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Third Street School… it looked exactly the same as it did the last time she saw it. It was weird- she'd been expecting it to look different, but it was exactly the same. In a way, seeing her beloved elementary school the exact way she'd left it gave her a huge comfort.

But things weren't the same. Seven years had passed- even the kids that were in kindergarten when she left in fifth grade would have moved on to middle school now. She herself was just about to start senior year at a brand new school.

Her mom's car stopped at a red light- so the girl in the passenger seat got a few minutes to stare at the school and relive those days… the embarrassment of calling her fourth grade teacher 'mama', the carefree spirit shared by her and her five best friends as they slid down the slide of the jungle gym, 'Old Rusty' they used to call it… the sparks that flew as she experienced her first kiss behind the dumster… and the tears that fell the day she had to leave it all behind…

Spinelli and TJ were walking home from school. TJ was blabbing on about last night's episode of Beanie McChimp, but Spinelli wasn't really taking it in. Her mind was elsewhere- it had been for the last week, ever since… no, she wasn't going to think about it. But if that wasn't bad enough, her parents had been arguing a lot lately, and it was beginning to get too much for her. It didn't help that they had a seemingly happy, loving relationship before it happened… she felt like it was her fault. The guilt on her heart weighed her down like it was a twenty tonne weight.

TJ bit his lip, realising he was blabbering- but he couldn't help it. He always blabbered on about some random topic when he was nervous, and right now, he was extremely nervous. Because tonight was the night he was going to tell his best friend that he wanted to be more than just friends.

He was going to tell Spinelli that he was in love with her.

He looked at her and bit his lip- God, she was so perfect. Her beautiful raven hair, her soft brown eyes, the wonderful dimples in her cheeks when she smiled… but he hadn't seen her smile for about a week now and was getting worried, but whenever he asked her if she was OK, she just said, "I'm fine," in a hollow, unconvincing monotone.

They finally reached the street where they both lived, just a few doors down from each other. They were in and out of each others' houses so often, TJ was like family to the Spinellis, the same way TJ's parents considered Spinelli as a second daughter.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow," Spinelli said flatly, not knowing that today would be the last day she'd spend with TJ.

She turned around to go, but TJ called "Spinelli!" As Spinelli turned around, he blurted out the words he'd wanted to say for so long…

"I think I'm in love with you."

TJ felt sick- what if she didn't feel the same way and it ruined their friendship? Spinelli also felt sick- these exact seven words were the words she'd wanted to hear TJ say to her for years, but he couldn't have picked a worse time to say them. She wanted so much to say she felt the same way, ask him out or even kiss him; but she couldn't. She just couldn't.

Because she didn't want to hurt him.

So she turned around and ran up to her house, ignoring TJ as he called after her.

Closing the door behind her, she could hear her parents screaming insults at each other; it was nothing new.

Her father stormed down the stairs looking angry, and without a word to Spinelli, left the house, slamming the front door behind him. Spinelli's mother ran down the stairs, her face tear stained, shaking uncontrollably. She looked hysterical. "Ashley, pack your bags, we're leaving."

Oh God. Spinelli knew this was coming. She just had no idea it would happen after just one week.

"Where are we going?"

"I don't know and I don't care, just DO AS I SAY!!" Flo screamed, and Spinelli knew better than to argue with her.

An hour later, Spinelli and Flo had their suitcases packed and loaded in the trunk of Flo's car. The engine revved up and Spinelli stared out of the window sadly, tears forming in her brown eyes… it was weird. She never normally cried.

TJ didn't see the car speed away. He was sitting in his house, heartbroken… wondering. Why? Why couldn't Spinelli love him?

He was reluctant to go to school the next day, but his mom made him go in, even when he pretended to be sick. He gloomily sat down at his desk and noticed the desk where Spinelli usually sat was empty.

Spinelli didn't go in all day, or the day after that, or the day after that. And no one in Miss Finster's fifth grade class ever found out where she'd gone, or why, or if she was coming back.

TJ was so angry that Spinelli had just left him without a word, that he made a vow to himself… if he ever saw her again… he would make her pay for his heartbreak…

The lights changed to green and Flo Mills drove on. The girl stared out of the window. Her name was Ashley Mills, but before her mom and dad divorced, it was Ashley Spinelli.

"We're here," Flo said, as they arrived at the school. "Thanks, Mom," Ashley said, getting out of the car and checking her reflection in the mirror. She didn't think anyone would recognise her as Spinelli, as her appearance had changed a great deal since fifth grade. Gone were her long, messy, raven pigtails- her black hair was now short and pixie-like. She was no longer tiny and skinny either- she'd shot up to be five foot six, and had womanly curves in all the right places. She dressed differently too- replacing her trademark look of dress, leather jacket, stripy tights, ski cap and huge boots with a black and purple hoody, black skinny jeans and black and white Vans. Ashley Mills did not wear any makeup.

"Bye!" Ashley said, waving to the disappearing car and turning back to face the huge high school before her…

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