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I awoke my skirt dirty and shirt matted with leaves. I sat up slowly, shaking my head back and forth as if to brush off some odd dream. Something was on the tip of my conscience, yet I couldn't grasp it in my mind. I searched, but found nothing. Somehow I couldn't quake off the feeling that I had forgotten something rather important. Suddenly I realized where I was. I was sitting on the dusty park floor, a checkered white and black wool blanket sprawled across my lap. I came to full alert, quickly scanning my surroundings. It took me a while to collect it all in, but soon I was leaning over, mouth aghast, the most beautiful angel I had ever seen in my existence. His dark auburn sun touched hair flickered in the wind, the smell of him luring me in some eerie fashion that I'd never felt before. I wanted something from him, but I couldn't understand what. As if I were a bird locked in a snake's eye, I searched him over. His face seemed flawless, his lips the perfect soft cherry, and the parcel locks of hair that hung low to his face. His nose was skinny, yet just as faultless. The dimples in his warm rosy cheeks made me feel weak to my knees, which was rather humorous, due to the fact I wasn't standing. His chin was the perfect length, smooth and also seamless. I wanted to reach out and touch him, to feel the gentleness of his mane. Nonetheless, I held back, skimming his attire. He wore a tight dull green and navy blue stripped shirt that emphasized his features. Some brand logo was stitched over his left breast, but I could have cared less, let alone recognize it. He wore worn down jeans and brown shoes, one of his laces haphazardly untied. My gaze could barely keep off his face, for it was a matter of seconds before I re-sketched his beauty into memory. His mouth was parted half way open, his breathing coming at a constant pace. I bent farther over him, my slightly curled blonde hair brushing across his face. Instantly his eyelids fluttered open. He stared at me for spit second, eyes wide in extreme shock; then reared upwards. Instincts took over, before my dead forehead could meet his, I flung back away from him, a quick blur in his eyes. I glared at him the fear replacing my curiosity. I was in deep trouble; leading my fold of cards into his hands was absolutely absurd! I had just shown him what I was in the most careless way I could have possible imagined. But did he understand? That I would find out. His eyes dilated for a moment, before an uncanny expression cast across his face. He sat motionless, giving nothing away in stance.

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." Said I; forcing my voice to rise in distress. He smiled, pausing to sweep his fingers through his enchanting hair. For the first time my eyes connected with his. Jade, a pale jade coloring with a tint of light brown forced a shiver down my spine. Who had eyes such as these? I couldn't understand my reaction to this simple man. Baba's words suddenly echoed in my head, while unbeknownst to me, my hand rose to my temples, as the pressure increased in my skull causing me to cringe in pain.

"Are you okay?" I glanced up at his face, his expression actually filled with worry. I smirked.

"Just fine thank you, is this yours?" I motioned to the plaid blanket. He nodded as I handed it to him, his face flushing a crimson red.

"Sorry, I found you laying here, and you looked so tired, but I first I thought you had fainted, but you were snoring and-you looked cold-so I thought I'd wait till you wake up, then I fell asleep and—" He seemed flustered, his hands rubbing against one another. The appearance of his façade made me giggle.

"No, I understand. No need to explain yourself, I trust you." I was absolutely startled when I looked up. I hadn't noticed before, yet he was leaning towards me, his eyes locked on my face with a dimmed light, as if something were taking control of his body. I blinked twice, while he drew closer. The gap between us became indecently unbearable and I soon found myself inclining to him as well. However before our body's could meet, I found myself in time, and tore away from him, knowing his eyes wouldn't be able to make out what was happening. I ran. Further and faster than I had ever ran before, the wind at my back; my teeth flashing in the sunlight that was too bright for me to bear. I gave my being into my thoughts, swinging them onto the paths which lead me to Baba who stood next to the spellbinding boy. Nevertheless of how much I wanted to give myself over to him, to take the auburn hair boy into my arms, something important traced my lips, but I couldn't make out what. My ethics, for the love of me, told me what I should seek right. Don't. Not now, don't fall in love. Nonetheless, my heart pounded hard in my frame, the visions of the sweet boy filling my dazed mind, for I could not think of a better sway of patterns that I wanted to follow.