of the hill. That shrine is the goal of Rei's journey. The wind gets stronger as he climbs higher and the Chinese man is stunned by the beauty of his surroundings as he finally reaches the top. A deep sigh leaves his slightly smiling lips as he looks into the distance far, far away. He can almost see the whole town from here. The sun is setting at the horizon and that's when the golden eyed young man finds what he was looking for.

"Hello there..." Rei murmurs as he kneels down to touch the oblong gravestone.

The Japanese styled gravestone stands tall on the hill and it looks like a grand memorial as it paints a long shadow in the grass as the sun slowly sets. Several beautiful kanji are engraved vertically in the stone, kanji that forms the name of one of the world's most missed beybladers. The smile on Rei's lips fades a little as he reads them. He puts down the bouquet before he lit some incense and put his hands together in a silent prayer. The scent of cherry blossoms linger in the air and mixes together with the incense as his thoughts leads him away from present time.

The BladeBreakers won the championships one year ago which made them the team with members who have won most years in a row. It one year ago Tyson died and their team split up after his funeral to follow their own personal paths for a second time during their career. The funeral was beautiful and calm but also painful. All the bladers the Japanese team met during their years traveling the globe for new adventures were there to show their support and respect to the now dead legend.

A lot has changed since then and not always to the better. Rei can't even understand how much they all have changed since one year ago. Rei decided to return to China since Japan brought him too many painful memories at the time. He hung out with the White Tiger X team and managed to accept the pain after months of grieving. That´s just how life goes and just because he died doesn't mean he's lost. Tyson wouldn´t want him to mourn all his life, Rei knew that so he turned his sadness into strength and started to teach Beyblade to the youngsters in the village. He was the member that managed the pain the best.

Max moved to live with his mother in the US in a way to ignore that anything happened at all. His father was against this but couldn't stop the blond man from boarding that plan. Rei heard from Judy that Max still snaps every time he accidentally sees his tattoo. He is still not the same. He lost his youth just like that. Max has come up with a facade that let's him seem ok on the outside even though his mind is in turmoil all the time. They were best friends, he and Tyson, and Rei can understand why Max can't accept his death quickly but he is making himself sick. It's not right to live this way when all Tyson wanted was for them to be happy.

Kenny and Emily got together soon after the competition and the two of them started to work at a laboratory under Judy's rule together. They have founded their own company and creates high-tech beyblades as a team. Tyson's death made Kenny finally grow up and become a man. The guy he always followed around died and he had to mange life on his own. He had a hard time accepting it and he cried himself to sleep for months. He has become a respectable man with a girlfriend, a well paying job and a future. Rei can't help but smile at this. Kenny isn't that nerdy weak guy anymore. Sure, he is still a nerd but making a living out of that isn't something to disrespect at all.

Daichi has become a famous DJ and made DJ Jazzman proud when the older man decided to quit his job to focus on his family. The former DJ became a father figure for Daichi when he couldn't pay his respect at his biological father's grave at home at times. Instead of being sad, Daichi got even more angry over Tyson's death than he was before. He blamed Tyson for everything and nothing before he calmed down and accepted the fact that Tyson will never yell back at him as he did in the past.

Hilary is the star everyone sees when they visit the cinema. She said one time that she uses the experience of losing a loved one to act because she thought that was a proper way of showing Tyson her respect. Rei doesn't know if it's true since he hasn't been able to keep in touch with her due to her hectic schedule but her acting has improved a lot lately.

Rei chuckles as he sits down near the gravestone, he has been telling Tyson about everyone's lives out loud. The shrine is so empty so his gentle voice bounces back and forth between the walls and memorials there. His gentle smile fades slowly as it's time to tell Tyson about Kai. Rei turns quiet as he is lost in his thoughts.

...Kai just disappeared after the funeral and no one has heard of him since. The Russian man was like a corpse himself when the ceremony was held. He sat there in the back row dressed in a black suit and didn't make a sound until it was his turn to speak at the altar. Everyone turned deadly quiet as it was the Russian man's turn to speak because no one knew what to expect.

