I ambled down the streets, my forehead creased in curiosity. I had never been so up close to a human before; it came as shock how wonderful these creatures were. Each time I would round the corner, my step on my toes, and leaning as if I were charging a hill; I gazed fondly at each difference in the facial expression of a mortal. Every human had a different point of view on life. I could see it inscribed on they're soul. Often, other species though I was a soul whisperer. That I could waltz into each tune placed before me. However, I could not. I had the simple ability to interpret the marks on one's life, and the point of view it creates to vision the world. As long as I had been locked up in my prison hell, I had no care intended on the souls I gazed at, but it came as a terrific shock when I fell in love, with something SO untouchable it made my skin crawl. Something so forbidding, not even the worst of the downs would take heed to win this game of cheats. It all commenced on the day I was released from the Courts. To this hour, I would never forget the feeling that coursed through my veins. By the look on his face, and the throb of my core, my hands reached for the forbid fruit that was being held above me. I was indeed the cat, and he the feather; the feather of an angel, and the plume of my agony. I have been put through great pain, but nothing was as difficult to ignore as the sound of my longing heart; the longing for one object at spirit.