He was holding on as tight as he could

He was holding on as tight as he could. The lever got knocked and he had to pull it up, now all he had to hold on to was the lever. He could barely make out Rose's face but he could hear her begging him to hold on. His fingers are loosening his grip and suddenly he couldn't hold on anymore.

He was being pulled into the void with all the Cybermen and daleks, he can hear Rose screaming and he's pretty sure he is as well. Then something catches him, he looks over to see Rose's face before it disappears.

He felt his connection to the TARDIS cut off and he looks round to see Jackie and Mickey staring at him in disbelieve.

"TAKE ME BACK!" he shouts "TAKE ME BACK!"

Pete pulls off that giant yellow button medallion and presses it "it's not working, just like you said the bridge is closed"

"NO!" he shouts, he screams, he rages, he slams his fists against the wall and he feels hot angry tears build up in his eyes. The last thing that he had, his TARDIS was no longer there and he lost Rose.

Then he could feel it, the smallest touch against his mind. Rose, she was pressed up against a wall just like this but in another world. He presses against it and stands there…then it was gone, she was gone.

He could feel Jackie wrap her arms round him "come on sweetheart" and he lets the woman led him away.

Rose walked slowly, taking small steps each time to the TARDIS. The pain in her heart ached; she never thought that it would end this way that she would lose the Doctor like this. She stumbled into the TARDIS and she could hear the TARDIS wail and sob at the lose of the Doctor.

"I know, sweetheart, I know" she said pressing her hands against her temple. She was getting a headache from the screaming and wailing and sobbing that was coming from the TARDIS.

Tears came quickly and the two of them cried for the man they both loved. Rose sat there in the console room, refusing to leave, hoping that the Doctor would come. She waited five hours and half. Five days and a half. Five weeks and a half. She was getting ill, she hadn't eaten in weeks, she was getting a fever and she felt so sick.

The TARDIS needed to save Rose; she took Rose to the only person who could help her…Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane was shocked to see the TARDIS materialize in her living room, she was even more shocked to find Rose lying on the console floor sweating and gasping for breath. She rushed to her side and pulled the young girl up, half carrying her, half dragging her to the guest room.

"K-9 can you give me a full medical scan?" Sarah Jane asked.

"Affirmative Mistress" K-9 grated, a red coloured beam ran across Rose. "Medical scan is being processed. Medical scan is complete. Miss Tyler is suffering side affects of a regeneration. According to my scan Miss Tyler is a fully fledged Time Lady"

"Impossible!" Sarah Jane exclaimed "do the scans again!"

K-9 did the scan again and the results were the same. K-9 then suggested that they should give Rose some tea and food. A few days later Rose woke up and when Sarah Jane told her what happened she burst into tears.

"Flipping ironic, I finally get to be with him forever and he has to get himself trapped in a blooming parallel world" she sobbed, letting Sarah Jane hold her and comfort her.

Within a week she was ready to go. She asked Sarah Jane and K-9 to come with but they declined, after all they both have their own lives now. At first all she did was drift in the time vortex but then the TARDIS showed her how to make a sonic screwdriver just like the Doctor's and then the TARDIS gave her book after book on rifts, parallel universes and supernovas to read.

With the TARDIS's help Rose managed to find a gap to send a projection through.

He followed her voice across the sea and across countries till they found themselves on a beach. He walked round silently, his hands in his pockets when he saw her. She was pale and see-through.

"You look like a ghost" he whispered.

"Oh sorry" she said, pulling out a sonic screwdriver out of her pocket and pointing it at something, suddenly she came alive before him.

"Can I…?" he asked reaching out to touch her cheek.

"No" she shook her head "I'm still a hologram, no touch"

"Where are you?" he asked "you're not in Torchwood are you?"

"No I'm in the TARDIS"

"How is she?"

"She misses you" Rose's hologram reaches out and makes movements as if she was stroking the console (she probably was). "We don't have long, just two minutes, I found a gap, just a small one…but I can't go through all everything will collapse, I'm burning a sun to say goodbye"

"Yeah…" he isn't sure what to say.

"How are they? Mum and Mickey?"

"Fine, fine. There are five of us now, me, Pete, Jackie, Mickey and the baby"


"Yeah three months along. A hormonal Jackie and me living together, I'll be regenerated before this pregnancy is out"

She lets out a small sad laugh "tell them I love them yeah? Tell my little brother or sister all about me"

"Oh I will! Rose Tyler defender of the stars"

There's a faint blush on her cheeks "what about you?"

"You're looking at the alien expert of Torchwood. I work with the artefacts, I negotiate, and I do a little field work. Depends on my mood really"

She laughs again "good for you!" tears were falling on her face.

"What about you?" he asked "how are you coping?"

"The TARDIS and I…we share a connection, probably because I looked into her heart. She taught me how to fly her, she taught me how to make a sonic screwdriver and so on" she thought it was best not to tell him about her being a Time Lady, it wouldn't be fair on him. "I-I love you" she said a sob catching in her throat.

"Quite right too" he gives her a grin but it falls instantly "and if it's my last time to say it…Rose Tyler I-"

She instantly disappears.

Gone forever and he was alone.

She lets out a sobs and buries her face in her hands and cried. She wiped the mascara and tears away and began to prepare the TARDIS to go back to the vortex when she sees her.

A bride.


The bride turns "what?" she squeaks.

"But how…?"

"Where am I? What is this place?"