To say he felt good wouldn't begin to touch the feelings coursing through Sam Winchester

The Blood That Binds Them Part Three – Prologue

To say he felt good wouldn't begin to touch the feelings coursing through Sam Winchester. It was beyond good. It was euphoric. It was compelling. It was sexual and in its own way, it was beautiful. And for the first time in his life, Sam understood the power of evil.

Every muscle in Sam's body twitched in delight. For the first few minutes, he was unable to form a coherent thought. Closing his eyes, lying on the sweet grass, he let himself go and for once, simply experienced the moment. Gone were all the misgivings, the guilt, and the constant inner battle over right and wrong. Everything became so clear, it was vivid and Sam saw the world in a whole new light.

No longer was he concerned with what his mother would have wanted or what his father had died for. While there were still the feelings he had had for Dean and Jack, it was more intellectual than actual emotions and in a way that was freeing as well. Sam was finally free to just be.

A broad smile came over Sam's lips as he opened his eyes, sitting up. His limbs zinged with unheard of power and at that moment, Sam doubted there was anything he couldn't do by simply wishing it done. Curiosity coupled with ecstasy and Sam turned to the company of demons behind him. Focusing but a moment on the largest of them - a 6'4" biker complete with chains and leather burst into flames. Sam laughed in delight.

Striding through the remaining demons towards the forest, Sam stopped abruptly beside a beautiful raven hair girl, no older than 19. Narrowing his eyes, Sam grasped her by the hair and roughly pulled her to him, kissing her hard, his tongue sweeping through her mouth like a storm. The girl resisted for just a moment before giving herself over to the kiss but just as she surrendered, Sam yanked her back and threw her to the ground.


The thing that had once been Sam Winchester turned at the sound. For the first time in his life, his big brother looked small, frail, insignificant. He remembered all the time he had spent these last three years trying to fix the broken man before him, trying to provide the love, comfort and devotion the older man so badly needed. He smiled again and Jack was sure it was the most frightening thing he had ever seen. And then Dean Winchester's soul shattered as he watched his little brother turn away from him saying, "Sammy doesn't live here anymore."