by Avliss

Chapter Ten: Me?!

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When Snape entered the Dragon's Lair (also known as Madame Pomphrey's office), he scowled. Fiercely. It wasn't really that extraordinary, considering that Snape usually scowled for no reason, but this time, he had a reason. Dumbledore was sitting with Pomphrey, drinking tea and eating biscuits.

"Ah, Severus, my boy!" He said, smiling gaily. "Biscuit?"

Severus growled. "No. Poppy, I've managed to calm Harry."

"Ah! Good. Just let me get those potions." The formidable nurse rose and bustled about, collecting potions from the cupboards and muttering inaudibly to herself. Moving quickly, she exited and Snape was left glaring at a gaily smiling Dumbledore.

"…I don't know what you're planning, but Albus, if you try to put that boy back into that house, so help me, I will AK you myself!"

Dumbledore gave a wan smile and shook his head. "No, I will not return Harry to his…relatives. In fact," He added, the damnable twinkle sparking to life in his eyes. "I have been talking with Poppy, and I believe that I have found the boy a new guardian."

The feared Potions Master was very suspicious of this twinkle. He narrowed his eyes at the still smiling old goat. "And just who is the luckless individual that you have selected?"

Albus beamed. "Why, you of course!"

Snape was…speechless. If he had been anyone else, his jaw would have dropped to the floor in shock. "Me…I…you…!!" He took a calming breath and tried to calm himself by counting to ten. It didn't work. At last, he managed a coherent sentence. "WHY have you decided on ME?"

Smiling, Dumbledore took a long sip from his tea. "Well, it's obvious that the boy is attached to you. And don't you think that it would be good to have him around someone familiar? Someone he knows?"

"But he doesn't know me!!" Snape almost yelled, but remembered that Harry was in the next room and managed to keep his voice down. "I'm a deatheater, Albus!! Has all that sugar rotted what little brains you had left?! I helped the man that killed his-!!"

Albus interrupted gently. "I would like to think that I still have my wits about me, Severus. Yes, you are an ex-deatheater, and yes, you did help Voldemort. But Harry doesn't know that. All he knows, is that you were the man to take him from that house, you were the man who saved him. That's all that matters."

Snape snarled and was about to answer, when Poppy came back in. "Severus? Could you get Harry to take those potions? He refuses to drink them."

Nodding sharply, Snape turned on his heel and strode out. At the door he paused and turned to Dumbledore. "This isn't finished Albus." He hissed, vicously.

And then he was gone in a swirl of inky black cloak.

Harry clutched Kain tight and looked around. The room he was in was a large, airy room that was painted a soft white. Large windows at the other end of the room were open wide and a warm breeze drifted lazily in.

Working up the courage, Harry clambered down from the bed and trotted over to the windows. Climbing up onto the windowsill, he peered out.


Long, sloping lawns, a blue, sparkling lake, a small, quaint little hut; it was all like something out of a fairy tale to little Harry.

Harry stopped to consider the idea for a moment. Well…he WAS in a castle and the bat man HAD done that teleporty thing. The six-year olds eyes widened.

He was in a fairy tale!! That had to be it!!

Kain rumbled thoughtful when Harry relayed his idea to the dragon. Evidently it had some merit, as Kain did not dismiss it.

"Young man! What are you doing out of bed?!"

With a startled yelp, Harry jerked away from the window and whipped around to stare at the person who had entered. It was a formidable looking woman who was dressed in black and white with an odd little hat perched on her head, was scowling at him. Harry thought she looked a bit like a nun. An angry nun.

"Get back into bed this instant!!"

Belatedly recognizing the woman from before, when he'd hid in the cupboard, Harry decided that the best thing to do in this case was to obey. Hastily, he darted back to the bed and scrambled up onto the covers, clutching Kain tightly.

The strange woman came closer, muttering angrily and carrying bottles of…something in her arms. Maybe they're cleaning supplies. Am I supposed to clean the room? Harry glanced around. There didn't seem much to clean; the room was sparkling.

Still muttering, the woman set the bottles down on the small table beside the bed Harry was on. She selected one, and, pulling the cap off, held it out to Harry. "Here. Drink this."

Harry eyed it suspicious. Aunt Petunia had often made him drink strange things that came in bottles not very different from this one. They always made him sick; in one case, his throat had been on fire and he'd been unable to eat or drink for three days because of the pain. He shook his head and buried his face against Kain's wings. Well, unless she absolutely forced him to, he wasn't going to drink that. Kain growled, glaring at the woman.

The maybe nun sighed in exasperation and bustled out, leaving Harry huddled on the bed. He was scared. Was the woman leaving to get a belt? Was she going to hit him?

With a quiet whimper, he hugged Kain tighter. He hoped it wouldn't hurt to bad. He was still recovering from his last beating.

There was a creak, and the door that the woman had just left through opened.

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