Okay, I swore I would NEVER do an update that was just a note and not an actual update, so I'm so embarrassed that I am doing this. But as one lovely reviewer pointed out – it has now been two and a half years since I last updated. (Where has the time gone?).

Just as a brief aside, my excuse for not updating is basically that my husband and I decided to start a family, got caught up in fertility woes, but finally did conceive and now have a beautiful seven-month old baby girl.

More important stuff (as relating to this story):

I will finish. It was always my plan to finish – I have one or two chapters (one of those will be an epilogue) in mind – even after all this time

I AM SO THANKFUL to those of you who reviewed/favorited/followed me and hounded me into responding to you. You have NO IDEA how much your support and praise has warmed my heart and, despite my insecurity about my writing, which was another reason I had left the story, has made me decide to definitely finish – hopefully soon – instead of continuing to waffle around on the issue.

So LOOK FOR AN UPDATE (a real one, not an author's note) hopefully sometime in the next month. I need to review the story myself – it's been so long now… The ideas are still there, but I should probably make sure I stiff have the right ones in my head.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all my reviewers, followers, etc. YOU are the ones that made me come back .