So, the flock escapes an army of Flyboys to end up at a….anime convention?? They find out about J.P.'s new manga about them, get mistaken for cosplayers, and why does everyone keep calling Fang "Dark"?

Ok, I'm planning on this being a short fanfic. Like, 4 or 5 chapters. Let's see if I stick to that.

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You know what I hate most about Flyboys? Their complete lack of a sense of humor.

"Back off, you overgrown, flying toasters!"

"We are one of many"

That had basically been our conversation for the past 5 minutes. I'd throw out a random insult, and they'd reply with their, "We are one of many" crap. Sooo frustrating.

Yes, only a few days after our takeoff from Dr. Martinez and our government-issued school, we're being chased by Flyboys. Make that a whole freaking lot of Flyboys. If they'd had the capacity for it, I'd say they were getting revenge for chaos that went down in Germany. The thing was, we had no real clue what they were chasing us for. Great. More random acts of evil from some unknown attacker.

"I think we should find a place to land. Somewhere to hide." I said to my silent second-in command. Fang just nodded. He was paying more attention to making sure one of those robo-werewolves didn't grab one of the younger kids.

Ok, so now you're all thinking, "Why is the flock running-excuse me, flying away? Where's the usual Flyboy-Flock fight scene?" Well, did I mention there was a whole freaking lot of them? Look, I like the sweet mid-air fight scenes as much as the next bird-kid, but I don't have a death wish here. After all, they are "One of Many". Sheesh.

I looked down, looking for a place to land. All I saw was a big city, and a pretty busy one at that. Below us, people were milling around a large building that looked to be a couple stories high. I thought we were screwed 'till I saw a door on the roof of the building. Bingo.

"Guys! For the roof of that building! Now!"

In unison the whole flock made a beeline for that roof, practically dive-bombing the place. As soon as we landed I ran toward the door. "Please don't be locked. Please don't be locked." Obviously, the Patron Saint of Recombinant DNA Bird Children was listening; the door did have a lock, but was open. I raced inside and held the door for the rest of the flock. Fang was last, and helped me by finding a chair to pin against the door while I locked it. Not that we thought a measly chair and lock were going to hold 2 gazillion robots at bay, but it was better than nothing.

"Report." I said turning to my worn out flock.

"I'm in one piece." Iggy said. "Are they gone?"

"I hope so." said Nudge. "There was, like, a bazillion of them out there! Hey Max, where do you think they came from? Do you think the Director sent them? I thought they locked her up, though. Maybe she escaped like in that movie, "The Fugitive". Except the guy in that movie was actually a good guy. Did you see that movie? I saw it with Ella. It's all about this guy who-"

"Thanks, Gazzy" I said.

The Gasman gave me a thumbs-up with the hand that wasn't over an annoyed-looking Nudge's mouth.

"I'm ok, and so are Total, Akila, and Celeste." Angel said. Total nodded, and went back to trying to comfort a whining Akila.

Fang put his hand on my shoulder, almost making me jump out of my skin. He'd pulled his little "disappearing act" again and I'd almost forgotten he was there.

"Hey" he whispered, "You hear that?"

I listened, but I wasn't getting it. "Hear what?"

"Nothing. There's no sound coming from outside. Shouldn't the Flyboys be trying to take down the door by now?"

"Maybe they're gone?" said Gazzy, hopefully.

"Well," I started, "It's kinda doubtful that they just gave up and decided to go home and watch the new episode of Lost. We should probably-"

"Oh my Gosh! Do you guys smell that?!" said Nudge, breaking Gazzy's grip on her mouth, "It smells like cheeseburgers!"

"And fries." Added Gazzy. "There's something else, too. Not sure what, but it smells good!"

I sighed. As usual, being on the run from bloodthirsty, wolf-shaped toaster ovens had made my Flock absolutely starving. As much as I wanted to get out of here before those Flyboys came back, all of us, especially the kids, needed food.

"Alright guys." I said, reluctantly, "Let's go find some chow."

The younger members of the Flock began to cheer, but I quickly shushed them.

"Guys! Quiet! You want someone to-"

Then, the door flew open.

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