Title: The Fine Line Between Dreams & Reality
Author: Dragongirl4040

Author's Note: Hello. This is my first fanfic so please read and review. On a side note, the characters are 20 and Steve is more mature (a little bass in his voice yet at times still squeaky, a little bit muscular, and less clumsy)

Pairing: Laura/Steve

Rated: M

Steve was asleep on the couch as usual. He always crashed there after he worked tediously in his lab for hours. As usual he was alone. Carl and Harriette were on a romantic cruise...at Chicago harbor...Laura was on a date with Stephan. Edward was with Greta. 3J and Richie were at mother Winslow's.

He was lost in a dream about cheese He awoke to the sound of a door slam. "Cheddar! Gouda...wha..." Said Steve startled. He saw an upset Laura with tears in her eyes. She was wearing a sexy one piece red dress and her red high heels. Any other time, Steve would notice her stylish body and glorify it but tonight he could only focus on her beautiful face that shouldn't have any hint of sadness.

"Laura lee! What's wrong?" he said rising to his feet. All Laura could do was hug him tightly and sob uncontrollably.

"Come on Laura, you know I can't stand to see you cry like this. Talk to me" Steve said trying his best to soothe her.

"Stephan… broke up with me" Laura said calming down a bit. Unfortunately, Steve saw red. 'That son of a bitch! I can't believe my genes created that asshole.' "That's awful, why did he break up with you?" Steve asked.

Laura looked at him and sighed. "Because I told him the truth" Laura said still holding on tightly to Steve. "About what?" Steve said looking at her. "I told him that I loved you." Laura said looking up at him.

Steve's eyes widen and he took of his glasses quickly looking disbelief.

"Y-you mean it?" Steve said his voice shaking a bit. "Yea I do" Laura said kissing him. Steve kinda stood there in shock before he responded and back kissed back, holding her closer. "There is something else I said too" Laura said breaking the kiss. "What was that?" Steve asked. "I told him I wanted you... to be my first" Laura said before blushing and breaking eye contact.

"R-Really?" Steve gently tipping her chin so they were face to face once more. Laura kissed him as her way of an answer. They both fell back on the couch. Laura was in Steve's lap and slowly started to grind in to him. Steve moaned and held her tighter and started to kiss her neck. Laura grinded faster against him, moaning softly. "Laura...I want you" Steve whispered as his length hardened due to the delicious friction. Laura got on her knees and saw his length in his pants begging for relief. "Laura...what are you do..." Steve words were interrupted as Laura took off his pants and saw his huge member. "It's...It's so big...You've grown since...the shower incident" said Laura blushing deeply. "Yea...I guess I have" Steve remembering the incident and smiling. "I love you Steve" Laura said looking up at him. "I love you too Laura, I always ha..."

Steve words were once again interrupted as Laura took his long length into her mouth. Steve mind raced. 'Ohmygod ohmygod is this fucking really happening? I'm not dreaming? This is too god to be true' Steve thought. Laura was licking up and down his shaft and sucking the tip as Steve started to slowly thrust into her mouth. Steve suddenly pushed Laura off him and stood up and looked down at a shocked Laura. "Laura do you truly love me?" Steve said pulling up his pants "Yes Steve I do...I really do" Laura said "Then wait here" Steve said before racing up the stairs.

After 20min of silence Laura started to get nervous "Maybe he's angry at me or Shit! Maybe I was really bad at it...or I don't know" Laura talking to herself. Steve ended up falling down the stairs and landed with a loud thud. "Steve!! Are you okay?" Laura said running to his side.

Steve put his arms around her and kissed her. "Laura I love and I want to show you how much I love you" Steve said offering her his hand "Come upstairs with me" he said as he led her to her room which was decorated with candles and incense. "Steve, this is beautiful" Laura said tears coming to her eyes. Steve kissed her once more before laying her on her bed. "Are you ready" Steve asked. Laura nodded and removed her one piece. Steve just stared at Laura's beautiful skin. Laura was embarrassed and tried to cover up but Steve grabbed her hands and kissed her. "It'll be ok" Steve whispered. Steve took off his shirt and pants. Laura slowly got under the covers trying desperately shielding her near-nakedness before she took off her bra. Steve finally took off his boxers and got under the covers with her. Steve was a little nervous himself. They look at each other, blushed and turned away.

A few minutes later they decided the time was right.

They shared one last kissed before Steve got top of her. "You got to relax or it's going to hurt" He whispered. Laura just nodded and winced as she felt his member against her entrance. "Please be gentle" Laura said "Tell me when" Steve said as he hovered over her. "It's okay." Laura said trying to breathe steadily. Steve slowly eased himself in to her. Laura winced in pain, tears coming to her eyes. "Want me to stop?" Steve asked "No, keep going" Laura said whimpering and burying her face in to Steve's neck.

Steve continued to push until he broke through Laura's virgin barrier. Laura gasped and dug her nails into Steve's back. Steve gasped and closed his eyes. He was actually in Laura's warmth. His dream that he waited for so long was coming true. Slowly he was drawn back to reality when he felt a warm sensation and looked down only to see blood sliding down his member. Steve looked into Laura's eyes. She nodded and leaned up a little to his ear. "It's okay. I want this, Steve."

Steve began to slowly thrust in and out. Laura cries of pain turned in to moans of pleasure as the pain in her slowly subsided. Steve held Laura closer as he began to pick up speed. Laura started to move her hips in sync in Steve's. He begins to kiss his love's neck and moan her name. "Steve...please go faster. I… oh shit... can take it. It's ok" Laura said breathlessly. Steve picked up his pace moaning Laura name with each thrust. Laura moaned in bliss when she felt the change of pace and ground her hips faster. Steve started to kiss Laura's breasts as he held her hips in place, determined he keep the pace. "Laura I can't hold on much longer." Steve said his voice shaking. The two held each other and came together as Steve thrusted once more, moaning as Laura's walls milked him of all the essence. Laura held on tightly to him and shuddered in ecstasy. Steve rolled over and held Laura in an embrace.

Laura looked under the covers and saw that there was a moderate amount of blood on her sheets, but she didn't mind she knew that was going to happen. "Laura I love you so much" Steve said. "I love you too, Steve" Laura said kissing him and snuggling close before falling asleep.

Steve had never felt so content in his whole life. He was holding the girl he loved as she slept peacefully in his arms. He looked at her angelic face until he too fell asleep with a smile on his face. Everything was alright with the world, even if only for tonight. The next morning, however, was a whole different story.