"As we all...know... Tyson... passed away." He started slowly, as if he hurts for each word he pronounced.

"He was a blader that always put his nose in other people's business. I guess it angered most of us but in the end, we'd realize he did us a favor. Tyson was more than a blader, he was a rival, a friend and a fighter until the end."

"He died due to a cruel disease eating him inside end he didn't chose himself. He will be greatly missed... but never forgotten. Beyblade won't be the same without him."

It wasn't a great speech, it wasn't anything extraordinary about it, but Rei understood that Kai was fighting his feelings when he stood there in front of his lover's coffin while knowing that he has to control himself from talking about his love for the man. It must be heart wrenching to not be able to express your sorrow like that but that's what Tyson wanted, not to ruin Kai's future by telling the truth about their relationship.

No one knows where Kai went after the funeral but rumors said that he and the Blitzkreig Boys disappeared into the snowfields of Siberia to either train or find themselves in this forever changing world. No one has been able to contact Hiwatari since then, not even Rei and the others. The only sign of him being alive is that Bryan, together with some shady man in a cloak, was spotted at some bar in St Petersburg three months ago. That could have been Kai but he has never liked crowded places like bars before...

The sound of birds grows louder as it's getting darker. Rei sighs loudly as he thinks about what has become of the famous team The BladeBreakers. He hates the fact that they just split up like that. He thought the bond keeping them together was stronger than that. It pains him that a group of close friends would act like strangers because of the death of Tyson. That is not what the champion would have wanted. It feels like all of them stuck together because of Tyson and that there's no reason to stay friends when he is gone. Rei runs his fingers through his hair as another sigh leaves his lips. When he looks back he can actually say that the team was falling apart even before Tyson got sick. Everyone wanted to pursue their own dreams but got to put them on the shelf while staying close to Tyson when he was fighting for his life. They couldn't leave when he needed them the most. Did we stay together that long only because of Tyson? Is that why we split up this easily after he passed away? Rei's chest hurts and he has to fight his inner turmoil to not start crying in front of his Japanese friend. He can't do that, because he doesn't want to come off as sad and depressed when visiting Tyson. Tyson deserves better than someone weeping on his grave.

Rei closes his eyes and tries to regain his calm posture. He open his eyes again. He can't help but feel disappointed by the lack of flowers on Tyson's grave. Sure, a lot of fans showed their gratitude at the memorial in town since they don't know of his true location but ...still. Kenny said he was busy and couldn't make it because of work, Max ignored Rei's calls, Daichi hung up angrily and Hilary also said she was too busy and that she would pay her respect later. He couldn't contact Kai at all so he gave up. Rei doesn't like giving up but he can't force them to care because it's too tiering. Rei gets up in his feet and suddenly his cat eyes narrow as he notice something from the corner of his eye and he realizes something very important.

Kai has already been here.

A broad grin grows on Rei's lips as he falls down on his knees next to the gravestone again. His eyes are fixed on the token of pain his old mate has left near Tyson's grave. Rei curses himself for not seeing it before. A small but blood red feather is resting in the grass next to the stone. Tears pour down Rei's cheeks. All the pain Rei put Kai through by forcing him to be true to his feelings wasn't in vain after all.

Kai has been carrying Tyson along with him for all this time yet payed his respect at the anniversary of his death. Many thought that Kai would go insane with all the power he is now wielding since Tyson requested that he would be the bearer of Dragoon until the bit beast itself chose a new beybalder but Kai did not lose himself. Not again. Kai has always been a person that strives for perfection and power yet he has learned how far he can go to achieve it. He is now a blader with two bit beasts yet he doesn't misuse that power, that tells of his growth as a person.

Rei knows that if he wants his team to get together again he needs to find Kai first. He will understand and make everything alright again. Just the fact that Kai actually came here to Japan all the way from somewhere in Russia makes Rei believe that there still is hope.

There is hope!

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