Dee simply shook her head. "Logan, she's alive. I see the images she's showing me, Logan. She knows why you did it. Jean forgives you because --- you did what was necessary to save the others."

"Dee, don't listen to her. Please. I don't want you seeing what I did to her."

Suddenly, Dee's head came up and her eyes were glowing like the Phoenix's had. "Wouldn't you like to know what really happened to Scott? You already know what I did to the Professor. Don't you want to know what I did to him?"

"Let go of her, Phoenix. She's an innocent in all of this."

"But how else can I get to the mighty Wolverine? He killed me and it would just kill him if I were to keep control of this one. He likes her."

"She needs protecting. Not controlling. Phoenix, let her go. She's as innocent as the girl you took over all those years ago." Charles wasn't sure if he could convince her that Dee was not a pawn to be played with. "We didn't bring her here for you."

"Then let me go. Let me finish healing Jean and I will leave."

"How many people would you kill before you stopped? How much innocent blood would you spill?"

"I want to live! If I could find a way to live without having a host body, don't you think I would do it? I miss my own body. These human forms are so fragile."

"Let her go and we will do what we can for you," the professor promised. "I give you my word that I will not try to cage you again. And Jean knows that my word is my bond."

"Yes. I will agree. But I must see that you are keeping your word."

"I would ask one question. How is it that my mind was transferred into this other body?"

"That was entirely Jean's doing. She didn't want me to kill you and so she did it. She wasn't sure if it worked until we were brought back here and you spoke to us."

"If I asked, would you tell me what happened to Scott?"

"Later. I am tired now and I still have much healing to do before Jean can wake up."

Dee blinked her eyes, swaying a little. When she had brought herself back under control, her eyes were back to the normal green color Logan had noticed the first time she had looked up at him. "What happened? Logan?"

The worry in her voice spoke volumes to the man who was well known in the mansion as the toughest guy around. He could tell that she'd gone through this before. He realized his hands were settled on her shoulders feeling her tremble slightly under his grip.

"That's happened to you before, hasn't it, darlin?" Logan asked gently, gazing into her eyes. She bit down on her bottom lip and nodded.

The professor walked over to the two of them. "You've had other telepaths take over your mind like that?"

She nodded. "Twice. I didn't know how to shield myself from them at that point."

"My girl, I do not judge you for what you could not prevent at the time. I only hope that I can help you to strengthen your shields against future attacks."

"Maybe I can help as well," a new voice came from the shadows near the door.

"Hello, Psylocke. It's good to have you here." The professor's tone told Dee that he had known she would be here. She was still startled though and stepped closer to Wolverine, whose arm went around her shoulders.

"Hey, Psylocke. Did the professor call you in to help?"

"He did. I have come to help not only to strengthen this young woman's shields but to help with Phoenix and Jean." The Professor had hope that they could find a way to move the Phoenix into another body without hurting Jean.

Wolverine looked down at the woman beside him. She was cowering into him as if she had been directly threatened. He bent over her and kissed the top of her forehead gently, squeezing her shoulders. "I'm right here, kid. I ain't goin' nowhere."

Psylocke shivered as she saw into the girl's mind and viewed the horror that she had lived through. 'Child, I will not harm you. The professor called me because I have had experience helping talented people, such as yourself, to build shields to protect themselves. Please try to trust me.'

'I will try. But please have patience with me. I am more than a little nervous around new people.'

'Yet you find comfort in one who is so unpredictable.'

'The professor sent him to save me. I can't turn from him. He has a very protective side and the professor has a great deal of faith in him.'

'I'm sure that Charles knows what he's doing.' Psylocke laughed out loud. "I will be patient with you, child. You can ask Charles, I am extraordinarily patient."

"When you choose to be." The professor's tone was lightly teasing.

A faint memory stirred in Logan at the tone the professor's voice had taken. The memory of a woman teasing him about a woman's power of persuasion. Holding that same woman dead in his arms.

The Wolverine fell to his knees and bellowed in emotional pain so raw that he couldn't contain it. Dee stood beside him and felt hot tears run down her face. She had seen the memory. She knew that it was significant somehow but she didn't how to help him.

Dropping to her knees beside him in tears, she only dimly noticed Marie doing the same. Each of them placed a hand on his shoulders as he sobbed, offering silent support.