Chapter 3

If you haven't noticed I put an adequate amount of Lemon in this story ^. ^

Steve stared in the darkness while he took one bite of his cheese sandwich. He didn't bother to turn the light on, he wanted the room to look how he felt…empty, dark and alone. He threw his sandwich in the trash. He didn't feel like eating anymore. How could Laura do this to him? He buried his face in his hands to try to protect him from the memories of last night but it didn't work. "I loved her. I ….still love her" Steve said between his fingers.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard footsteps coming downstairs. He lifted his eyes to see Laura at the foot of the steps, her blue nightgown flowing slightly .He counted the three buttons on the top of her gown three times before Laura broke the silence."Hey" Laura said her eyes fixed on the floor. "Hey Laura" Steve said looking at her. Laura eyes stayed on the floor. "Are you okay?" she asked her voice barely above a whisper. "What the fuck do you think?!?!!" Steve said raising his voice making Laura jump.

That was the first time she heard Steve cuss….ever. "I'm sorry Laura" Steve said getting up to go back his room. "Please don't go" Laura said. "Why? So you can lie to me like you lied to Stephan" Steve said turning to look at her. "I didn't lie to Stephan" Laura said shaking. "Yea you did, I caught it, you gave it away with your eyes" Steve sighed "You may be able to lie to him but please don't lie to me" Steve said before turning back around. "If you knew I was lying then why didn't you say something?" Laura said reaching out for him. "Because I want you to be happy, and if you think that you repeatedly lying to yourself will make you happy then so be it" Steve said kissing Laura on the lips.

Steve tried to turn away but Laura pulled him back kissing him deeply and moving to his neck. "Please Laura don't do this." Steve said feeling his member stiffen in the pajamas he changed into. "Please Steve, I need you, I want you, I… you" Laura said opening her nightgown. Steve marveled at the sight if her perfect body. Steve picked Laura and put her on the table and took off her nightgown. "Steve please take me" Laura moaned and writhed against him. Something came over Steve than even he couldn't explain it with reason. "Not yet…you're gonna have to wait and feel what you made me go through…" He whispered before kissing her breasts and lightly biting her left nipple. Laura gasped and squirmed some more, grinding into Steve's waist. "Oh you like that huh?" Steve said raising an eyebrow. "Then you'll love this" he said before moving down to her sacred center. "W-What are you going to do?" Laura said her voice shaking from anticipation. "This" Steve said before sucking her clit. Laura couldn't contain the gasps and moans that followed as Steve inserted 2 fingers and thrust while sucking harder on her clit. Laura started to shake uncontrollably as she came for the first time.

"Ohh don't think it's over yet….I intend to wear….you….out" He said with an evil grin. Steve took off his pajama pants and boxers in one motion before picking up Laura and backing her up against the wall. "This is your pleasure and punishment" Steve said before he pushed all the way into Laura, burying his member to the hilt. Laura screamed in pleasure and pain, she was still sore from last night but she knew she deserved this, she wanted it. Steve buried his face into Laura's neck and moaned. "God…..Laura…Laura" he said over and over panting. Laura was screaming Steve's name over and over, digging her nails into his back causing him to cry out. "Hmmm….too much pleasure… not enough pain" Steve whispered before sinking his teeth into Laura's neck causing her to scream and cum at the same time.

Steve put Laura down and bent her over the wooden counter before entering her again and thrusting savagely into her. Laura grabbed the edge of the counters and closed her eyes, panting heavily. Steve sped up his pace going faster until Laura felt her walls start to tighten again. Steve felt it too and gave one massive thrust, sending Laura over the edge. Laura reached behind her and grabbed the edge of Steve's pajama shirt pulling him closer.

"I'm not finished yet my pet" Steve whispered and carefully flipped her over so that her back was on the counter and entered her again. "Steve! You're gonna rip me apart" Laura whimpered as she shook uncontrollably. Steve kissed her and made his way down to her nipples. Steve put one of her legs on his shoulder and thrusted harder while he held her hip in place. "God you're so tight" Steve groaned as he pushed into Laura with a new force making her cry with every thrust. "Have you learned your lesson?" Steve said his eyes fixed on her. "Yes! I promise I'll never lie to you again" Laura screamed. "Good girl" Steve said smiling and kissing her. "Steve please cum with me, please" Laura whispered. "You got it" Steve said thrusting four more times before he groaned as they came together. He collapsed on her panting. They were both soaked in sweat as they felt the air condition cool their overheated forms.

"God,You kept your promise! I am beat!" Laura said laughing lightly. The two laughed together for moment. Steve removed his shirt that was now soaked in sweat, semen, and Laura's essence. Steve helped dress Laura and lift her to her feet. Laura's legs buckled beneath her so Steve took Laura into her arms and took her up stairs. Steve took Laura to her bed and tucked her in. "Please stay with me." Laura said. "No. You sleep well Laura" Steve turning for the door. "Why? Why won't you stay with me?" Laura said "Because I'll hope for too much" Steve said before leaving.

After Laura had gone to sleep, she felt her bed move, startling her. She woke up to find Steve now dressed in his black Satin boxers looking at her. She kissed him deeply and shed tears of happiness. Steve got under the covers and held her close. The both of them went to sleep together…..happy.